Friday Fire: Two Questions…How in the Hell Didn’t Reggie Miller Get in on the First Ballot and Does Buzz Bissinger Have a Point?

Woke up to some crazy news. According to Marc J. Spears (check the picture in our interview with Marc. Talk about irony) of Yahoo Sports, Reggie Miller did not receive enough votes to be inducted in the NBA Hall of Fame on the first ballot. Do you want me to repeat that? According to Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports…uh never mind. Crazy huh. Like really crazy, Steve Nash getting two MVP’s crazy (The main reason why I went crazy over Nash’s two awards is because of these moments. Nash will walk into the Hall on a bed of mainstream rose petals (because of his two awards) despite being South African and Canadian (don’t get this twisted. You know exactly what I mean here) while one of the greatest clutch American shooters of all time will have to wait another year. Of course Reggie will get in, but why in the hell isn’t he afforded what Nash (and other great players regardless of color) will receive as an afterthought?

Sorry Nash fans but it is what it is. I will not stop on this topic and will speak on it whenever someone is slighted because it shows the hypocrisy and cold blooded, yellow bellied, kiss all the fans asses nerve of some of these cats you call journalists.

Another interesting topic is a piece written by Buzz Bissinger. Buzz was one of my favorite interviews (the intro was directed at Will Leitch) because he gives it to you straight no chaser.

Bissinger asked a very compelling question…giving his opinion on why Whites aren’t as interested in the NBA as say the NFL and MLB. It’s a question we’ve asked here for years but since Buzz is out in front of the mainstream, maybe a true discussion will be generated. I don’t to give a clue to why he says what he does…just read the piece.

One of the greatest clutch moments in sports history…

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  1. GrandNubian says:

    All I want to know is, who got in ahead of him?

  2. Ron Glover says:

    @GN, I looked at the list of other probable candidates and some of them should’ve already been in and some who are probably first time nominees. These are the names: Mark Jackson, Bernard King, Chris Mullin, Don Nelson, Dennis Rodman, Maurice Lucas, Jamaal Wilkes, Rudy Tomjanovich, Cotton Fitzsimmons, Tex Winter, Spencer Haywood, Maurice Cheeks, Ralph Sampson, Bill Fitch, Dick Bavetta, Rick Pitino, Joe B. Hall, Jim Valvano, George Raveling and Marty Blake. Arvydas Sabonis and Sarunas Marciulionis were international committee candidates while Tara VanDerveer and Teresa Edwards were women’s committee candidates.

  3. Mizzo says:

    I’m trying to find out fellas. Hopefully my phone will ring back soon.

  4. Big Man says:

    Nique didn’t get it first ballot either. It’s not unheard of.
    Of the list posted, Miller might have deserved it over Cheeks and Sampson, but I would imagine that since they’ve been waiting a while, the voters decided to make reggie wait too.

  5. Ron Glover says:

    There are some huge flaws in their voting process.

  6. Mizzo says:

    If Nash gets in on first ballot and Gary Payton has to wait…which I totally see happening…that’s just crazy.

  7. GrandNubian says:

    I just found this article via Yahoo Sports, which lists the 12 finalists:

  8. Temple3 says:

    Reggie Miller was a G, but his stats are probably the reason why he’s not going in on the first ballot. I had no idea that his career averages were so low – even in the post-season. Of course, he played during an era of rough and tumble physical basketball. Most players had depressed offensive numbers during that time period. Can you imagine those guys playing with these rules and these refs?

    He’s gonna get the same treatment that a lot of guys get who lead 2nd tier teams that never get over the top. Dominique’s stuff, in my mind, was political and had nothing to do with his GAME. He’s better than 99% of the guys in the Hall.

    Miller, in terms of his historical role, is more like a Marques Johnson or George Gervin type. Can you imagine the Ice Man playing in big series against a New York City team with 24-7 coverage of the league? So, as great as Miller was in those games, I can see why he might not be going in on the first ballot.

    Take a look at the All-NBA teams:

    Miller is hard to find on these lists. He’s there, but only on the 3rd team, and not very often. He’s going to get in because he deserves it, but I can’t take too much issue with making him wait a year.

  9. Temple3 says:


    On Nash, last year when I said Amar’e’ was a bigger factor in Nash’s rise than Nash, people thought I was crazy — even here. But, as you can all see, Amar’e’ is a different player than Dirk. He’s a different type of finisher. He’s going to make a point guard look good. He’s going to open up lanes for other players.

    Add D’Antoni’s system to the mix and Nash’s never-ending motor and you have an elite point guard.

    Amar’e’ didn’t create Nash, but without STAT, Nash is a different dude. Of course, he has also grown into the role and has improved, but the genesis of his rise began with Amar’e’ in Phoenix.

    And, we agree that those 2 MVP awards were politics born of a deep, incurable insecurity by the voters…but we’ve already pulled that water from the well.

  10. sankofa says:

    During the season, I have been reading up on the hate poured on the Miami Heat and amongst the numerous excuses Caucasians spew, is that they don’t watch basketball, because there are too many thugs and hooligans playing the game. Note, some of this is coming from fans in Canada and in places like philadelphia and New York. Places where Hockey is a passion, especially in Canada (the Great white North).

    I believe the neon light is shinning brightly on that road to wtf! Interesting article, should bring out the indignant and those who will deny.

  11. Mizzo says:

    You know how I feel about Nash. It ain’t about the dude…it’s about the perception of, as you say, the water we’ve pulled from the well far too many times but since this is a society struck in stupid fast ca-clank-a-clank prisoner of the moment syndrome, I had to remind the masses my stance one mo’ time.

  12. I got three words for the Buzz Bissenger article althought I think he has a point ..


    If they don’t like NBA Basketball that’s too bad, the season is just right at 82 games. No one complains about Baseball ‘s season which lasts at 9 months and is has hardly been competitve within the last 20 years and needs a salary cap and more exicting play. But I quess the white paying public doesn’t mind seeing steriod heads smacking the ball out of the park, and if you don’t think they are still doing some form of perfromance – enhancing drugs you either stupid or naive. And frankly MLB turns me off, it’s just a bunch of white redneck condeferate flag waving crackers and Hispanic juiceheads. If white amerikkan fans can’t apearicate the greatest game on earth (outside of soccer) and want to stereotype Black NBA players then FUCK EM !!!

    Now to Reggie Miller being disrespected for the HOF, I have to disagree with that assertion fam, Walt Fraizer or Earl ‘The Pearl ‘Monroe did’nt get in on his first year of eligiblity and though he was one of the 90′s greatest players, he didn’t win championships like Fraizer or Monroe. In that case so I have to say though he is one of the greats but not one who deserves first ballot nomination like his sister Cheryl who redefined the Women’s game and won a gold medal. I like Miller’s game and he will get in the Hall but I do think Dennis Rodman the toughness of those championship teams in Detriot and Chicago deserves induction into the hall but because of his antics(on and off the court) I think it will not happen.

  13. RBD says:

    Bissinger’s column is worthless because its main tenet — the allegation that the NBA’s popularity is waning — has little basis in fact. If you’re trying to measure the league’s popularity, you should acknowledge that the slight declines in attendance have been offset by huge increases in TV viewership. The Bissinger column does not mention the TV ratings increases, which counteract the attendance dropoff and can compel reasonable people to conclude that the NBA is at least steady and perhaps growing in popularity.

  14. Mizzo says:

    I tend to agree on Reggie (but he competed and competed well against Mike right…MIKE?) after some thought but watch Nash skate in nice rocking white ice…

  15. MODI says:

    The basketball HOF is a disgrace — even when compared to all the other pathetic HOF’s. I don’t have a problem with Reggie not getting in on the first shot at all, but to not make the final 12 is ridiculous. Eff Dick Motta who lost more games than he won. I save my BK tirade today. Artis Gilmore tirade too.

    As for Reggie, while definitely a HOFer, I always thought him a little too one-dimensional. And the Knick killer label basically came from a couple of increbible playoff games. The guy who really gave the Knicks fits in those playoff battles was Rik Smits for the first 46 minutes and Reggie would steal the glory at the end. Ewing was never comfortable with the very few centers that were clearly taller than him. After Smits, the Knicks had no answer for Mark Jackson who just abused Charlie Ward and could never be double-teamed because of his sick court vision.

  16. Julius says:

    Reggie deserved first ballot. His stats may not merit first ballot, but he deserves to go in based on all those memorable moments. So far as his aerial three-point bombing show, did anyone in the NBA ever provide such an array of absolute killer highlight reel material? Some guys transcend their stats and Reggie is one of ‘em.

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