Friday Fire: Past or Present, Who Do You Want Coaching Your NFL Team?

Just something I’m throwing out there because of all the coaching vacancies lately. Grambling St. was the first school I knew about. Yes, there was a house full of my Pop’s boys checking out USC and the Juice, but I was just a little lad and was appreciative to be hanging out with the fellas so I was excited only when the fellas screamed “Go Juice!”. Eddie Robinson affected me in another way during my formative years. He was more than a coach. He was a soul of legend who instilled everything missing in the mind of today’s man. I wanted to play for him and took it to heart when he passed…hard. 200 of his players went on to play in the NFL. Crazy number considering Grambling was a 1-AA team. He owned a record of 408–165–15 during his 56 years coaching at the only school he ever loved.

If I was watching a game my son’s played in from the stands and Coach Robinson so happened to grab them up for doing something stupid I wouldn’t flinch. Yes the times have changed and gone with the winds of time is self respect, discipline and dedication to the big picture that is morality’s dream. I think Robinson would have been a great NFL coach the likes of  a Tony Dungy and also Chuck Knoll mold because he obviously knew the game and also had a gift in building men. You don’t think Coach Robinson could have reeled in Vince Young and shook him straight? Guess again…

You better get your stuff together Vince…

9 Responses to “Friday Fire: Past or Present, Who Do You Want Coaching Your NFL Team?”

  1. GrandNubian says:

    Awesome choice in Eddie Robinson. You can’t go wrong there.

    My choice would be Mike Tomlin.

  2. Temple3 says:

    Tike Momlin. No doubt!!

  3. Temple3 says:

    Someone went well out of their way to get that young white kid in the pic with Eddie Robinson. It’s a pure profile shot of the coach…how unusual given that he’s speaking to such a large group and that simply by moving a few steps left, the photog gets a better shot of the coach, but probably loses the image of the great white elephant.

    I’m not mad at ’em, but I do find it largely amusing and symptomatic of that deeply ingrained American psychosis.

    As long as you watch the tracks, you’ll always see the train coming!!

  4. Temple3 says:


    In hindsight, this picture of VY and Doug Williams seems to say so much. Doug is looking at Vince and holding him as if to say, “You need this much more than you know. Don’t let go.” And, Vince is looking off into the distance as if to say, “I hear you. I feel you, but I’ve gotta move!”

    Doug Williams is standing there with the pride of a father.

    On VY: I hope he gets it before it gets him.

  5. Mizzo says:

    This is the most important year of Vince Young’s life. TSF has challenged the young fella to get on his grind and I hope others do as well.

  6. Okori Wadsworth says:

    @Mizzo: I think we make a mistake when we assume you can just develop a work ethic. If it’s not there, it’s never going to get there.

    You can’t MAKE yourself be the guy to lift more weight than everyone else, to study more film, to throw more passes. it’s something you were born with.

  7. Mizzo says:

    Coach Robinson went out and GOT those type of men and helped those lacking become better themselves. I just wonder if there would have been serious pressure to snatch him to the NFL…

  8. HarveyDent says:

    Chuck Noll. A hard-nosed, defensive-minded coach who would have fit in just right in Philly.

  9. michelle says:

    Bill Walsh (: