Friday Fire: Two Questions…How in the Hell Didn’t Reggie Miller Get in on the First Ballot and Does Buzz Bissinger Have a Point?

Posted in Blogroll on February 18th, 2011 by Michael Tillery

Woke up to some crazy news. According to Marc J. Spears (check the picture in our interview with Marc. Talk about irony) of Yahoo Sports, Reggie Miller did not receive enough votes to be inducted in the NBA Hall of Fame on the first ballot. Do you want me to repeat that? According to Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports…uh never mind. Crazy huh. Like really crazy, Steve Nash getting two MVP’s crazy (The main reason why I went crazy over Nash’s two awards is because of these moments. Nash will walk into the Hall on a bed of mainstream rose petals (because of his two awards) despite being South African and Canadian (don’t get this twisted. You know exactly what I mean here) while one of the greatest clutch American shooters of all time will have to wait another year. Of course Reggie will get in, but why in the hell isn’t he afforded what Nash (and other great players regardless of color) will receive as an afterthought?

Sorry Nash fans but it is what it is. I will not stop on this topic and will speak on it whenever someone is slighted because it shows the hypocrisy and cold blooded, yellow bellied, kiss all the fans asses nerve of some of these cats you call journalists.

Another interesting topic is a piece written by Buzz Bissinger. Buzz was one of my favorite interviews (the intro was directed at Will Leitch) because he gives it to you straight no chaser.

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