David Stern Gets His Gotham City Wish: The New York Knicks Acquire Carmelo Anthony

A Raymond Felton for your thoughts?

Let me get on my soap box for just a second before I get into the trade. The NBA for years has been about the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers. They own half of all championships won in the history of the league. Since 1969-1970 those two teams have combined for 17 championships (LA 11, Boston 6). The other teams who have won multiple rings in that span are Chicago with 6, San Antonio with 4, Detroit  3 and Houston with 2. Milwaukee, Philly, Portland, Golden State, Seattle, Washington and Miami have each won one championship during that period.

To put it further in perspective, eight teams in thirty years have been to the pinnacle.

This is my opinion but the league will expand globally if New York is in position to contend for a NBA championship. That’s all David Stern cares about because revenue will be generated across the world. I asked David Stern a few years back (2007) during a Philly playoff appearance about hopes of organizations rebuilding  prominent franchises and he looked me right in the face and said Boston, New York and Philly. Boston obviously has won a championship in that span and now with the trade of Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks are at least poised to enter a period of success the franchise hasn’t seen since Patrick Ewing was pouring sweat on the Madison Square Garden faithful. Philly…is playing well but are not relevant yet because of a true lack of star power.

There is no Doc (Happy Birthday!), Moses, Barkley, Iverson, Toney or Cheeks. So Philly has to take an initiative and become a team people pay to see on the road.

I say this because it seems the perception is the inmates are running the asylum. I hate that characterization when describing anything. Why should a player have to spend the duration of his career with one team with no viable ambition of winning a championship?

Teams do it all the time with NBA trades. Free agency is a part of professional sports  locked in existence and honestly, moves of this nature happen behind closed doors in every sport…not just the NBA.

Change the narrative.

Yes, any player in the league would want to play in New York because of the spotlight.  So of course multiple reasons exist to force a trade that aren’t strictly championship based, but Carmelo Anthony landing in Gotham City is everything David Stern wanted. Period. It’s not just about Melo, it’s about a player of his stature (major player in a major market) putting fans in seats and a charge in the Garden that will help the NBA make money.

The Garden will again be rocking…especially when the NBA elite visit New York City.

Denver, like Cleveland, is now breeding a new brand of cricket in the Pepsi Center.

During his time in Denver, Carmelo led the Nuggets to 7 playoff appearances…notably one Western Conference Final. He should be remembered as a Nuggets all time great but I’m sure folks in Denver will be soured despite what he meant to the franchise. I’m sure the opinion of native son Chauncey Billups will be different.

New York had to make this trade no matter the parts because windows for these types of transactions are not open often. Yes, the Knicks gave up a lot (I don’t think so) in the minds of many pundits, but if they didn’t get him, the Nets would have or he would have re-signed with Denver. Point guard Chauncey Billups, even at 34, gives the Knicks a big shot maker on the biggest stage in the world. He’s better than Felton right now. Center Ronny Turiaf and guard Landy Fields round out the new starting five.

New York will be Phoenix east. They will play absolutely no defense but will be as entertaining a team the league has to offer.

Is New York a championship contender simply because of this blockbuster? No, but with Chauncey Billups’ 14 million dollar expiring contract, the Knicks can lure the likes of Chris Paul and Deron Williams to MSG as early as 2012.

Carmelo Anthony is a superstar. He’ll be the main guy in New York with Amar’e Stoudemire now in support. Those two players will score 50 combined a night and Billups will thrive in this offense. Yes the Knicks will be thin but New York will be Eastern Conference top six when it’s said and done and could challenge for a second round playoff appearance. They will be dangerous.

Melo wanted to make sure he got that say 65 million before the new CBA kicks in (if there is no lockout) where owners are hell bent on cutting 800-900 million from player salaries.

Can you blame him?

I think the NBA should think of implementing a NFL like revenue sharing plan in the future so small market teams can benefit. Pundits are speaking of a franchise tag to keep stars on teams longer, but I don’t see the union going for that anytime soon.

Stern is probably not happy with players having so much control but in this instance he’s definitely clapping in Manhattan.

Now to the Carmelo Anthony to Manhattan Transfer:

Forward Carmelo Anthony, guards Chauncey Billups and Anthony Carter, center Shelden Williams and forward Renaldo Balkman will go to New York, in exchange for guard Raymond Felton, forwards Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler, center Timofey Mozgov, the Knicks’ 1st round pick in 2014 and 2nd round picks in 2012 and 2013 originally acquired from Golden State, along with $3 million in cash. The Knicks also trade center Eddy Curry’s expiring contract, 3 million and forward Anthony Randolph to Minnesota Timberwolves for small forward Corey Brewer.

20 Responses to “David Stern Gets His Gotham City Wish: The New York Knicks Acquire Carmelo Anthony”

  1. Temple3 says:

    I’d love for to finish this thought:

    “The Nuggets demanded Gallinari and Mozgov because the NBA business model is in transition. Efforts at Western and Canadian expansion met with mixed success. The franchise in Vancouver wound up in Memphis. Fans and elected officials in Lousiana are anxious about the future of that franchise. The new business model calls for expansion to ____ and _____. All that’s missing is a trade with the Dallas Mavericks for _____ or to the Spurs for _____ or _____. All of that Euro-gold imported to Denver would look really nice in ____.”

    No pressure. 🙂

  2. Temple3 says:

    Or this one:

    “Stern aligned with the goal of Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke (husband of Ann Walton, as in Wal-Mart) to part ways with Anthony as a means of _____ fan expectations; cutting _____; thereby, making it easier to _____ the franchise across the _____. Kroenke already owns the Colorado _____, the St. Louis _____; the Colorado ____ and the Colorado _____. Kroenke, however, is most proud of 29.99% stake in ________. Mr. Kroenke believes the synergy between this franchise and the relocated ______ Nuggets, featuring home-grown players like Danilo Gallinari and ______ would be especially lucrative.”


  3. MODI says:

    Interesting T3, I think that one of those blanks is “Dirk” or “Tony Parker”…!

    There is a lot of mixed reaction on the Knick blogs because we gave up half the squad…, but I’m with you in this article. You just have to make this deal. Knicks can find other ways to obtain role players as they have many advantages over other teams to do so. I like Chandler, Danilo, and Felton but their ceilings will never reach all-star. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s game.

  4. kos says:

    Mikhail Prokhorov certainly lived up to his promise. He said that he wanted to up the price for Anthony whether he got him or not. He succeeded in that. The Knicks gave up most of their starters. I don’t like the deal only on the principle that the Knicks got raped in the deal. On the other hand, the Knicks got that player that they needed to bring an even bigger buzz to the Garden.

    The Knicks weren’t going to seriously contend for a title this year anyway. They have to hope that when the new CBA is done, it isn’t too restrictive. They’re going to need more help, and it doesn’t look like they are going to get it through the draft.

    A question that I haven’t heard any of the pundits ask, what about D’Antoni? Does he like the new makeup of his team? The way Carmelo isolates sometimes, and with Chauncey not being a fast paced guy anymore, the team will probably score less. D’Antoni isn’t a championship coach, period. He’s a short term solution and now that the Knicks have better players and higher expectations, I’d be surprised if he lasts 2 more seasons.

  5. Temple3 says:


    I would have to agree with that.

    One thing about the Knicks that will be interesting is how these 3 players can perform in close games down the stretch, and at the end of the shot clock. End of the clock and late, Amar’e’, Carmelo, and Billups are as good as any threesome in the East, especially when you add in free throw shooting and the ability to score on the inside or outside.

    I believe that much of the conventional wisdom about basketball goes out the window. This is going to be interesting. 28 games isn’t much, but D’Antoni’s system is probably as well-suited to this smashing together of players as any. They could make some noise by simply going out and being 3 elite guys.

    I don’t see them beating Boston or Miami, but how many teams really want to be in a 5-10 point game against Billups, Amar’e’ and Carmelo? How many teams really think they can shut down all 3 of them to win over the course of a week? Add in Landry Fields and you have a tough group to defend. If the Knicks figure out how to play together, teams will simply have to outscore them. That, knowing D’Antoni will be easier DONE than SAID. 🙂

    As overall players, the Knicks may not have the biggest 3, but solely with respect to their ability to score in the clutch, no one is better right now except for Miami (based on the advantage of Wade over Billups). For my money Carmelo and LeBron are a wash (and Carmelo’s a better FT shooter…6-7%). Stoudemire has it ALL OVER Bosh and Garnett and every other low post scorer in the East. So….

    Enjoy the ride.

  6. MODI says:

    Yeah, Stoudemire owns the paint against KG and CB. Definitely agree on that “clutch” factor. Just don’t know who gets that last shot, but am happy to let Chauncey make that decision.

    On sheer frontline size, I can’t see the Knicks upsetting the C’s, but they match up quite well with Miami for an upset. Out of everyone the Knicks lost, Mozgov was the least immediately replaceable for a 1st round playoff that might involve Dwight Howard or Joakim Noah terrorizing the boards. That may be solved next year.

  7. Temple3 says:


    It’s a nice problem to have — because even if Landry Fields gets the last shot (an uncontested jumper because the defense is overly concerned with the hired guns), the average fan is going to like their chances.

    How long has it been since the Knicks took “last shots” that mattered?

  8. MODI says:

    Answer: The 1999 Playoffs… when Ewing got hurt in conference finals… I felt like crying

    Landry Fields is the perfect complement to those guys. Doesn’t need ball; spaces floor (40% from 3); great rebounder for position; and always makes key plays. With Chauncey also shooting 43% from three this year (much better than Felt), the kickouts from Amare and Melo will be there.

    You know who would be a great center for a D’Antoni system? Javale McGee. He goes from serviceable to near all-star when he gets in the open floor. Would love to find a way to pry him

  9. Temple3 says:

    Haven’t seen him play. Glad you like him.

  10. MODI says:

    I try not to tell too many folks that I go to a few wizards games every year…

  11. Miranda says:

    I saw a report that Knicks tickets had sky-rocketed in price. Recession? what recession? LOL

  12. MODI says:

    Hi Miranda, I could barely get a ticket during the Ewing era, so I doubt it will be easy during StoudeMelo era.

    The Othella Harrington era was a different story

  13. Origin says:

    Man the knicks gave up the farm.

    Antoni (no D) will love this team. Now he can play small ball all day long. He wasn’t really using the big Russian dude like he should have anyway. I can see him at times having Amare at center and Melo at PF with Brewer, Fields and Billups.

    After Melo and Billups I like the Corey Brewer pickup. He can defend big wing players and has the ability to finish at the rim. Plus he will thrive in the open court style that the east coast suns………I mean knicks play.

    In saying all of this the team is too small up front and have no bigs….plus they play no defense. They won’t beat the Celts, Heat, Magic or Bulls in the playoffs. The Knicks have less front court depth then every team mentioned above.

    The key to this trade is if Walsh and the knicks can get more pieces around Melo and Amare in the next 2 to 3 years. They will need a center and one of the PGs CP3 or D. Williams. Also either D’antoni will change his style or get fired. You can’t win a ring in the NBA playing no defense.

    In the end I thought Melo would have been better off going to NJ. I think there is a better coach there in Avery and I think the Russian Billionaire could have worked out something in 2 to 3 years to get a PG and Dwight Howard (there is no way that Howard is staying in Orlando). Especially with Brook Lopez and Billups (if he was traded) coming off the books in 1 to 2 years. I like a team with Melo and Dwight then a team with Melo and Amare. But NJ is a year or 2 away from moving to Brooklyn so that may have played a part in Melo’s decision.

    So here is a question for everyone……..what happens with Rip Hamilton now??? The Pistons were benching him thinking that a NJ & Denver trade was going through. They would have been the 3rd team and Rip would have gone to NJ.

    Modi you are right Javale McGee would be a great center in that offense. He runs the floor and finishes at the rim. Plus he blocks shots and rebounds at a nice clip.

    I tell you what Phoenix and Memphis are happy……..they both have a shot at the playoffs now. Boy Denver is about to drop like a ton of bricks.

  14. Origin says:

    So we just had the Lebron, Wade, Bosh and Melo…….free agency trade watch.

    Now time for the Dwight Howard trade/free agency watch. Oh and this one may get ugly…….folks in Orlando still have a bad taste in their mouth over Shaq.

    Just watch how this is going to pick up once the Magic get eliminated in the 2nd round this season.

  15. MODI says:

    O, yeah he wasn’t using Mozgov, but he just needed to be dusted off for the playoffs and you can’t discount the physical toll it takes when Amare has to guard bigger men in a long season. The best thing to happen to Dirk’s career is Tyson Chandler and hopefully the Knicks can land a Tyson Chandler-lite (never thought I’d hope for a Tyson Chandler-lite!).

    I half to say that I hate D’Antoni’s petty ass and his long history of playing favorites and sticking folks into the doghouse. Treatment of Marbury was unforgiveable. Eddy Curry can’t get into a blowout over three years? A young talent like Anthony Randolph can’t sniff the floor. He likes you or he hates you. He liked Chris Duhon.

    Rip? now that’s a guy I feel bad for. He need to go to a contender before Thursday

  16. Miranda says:

    Sorry to change the subject but have any of you read the foolishness going on in the great state of Alabama with regards to the Bama fan that killed the historic Auburn trees in retaliation over the Iron Bowl? Seriously, there is NO RIVALRY like the Crimson Tide-War Eagle rivalry…people get killed over that damn game! I cannot believe the ruckus going on in the state right now over this craziness!

  17. Origin says:

    I heard about that miranda crazy stuff. So if Cam and Auburn didn’t pull off that come from behind victory none of this would have happened.

  18. Miranda says:

    Well the oblgatory fight, stabbing, or shootings occurred…that’s the normal after the Iron Bowl. This mofo just highlights how incredibly crazy they can get….now he went and destroyed property that can’t be replaced. SMH…a former state trooper at that. just a damn shame how mental these folks are!

  19. Jimmy says:

    Melo will team up pretty well with Amare for sure . Knicks will be hard to be stopped now. Anyways , nice site you have here .

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  20. Mizzo says:

    Re: Bissinger’s piece: David Aldridge gave me a shout out in his latest on NBA.com.

    I like Bissinger’s work; Friday Night Lights was unsparing and brilliant, and I respect that someone who famously ranted about bloggers to Bob Costas is now blogging his brains out, while winking at himself. But I tire of journalists who say they’re the only ones “courageous” enough to write about topics like race. I write about race when it’s appropriate, and so do a lot of other journalists like Dave Zirin, Jason Whitlock, Harvey Araton, Michael Tillery, and on and on. It’s not especially courageous, by the way.

    Very much appreciated DA. You helped blaze the path. Others like Ron, Okori, Dwil, Jerold, Temple3, Adina, Chris Murray, Modi, Sankofa, CA etc., are right there in lockstep and inspire me as well.