The NBA on TNT Crew Recap the Trade Deadline – February 24, 2011: Why Is Everyone Sleeping On Chauncey?

New York nice: Chauncey makes this trio as formidable as there NBA is…

Just a couple of thoughts falling out of bed this Friday morning after the trade deadline: Mikhail Prokhorov is a straight up G. Deron Williams is one of the best players in the NBA and will eventually be a Eastern Conference main cog in the NBA shift of power. Is Kendrick Perkins numb or will he feel rejuvenated…swapped to OKC? I always thought Jeff Green to be a Celtic…maybe it was because of coaching legend John Thompson. Did the Celtics make a mistake? Baron Davis (I can’t see him playing in Cleveland) is probably as mad any professional athlete who has ever been traded for Cleveland is as far away from Hollywood as there is. The Sixers are playing well but they couldn’t get anyone to bite?

The Knicks stole the spotlight the way of that other New York standard…the Yankees. Chauncey Billups even sounds as if he’s from the Big Apple. Barkley may disagree the Knickerbockers can’t win now,  but because of Mr. Big Shot’s professionalism and courage, anything is possible in the in the playoffs (team defense notwithstanding). In fact, I’d be hard pressed not to pick CB as the best point guard of this era and his presence in MSG gives New York something it hasn’t had at the position since Clyde (yeah I said it). Look at what he’s done and you better believe the Knicks are gonna squeeze every bit of talent clutch Billups has left. I must say…this second half will be something great to watch.

If I get one more screaming text or euphoric call from a Knicks fan…

My earlier question about the Celtics? These two might think so…


TNT NBA Tip-off presented by

Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Kevin McHale and Kenny Smith with David Aldridge


Barkley on the Boston Celtics trading center Kendrick Perkins to the Oklahoma City Thunder: “I was very surprised but it’s a good trade for the Celtics considering they weren’t going to be able to re-sign (Perkins).  They only need Perkins against the Lakers if they get to the Finals.  They are going to have a tougher time getting through Chicago (Bulls) and Miami (Heat).  Perkins wouldn’t have been a big factor in (a Miami) series.  They got the best deal they could out of their circumstances.”


Smith on the Celtics losing the mystique of being a tough team: “(Perkins) doesn’t help you get to a championship but he helps you win it.  What the Boston Celtics had over everyone else was the mystique of toughness…They don’t have that anymore.  That’s what the cache was that they were a great defensive team and you couldn’t get layups or get to the basket.  They have just traded that (mystique) in and said, ‘we are a new team.’  To me, that is the difference and I don’t know if that’s great if you’re trying to win a championship.”

Barkley on the Thunder getting tougher at the trade deadline: “I love the toughness that (the Thunder) have now.  I love the fact that they’ll be able to hit some guys in the head when they come down the lane.  (Russell) Westbrook and (Kevin) Durant are going to score.  Those guys will score in church but they never get rebounds.  Now they have some rebounding (ability) and some defensive toughness.  This (trade) makes them a contender.”


Smith on the New York Knicks acquiring Chauncey Billups from the Denver Nuggets: “Chauncey Billups is underrated in the trade but he is possibly the best fit for this trade.  He doesn’t turn the basketball over and he will make sure that (Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire) get shots.  He is deadly from three-point range and he’ll have license to shoot at any time.”


Barkley on the Knicks: “I’ll take my chances that (the Knicks) won’t win a playoff series (this season).”


Smith on the New Jersey Nets trading for point guard Deron Williams: “It was a great trade for the New Jersey Nets.  (Williams) is what Amar’e Stoudemire is for the Knicks.  If they start getting a style of play together than guys can say, ‘I can play with him.’  If they don’t create a style of play, they’ll still be in a hardship and Deron will leave (as a free agent).”


McHale on Deron Williams putting pressure on the Nets to win: “I think the best player in all of these trades is (Deron) Williams.  I think that Williams is a better overall player than Carmelo Anthony.  (Williams) did not commit to staying in New Jersey….so he’s putting pressure on them to bring in more pieces so they can win.”


Barkley on Mo Williams and Jamario Moon being traded by the Cleveland Cavaliers: “I’ve heard people say that Oklahoma City and the Knicks were the big winners (at the deadline)…the big winners are Mo Williams and Jamario Moon.”


McHale on how point guard Kirk Hinrich makes the Atlanta Hawks a better team: “Sometimes you just have to try to make your team better.   (Kirk) Hinrich can defend point guards and can play some two (guard).  He helps Atlanta get better because (Mike) Bibby had lost any ability to guard on the perimeter.  It’s not like Kirk Hinrich is going to make them better than the Celtics but at least it gives them a chance…They are just trying to get better.”


Aldridge on Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose: “(Rose) is a young guy who still has great humility and people like playing with him.  He was the most popular guy on the Eastern Conference All-Star Team.  People like playing with a star and he’s a superstar without a superstar ego.”


Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade on the Knicks acquiring Carmelo Anthony: “I love it.  The Eastern Conference is getting very competitive.  We play this game because we’re competitors.  What New York has done by bringing in ‘Melo (Anthony) is great for the game of basketball and the city of New York.  As a friend, I’m happy for ‘Melo.  I’m sure he’s happy and his family is happy.  (The Knicks) are better for the future so for a long time to come, they are going to be a rival for us and we look forward to that.”


Aldridge on the Thunder trading for Kendrick Perkins: “If you go back in time, (the Kendrick Perkins) trade is like Larry Nance going to Cleveland or Dennis Johnson going to Boston.  Those ‘cement’ trades that make a good team a great team.  I think Kendrick Perkins does that for the Oklahoma City Thunder.  They were already good and they could’ve won a playoff series.  What (Perkins) gives them in terms of defensive presence, toughness and championship experience; I think Oklahoma City is going to remember this day as the day they took a step up to be a true contender in the NBA.”

11 Responses to “The NBA on TNT Crew Recap the Trade Deadline – February 24, 2011: Why Is Everyone Sleeping On Chauncey?”

  1. GrandNubian says:

    Perkins to OKC = advantage Heat.

    The rumblings now out of Boston is that they will try and lure Rasheed out of retirement and possibly sign Leon Powe and Troy Murphy.

  2. TC says:

    Yeah, ditto what GN said. As a Laker fan, the great team defense the Celtics played, the heart of which was Perk, was the most impressive thing about that team. One got the sense that they felt absolutely unbeatable in a seven-game series. I was glad, and didn’t necessarily feel that was true, but I certainly feel less concern about a team anchored by Nenad Krstic (understatement of the year). He can play some nice offense but he’s not the defensive force that Perk is. On the flip side, OKC just upgraded big time. Now they could possibly match up with the Lakers if they want to play two bigs at the same time in Ibaka and Perk. They have Nate Rob coming off the bench. The Seatt..uh, OKC just got serious.

    I’m really shocked at Utah parting with DWill. He’s one of those guys (along with KG, Kobe, and MJ) who would kill his mother for a ring, I think, and I agree that he’s the best player to be traded, although obviously Carmelo is the best scorer. NY definitely got a whole lot better, and I agree with the assessment that any team with CB gets that swagger that would help any team. I dunno if the Knicks will win a series, but they won’t be far off.

  3. Mizzo says:

    Perk being traded is a shock. I think most of us are in agreement that his injury was the deciding factor in the Lakers winning.

  4. Ron Glover says:

    The most shook guy in the Western Conference right now is Pau Gasol.

  5. MODI says:

    Yeah, Chauncey is the best point since Clyde and Knick fans will instantly love him (already getting name chanted!). I think that his acquisition has been underrated because the feeling is that he will just have only two quality years left in the tank which will really give a one year window to contend for a championship with him. I also can’t remember the last time we had a point who can drain the three at a high-level. Chauncey will keep em honest.

    Like everyone else, I’m ecstatic at the future, but know that the Knicks can’t win a chip without a big guy to grab some rebounds which I suspect they will address over the summer. An aging Marcus Camby just might be perfect.

    OKC should be really fun to watch…

  6. HarveyDent says:

    Bring Marcus Camby back to NYC? Dang, MODI, I don’t know about that one because the guy’s two years younger than me and I’ll be 41 next month. The Knicks should see about getting Kendrick Perkins in free agency or maybe even David West. Someone young with some size and on-the-block toughness like Demarcus Cousins who is not going to be long for the Kings.

    All this may be moot though if D’Antoni doesn’t place more than a token emphasis on defense. Imagine how the Kinicks would be if Avery Johnson was coaching there instead of Jersey. With this team as constituted now though I want to see some heat put on D’Antoni because he’s been allowed to slide too long with nothing to show for it on the court.

    Forget that though because I’m a Sixers fan and I like the way the Philadelphia Story is shaping up this season. I’ll say I was wrong about hiring Doug Collins but I still say my team should have got Cousins. See ya in the playoffs and the Sixers will be there with a better than .500 record.

    PS. Thanks to Miz and GN for the get-well wishes while I was laid low the past couple of weeks. Still recuperating but I’ll be ready for my Willis Reid close-up during the playoffs…LOL!

  7. Mizzo says:

    That’s right! Glad everything is on the high now fam.

  8. MODI says:

    HD, glad to hear you are recovering.

    Don’t sleep on Camby. Still rebounding and blocking shots like crazy — just in fewer minutes.

    I’d love Perkins, but I just don’t know how the Knicks could get him. No assets, and assuming a mid-level exception will still exist, Perkins will garner more than that. However, and old dude like Camby might be obtainable…

  9. MODI says:

    Oh, and I would love to trade D’Anphony for Avery!

    Knicks should have signed Avery first time around

  10. TC says:

    Yeah, don’t sleep on Camby….that dude has a motor. Glad you’re doin’ better HD!

  11. Julius says:

    I’ve met Baron Davis and he’s an articulate, intelligent guy. However, so far as his career decisions go he is incredibly stupid. He should’ve finagled his Clipper situation more deftly and gotten himself to a contender at least. Cleveland is even worse than Utah, and probably the armpit of the NBA on every level. At least the Jazz will sniff the playoffs, even if SLC stinks.

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