Three Teams In Need Of Uniform Changes

Everyone notices them, even if you say you don’t. They represent that franchise to the world at large. And the rare ones, the great ones become iconic. What am I talking about you might ask?  Simple.

I’m talking about uniforms.



But not all of them are as cool as the ones I showed you above. Some of them are just plain sorry. And they need to be fixed. What would I do you ask? Easy, I’ll modify, return to tradition or change entirely. My choices after the cut.


1: The Toronto Blue Jays. Now, come on, guys. You know what you need to do. Go from those new monstrous things you have now - back to the old classics.

You might restore the glory of the early 1990′s.

2: The Los Angeles Kings. This one is a 2-pronged one. Either go back to the old-school Marcel Dionne Triple Crown line, or the Gretzky\Robitaille Black and Silver version from the 1990′s. Whatever it is this just can’t go on any longer.

3: San Diego Chargers. Ok, this one is simple. Go back to the powder blues. There. Done. Saves everyone.

3 Responses to “Three Teams In Need Of Uniform Changes”

  1. Ron Glover says:

    Who are the other two teams?

  2. Okori Wadsworth says:

    It was originally supposed to be 5, but I edited it down to 3 and didn’t finish trimming the stuff. Sorry about that.

  3. I happen to really like the Kings’ alternate. A simplisitc color scheme (actually, pretty bad ass) with a nice modern alternate logo. Not only does it invoke the era of Wayne & Luc, but it stands on its own in 2011.

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