Barry Bonds Guilty On Obstruction Of Justice Charges, Baseball Is Guilty On All Counts

Barry Bonds was found guilty on obstruction of justice charges but was not convicted on any of the more serious three alleged perjury charges.

Baseball on the other hand…

Barry Bonds escaped prison time being charged with obstruction of justice instead of perjury. But the word “guilty” will always be associated with Bonds and this trial for those that just want to see Bonds hang in effigy, point the finger and say ” See, I told you so!”

Once again, baseball walks away unscathed –  its already tarnished history takes another hit but what else is new. The sport won’t suffer at the gate or in the apparel market. Baseball isn’t doing anything to stop PEDs from being used. Manny Ramirez was caught and suspended a second time – how good of a job is the Commissioner and others doing at policing this thing?

We know what the players have done and apparently are still doing, there’s nothing more to figure out concerning them.

It’s time we shine the interrogation light on Bud Selig and his minions.

9 Responses to “Barry Bonds Guilty On Obstruction Of Justice Charges, Baseball Is Guilty On All Counts”

  1. Mizzo says:

    55 million for a conviction of basically hearsay is ridiculous.

  2. Ron Glover says:


  3. Temple3 says:

    Just for the record, when Bonds was forced out of the game, he left with a higher OPS than the NL’s official leader (Chipper Jones). If the question of his PED use was moot at that point, and if baseball was not the fiefdom of white supremacists, Bonds would have pushed the home run to a very different number. He led the majors in walks in each of his last seven full seasons. His Fear Factor Index was off the charts…even in 2007.

    This case and this solitary, irrelevant conviction on obstruction was about removing Bonds from the popular mind as an iconic figure capable of fully unseating Babe Ruth as the Sultan of Swat. Forty years from now, some intrepid investigator will “drop dime” on how Ruth used stimulants that allowed him to party until dawn, roll with a gang of chicks, eat like a pig, and still get down on a 3-2 curve ball.

    The mass media is eerily silent. I think they’re prepping for the WHITE OUT coverage of the Roger Clemens trial. If Mike Vrabel ever opens up a school for misunderstood shoplifters, I think his first Negro client would get exposed right around the time the Clemens trial starts.

    Cam Newton, PacMan, Dez Bryant….you’re all on the Distraction By Negro Clock. Watch ya back.

    If it wasn’t humanly possible for McGwire or Bonds or A-Rod or Manny, what makes anyone think it was possible for Ruth?

  4. HarveyDent says:

    I wish Bonds could sue or the feds could charge Jeff Nowitzky with something. Screw Victor Conte, Bud Selig, and Mark McGwire because that punk was the true villain in all this. I hate the term but Nowitzky is a textbook example of a hater.

    @T3…it’s already been put out that Ruth tried to use other means like sheep’s testicles to help his game. I have a soft spot in my heart for the Bambino though because he was more than likely part Black and MLB used him and tossed him to the side when he couldn’t move the needle anymore by not even giving him a coaching position when his playing days were over. The mainstream boosts him up now but after his day was past they didn’t give him any love.

  5. sankofa says:

    I have been known to be a little slow, so you ‘splain to me this obstruction charge.

    (p) Have you been friends with Greg Anderson a long time? (BB) Greg has been a friend of the family for a long time. He would come over to our house and massage my dad’s feet when they had swollen up…and you know…he wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize our friendship…you know.. AND AS A CHILD OF A CELEBRETY????, I just don’t think he would jeopardize our friendship.

    I am trying to recall from memory, but …AND AS A CHILD OF A CELEBRETY… is the obstruction? I know the public fool system has bred most North Americans into an altered state where common sense is not common, but really?

    This is the Jury of his peers? If so than Barry Bonds is as dumb as a rock, if in fact this is not a Jury of his peers, then …..explain to me how this is a victory for the prosecution and how in this side of reality such a statement can be considered obstruction of justice.

  6. Miranda says:

    I just dont get it.

    Are steroids like Popeye’s spinach? Is it really all that serious to the point of grand juries and criminal trials?

  7. Miranda says:

    sorry to change the subject, but I would be remiss not to share this

    I heard an interview with her last week and she was HILARIOUS.

  8. Temple3 says:

    This is why these folks shouldn’t be apologizing all over the place to the media. It’s a game. They should do like Charlie Sheen and say, “BLEEP YOU media.”

  9. RBD says:

    As for Ruth, steroids weren’t discovered or packaged into a usable form until the 1950s.
    The real victims in this whole steroids thing are the legacies of people like Hank Aaron and Frank Robinson, whose names will gradually fall down the all-time HR list.