TSF Friday Fire: What Is Your NFL Lockout Contingency Plan?

The NFL Owners and NFLPA are in the final hours to save the 2011-12 NFL season from a lockout. Things did seem pretty optinistic in  the beginning of the week, but both sides left last night with nothing positive to say - leaving little optimism that the 2011-12 season will begin on time.

So if there is no football for the first 4-6 weeks of the season, how will you occupy those Sunday afternoons? And once play resumes, will you have the same zeal for the season as if there wasn’t a lockout.

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  1. GrandNubian says:

    No football on Sunday means more time spent working on my Shaolin wushu (martial arts) training. ;-)

  2. our 2011 NFL Lockout contingency plan is to not play fantasy football……

    NFL Lockout

  3. Burundi says:

    Watch Canadian Football online or make the four hour drive to fly up and catch a Toronto Argonauts game in person.

  4. Burundi says:

    Watch Canadian Football online or make the four hour drive or to fly up and catch a Toronto Argonauts game in person.

  5. Miranda says:

    Maybe its just me, but I think the media has played the public into this over-reaction of “oh noez!!! no football! I hate them!”….its the off-season, and contrary to popular belief, there are no games scheduled for next week. This is just easier for the football media to keep people interested in the NFL than speculating for another month on who will pick who during the draft.

  6. HarveyDent says:

    Live my life…watch the Heyward and the Braves go down to the wire with the Phils and enjoy Manhattan Sunday afternoons.

  7. Oaktown Girl says:

    If that evil empire Comcast doesn’t f-up my Netflix I’ll watch more movies than I would have otherwise.

    That, and continue working for the revolution, which will still not be televised.

  8. Temple3 says:

    It won’t really be a big deal on Sunday during the day time. I spend time with the kids during the day anyway. It will be a factor on Sunday night and Monday night — and if the post-season is canceled.

    I doubt that it will come to that, but if it does, life will go on.

  9. Origin says:

    First let me say that it won’t really change my Sundays. There were only a few teams I even watched play. But I will say this….I will finally get to finish a couple of seasons of College Hoops 2K8 during the NFL season. That game is old but man its still the best college basketball game out there. Heck I still play it more then NBA 2K11.

    Anyway I agree with Miranda….the media and sheep fans need to shut up. Until games are actually missed folks need to chill out. All that happens this time of the year is some players get cut and some free agency signings. Nothing else happens so what is the big deal. If the lockout is still on and its August 29th. Then holla at me we can both start complaining. But until then wake me up when something really happens.

    If the lockout lasts into the season this will be the first spring/summer I won’t have to hear about some offseason nonsense surrounding Vick or Mcnabb. In that case thank you lockout.

  10. Origin says:

    Oh and as long as I have college football on Saturday I am still good.

  11. Miranda says:

    Now this is just hilarious….does Jerry Jones think he’s Don Corleone?

    Only one day remained before the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement, and everyone understood that a failure to find middle ground before 11:59 p.m. the next day would result in the league’s first work stoppage since 1987.

    Cohen began the session by giving each owner an opportunity to speak. Jerry Jones, never one to pass up center stage, tried to lighten the mood by talking of his upbringing and the business acumen that led to his purchase of the Cowboys 22 years ago. The tenor changed when he began discussing how two years of negotiations had failed to bring the sides closer. What he said next, with arched eyebrows, helped steer the situation past the point of no return.

    “I don’t think we’ve got your attention,” Jones said to the players, several of whom recounted the incident to SI. “You clearly don’t understand what we’re saying, and we’re not hearing what you’re saying. So I guess we’re going to have to show you to get your attention.”

    Jones tapped his fists together for emphasis—the players interpreted it as a sign that a lockout was coming—then stood and walked toward the door. As he reached the end of the table, Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, another labor hawk, began to rise, but Robert Kraft of the Patriots, who was sitting next to him, put a hand on Richardson’s forearm and kept him from going.

    If Jones’s intention was to intimidate the players, he failed. “I think everybody in the room thought it was overly dramatic, almost hilarious,” one player said. “It was like a Jerry Maguire moment. You know, ‘I’m leaving. Who’s coming with me?’ I know it didn’t scare any of us.”


  12. Origin says:

    HAHA………..Jerry a hot mess. And fans actually think the players are the ones who think they are above the law….please.

    These owners are a hot mess……Miranda all that was missing is Jerry Jones saying “King Kong ain’t got nothing on me”. Anyway I told yall that Jerry thinks he is Iceburg Slim. Pimping players and slamming limousine doors.

    Just wait if this lockout lasts into the season Jerry gonna go Charlie Sheen on ya’ll. That dude got a 500K monthly note on that Stadium….LOL!! It ain’t enough Justin Bieber / monster truck events in the world to host in order to pay that stadium note.

    Sista do you know that Jerry is so tight for money that for 600 or 700 bucks you can throw a birthday party at the stadium. This fool actually got folks paying money to throw their kids a birthday party at that stadium. And all they can bring is 7 of their friends. Oh and for 1200 bucks Jerry will throw in a limo to pick the lil rug rats up and take them to the stadium.

    Pretty soon this kat gonna have the annual players ball at the stadium…..LOL!!!

  13. Miranda says:

    all that was missing is Jerry Jones saying “King Kong ain’t got nothing on me”.


    OMG!!! Jerry is a hot mess for sure!!! No he does not have birthday parties being had for the little ones at that stadium! OMG!! CLASSIC!

  14. Miranda says:

    Oh Jeezus!!! I can’t stop laughing


    There will SO be NFL in the fall. LMAO Jerry might as well stop playing like he got it like that. Dont try and take it out on the players just cuz you dont wanna share with the small market owners anymore. LOL, don’t drag the players into your beef. LOL

  15. Matthew Fudge says:

    Watch pro basketball.

  16. Origin says:

    Thanks for posting that Miranda…..looks like I was wrong about how many kids can come to the party. I only got the info second hand from one of my boys.

    That stuff is high…….shoot a parent would be better off taking those kids to Chuck E Cheese.

  17. Miranda says:

    So the Arizona Cardinals staff gotta take a 35% paycut after April 11th if there is no new CBA?

    And the Bills, Jets and Chiefs already said their staffs would have to take paycuts.

    So wait…..the media heads keep telling me that the owners can withstand no season and only the players will suffer – looks like some owners can withstand no season because their staffs have no choice but to withstand it on their behalf.

  18. Miranda says:

    That would be “check”…..your turn owners!

    NFL players now have an official avenue to conduct workouts under professional trainers during the current work stoppage.

    With players locked out from reporting to NFL teams, the NFL Players Association and Athletes’ Performance have agreed to a deal that will allow for monitored group and/or individual sessions. This could prove especially helpful for players like quarterbacks and wide receivers who want to work on their timing in the passing game or position groups hoping to stay close during the work stoppage.

  19. eric daniels says:

    CFL Football baby , along with going to some High School Football games ( Tampa is a hotbed for prep football) and go to some sports bars and catch some college games.

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