The 2011 NFL Draft Is In One Week – Will You Be Watching?

All of the suspense surrounding where Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton ranks in the 2011 draft class ends in a week. And what are the New England Patriots going to do with six picks in the first three rounds.

The question is who will be watching…

I’m just as bothered as the next guy about the NFL Lockout and it’s impact on this year’s draft. Probably because picks can be traded but players cannot be moved until a new CBA is in place. It’s safe to say that I’m happy that the NFL Draft is still going to take place tonight – giving me a chance to talk football with some folks and there will be some movement involving the draft picks.

Another reason is because I love the reactions of the players and their parent(s) and siblings once their name has been called.

These young men have worked hard to get to this point in their lives and they all deserve this moment as do those that have supported them. So I’ll be tuned in – flipping between the draft, some baseball and NBA Playoffs with a box of Kleenex nearby.

The majority of which may be used once the Philadelphia Eagles make their selection at #23.

27 Responses to “The 2011 NFL Draft Is In One Week – Will You Be Watching?”

  1. Miranda says:

    See now why you have me all confused and thinking its next week already?? LOL – its not tonight! the 28th!

  2. Ron Glover says:

    Sorry Miranda, I don’t know what’s up with me. I woke up this morning like, “The Draft is tonight” then I look and was like damn, one more week.

    I owe you one.

  3. Miranda says:

    LOL! Life is confusing enough without me thinking I missed a week of it!

    Am I the only one that finds if hilarious that the final matchup for the Madden 12 Cover is a white running back vs a black QB?

  4. Origin says:

    Nope RG won’t be watching (will be watching the NBA) only thing I might actually see is the haters die inside when Cam is picked number one…..LOL!!!

    @Miranda – See EA sports think they are slick…..see they really want to put Vick on the cover but couldn’t take the heat. So they try and play slick and have a tournament with Vick in it. We/they know that he will win……so EA will play it off like it wasn’t our idea it was those bad fans.

    I mean really EA could have had fans vote on 4 players to be on the cover of their crappy game like they did last year. But that would have been too much to have Vick as one of the 4 players to be picked.

    A tournament to pick the madden cover winner………..yeah right.

    Oh I see the Mcnabb to the vikings is picking up major steam. Like I told folks when that contract was signed after Mcnabb was benched, it was setup so that they both could part ways at the end of the season. So in looking at this it still worked out better for him……..cause if he was traded to the Raiders he never would have gotten his freedom. Man washington is a poorly ran organization.

  5. Miranda says:

    Origin, so you and I share the same conspiracy theory about EA huh? LMAO….they know damn well they’ve had that damn Vick cover graphic done since that Redskins game!

    I am so hoping that Donovan gets with the Vikings. That would be awesome.

  6. Origin says:

    HAHA sista you know it EA is a joke. If it was up to them they would have Vick on the cover every year. Madden football…….they wish they could call it Vick football. No player has moved merchandise in football like Vick.

    That brotha has always equaled dollar signs when it came to selling stuff. I swear at night if you listen closely you can hear Arthur blank crying himself to sleep because he can’t make as much money as he once did when Vick was running for his life in the georgia dome.

  7. Miranda says:

    Origin, did you happen to read the wall street journal article on that company Unequal Technologies and how they’ve done since it was announced that they signed Vick as a spokesperson??

    CHA-CHING…….the guy who pushed for them to sign Vick probably at the Ferrari dealership right this minute. I heard an interview with the journalist who wrote the piece, he said when he talked to the dude the guy couldn’t stop grinning. He said some of the board members were against it and said it would be backlash, they were too small to take the chance, but he convinced them and on the day it was announced that Vick was the spokesperson, their site crashed from so many inquiries…and sales the first week were up 1000 percent, since then he says its been triple their normal sales from a year ago. Best of all, Vick didn’t ask for a straight fee – he got stock options in the company.

    Yeah….Arthur Blank got a sad 🙁

  8. Miranda says:

    This guy made very valid points and quite predictably, the responses were full of hit dogs hollering:,54920/

  9. Origin says:

    Hot damn sista Miranda you made my day with this info. I have been screaming for the longest that these black athletes need to get paid in stock options in these companies. When some mess goes down who cares if you drop me from endorsing your crappy company. I got millions in stock options…..still gonna get those dividend payments bitch!!!!……LOL!!!

    “Best of all, Vick didn’t ask for a straight fee – he got stock options in the company.”

    Well played Vick………..well played. That brotha about to pull a 50 cent with vitamin water…..LOL!!!

    And check this out Cam Newton is Vick part 2. Hell he has been keeping the NFL and ESPN afloat the last 2 months. ESPN has gotten probably 10 million hits on their website just off of the hateful articles and gossip about Newton. Ain’t any NFL going on to talk about but shit every NFL forum got multiple posts consisting of 10 or 20 pages about Newton.

    Didn’t the national championship game have like 20 million viewers….and the game was on cable.

    HAHA……….and I read that article. The writer is so right those dogs are howling…LOL!!!

    “What you find in those players—sans Leonard, who’s wholly inept—is a folk hero worship”

    Thats it right there………even if the white player that gets burn is the crappiest player on the team he is often the most popular player with the fans. How often do you see white fans go nuts in the NBA when the buster ass white player that rides the bench gets to play in a blow out. Fans are going nuts screaming his name giving him a standing ovation. Chanting for him to get a bucket I mean the stuff is insane. Look when Mark Madson was in LA and Brian Scalabrine in Boston….those crazy fans acted like those bustas were better then Shag, Kobe, Garnett and Pierce.

  10. MODI says:

    yeah, nice find miranda. white hero worship indeed.

    O, don’t know if you remember this, but back in the late 8o’s the Knicks had a white guy Greg Butler who would be wildly cheered for to come in the game. he was just so awful, but cashed in the whiteness for a 3-year cup of coffee in the bigs.

  11. Miranda says:

    Origin, Here is the interview

    and in the video, Vick states a new marketing line is in the works – V7 – that big azz conglomerate machine his agent Joel Segal hooked up with bout to make Vick way more money than he ever would have pre-prison.

  12. MODI says:

    “We’re a small company. We can’t afford that kind of backlash, where a Dick’s Sporting Goods or a Modell’s says, ‘Hey, because you have Michael Vick, we’re not going to carry you in our stores.’ ”

    Nice find miranda. He should have know that signing Vick wouldn’t be a risk since Dicks Sporting Goods actually kept running Roethlisberger commercials after rape accusations.

  13. Origin says:

    Nope didn’t remember him……….but Modi you deserve a hat tip for what I mentioned. Sadly it never dawned on me how fans treated the scrub white players in stadiums or forums until I started reading your stuff like 5 years ago. Same as you mentioning how on many basketball teams in college and the NBA how the last seats on the bench are often times reserved for white scrubs.

    Sista Miranda thank you again for another fine link. That was a great interview by Vick, yes those folks are going to help Vick make even more money then he ever made. Too bad that the company is privately owned I was going to buy some stock in it. Vick trying to get that Lebron James money….LOL!!!

    And once more all you young athletes out there make sure you have ownership in the company that you endorse.

  14. MODI says:

    You know, I think that the white scrubs quota thing at the end of the bench has almost gone away in the NBA except for those really really white cities. In the 80s and early 90s there seemed like every 11th and 12 man was a white scrub. still alive in NFL and MLB. How many truly scrub black players are at the end of an MLB roster? Gary Sheffield knows the deal.

    You are right. Stock is the way to go. I hope that trend continues,

  15. MODI says:

    BTW, that Knick game was truly depressing. however, with health next year, a full preseason, and the acquisition of a rebounder could make next year a whole new year.

  16. Miranda says:

    Oh Origin…I knew when I read this a few months ago that it was on and popping for Vick. I did some research and this monster company owns like half the globe.

    Lagardere acquired BEST (Blue Equity Sports Television), headed by Segal, who also represents Reggie Bush, Chris Johnson and Randy Moss. But Vick was the centerpiece that interested Lagardere, company officials say. Under the deal, Segal remains head of Lagardere’s football group. Segal declined to comment.

    “We don’t comment on employees and or clients,” Lagardere chief operating officer Kevin O’Connor said. “We take a very low-key approach.”

    Said a rival agent who did not want to be identified: “This is a smart move for Vick. Lagardere is a big operation and they are trying to buy up everything in sight. It gives Michael more clout and a better position from a marketing standpoint.”

  17. Origin says:

    Not sure Modi on that white Quota in the NBA. I will have to look at the rosters. I haven’t really paid attention to it this year… the NFL and MLB yes it is happening big time. Especially the NFL the back up QB role is a straight up designated quota system for scrub white QBs.

    My wife loves the Celtics (because of Pierce and Garnett) and she was saying that Mello should have stayed in Denver. I was explaining to her that the knicks may end up being the 2nd or 3rd best team in the East in like a year or two.

    But I tell you what D’antoni has like one more year or those folks in NYC will be running him out.

    And Modi how is it in DC the folks there still believe in Shannahan. Synder is probably sick because there is a lockout he can’t play madden and sign a bunch of free agents to get the fans hyped about another 4-12 season. Those fools are going to draft Locker and throw him to the wolves behind that garbage OL.

  18. Origin says:

    Yeah Miranda I remember when you posted the name of the company Lagardere and I did some research myself……….and you are right them dudes own everything. Even air and the color blue…..LOL!!!

    Yep before its all said and done Vick is going to be richer then before he went to prison. And folks forget that before he was going in he was diversifying his investments. He had the wine restaurant, construction company, real estate investments. The man was well on his way to building great wealth then. So he understands business and how to grow his money.

  19. MODI says:

    As far as i’m concerned D’Anphony can get the boot now. besides no D, his end game coaching is routinely horrible. Whenever a vet leader is not on the floor (i.e. nash or Billups), his teams look lost. i also think we need a half-court coach with chauncy at the helm next year. I actually wouldn’t mind jeff van gundy coming back to focus on D.

    You know, I’m not sure if there is a local consensus on shanahan as there are some who are in the give him more time camp. But count me among those who can’t stand him, and believe that he is a myth based on Elway, terrell davis, and thin air in denver. TSF and this comment section has broken down the many reasons why.

    I was rooting hard for the Skins based on Mcnabb, but shanahan’s conduct was unforgiveable — Haynesworth incuded. i will root against them every game tha McNabb is not their starting QB — who i hope ends up in minny.

  20. HarveyDent says:

    That was a good read, Miranda, and sums up the problem I have with how the major sports are covered in the media. Just like many fans I like the story of perceived underdogs like Danny Woodhead and Peyton Hillis but I know just like a Tony Kornheiser dig at a Black sports star that guys like that will get love all out of proportion about what they actually accomplish on the field/court. It puts us as conscious fans in a trick bag because if we point out that those guys get adulation because of their race then we’re the ones called the bigots.

    Oh well, I’d rather be right for telling the truth than wrong for trying to go with crowd.

  21. HarveyDent says:

    Damn, I live in ATL for twelve years and the Hawks never showed any heart like that. Larry Drew may look like Lurch from the Addams Family but he definitely has the Hawks playing their asses off this year.

    And if I was Stan Van, I’d tell Arenas he’d have to find his own way back to Orlando. Those trades are looking real bad for the Magic.

  22. HarveyDent says:

    One last thing, I was watching a draft video on where the “analysts” were ranking the top 5 QB prospects and while I wasn’t surprised the two guys picked Blaine Gabbert as their top prospect the reasoning behind was too damn suspect. They actually said while Gabbert didn’t have a stand out season he did have a good bowl game. I’m thinking to myself Cam won two national championships, went undefeated in the consistently the nation’s toughest football conference, and won the Heisman but he’s not ready for the NFL? Really? I mean really?

  23. Origin says:

    @ Modi – D’anphony……….LOL!!!….you killing me man.

    @Harvey – Yeah Otis Smith and Stan Van might be on their last leg if they lose this series. Like I told a friend of mine when this series started………its going 7 games.

  24. HarveyDent says:


    I don’t see the Magic winning this one because Dwight can’t do it by himself, Nelson is too small to guard Jamal Crawford or get by Hinrich on the offensive end, and for some reason J-Rich is disappearing at the wrong time. I think Smith and Stan Van will be back next season (if there is one) but they’re going to have to go deep to find some help for Dwight.

  25. Origin says:

    Harvey they are full of it………Gabbert bowl game wasn’t that good they lost and he threw some picks. The NFL draft is some buddy buddy shit when it comes to these analyst. Thats why I don’t even listen to their mess.

    How can a QB throw for 2 ints and a TD in a bowl game and it be considered a good game. During his teams final drive to win the game Gabbert threw an int. Yet these same freaking analyst said that came played a poor Championship game and was inaccurate even though he threw for 2 TDs and an Int. Oh I see throwing screen passes and ints while leading your team to a lose in the insight bowl makes you the number one QB in the draft. Plus you didn’t even put up numbers close to what most folks put up in the spread.

    Cam plays in a spread and sets record stats…..the analyst say that the stats he put up aren’t legit because he plays in an offense that inflates a QBs numbers. Yet Blaine plays in a spread and only throws 17 TDs and its considered great. How is that??? He plays in a spread he should have thrown for 30 TDs, doesn’t that offense inflate stats???

    See Harvey thats why I don’t deal with those dudes….nor some of those haters on NFL network. I have been so sick of the draft this year with their code word nonsense. This is my favorite “I am not sure Cam Newton will have the work ethic to be a successful QB”. I mean when will someone call these fools out on this crap they use the same work ethic crap on every black QB. So a young man that has a physique like a greek god, who lifts weight with his OL, sets up workout and passing sessions with his teamates in high school, Jr. college and D1, stays late to study game film with his coach has poor work ethic.

    Thats why I never believe crap about work ethic when it comes to a black QB until that QB proves to me he has a poor work ethic.

  26. Origin says:

    Yeah you got a point man, trading VC and the french brotha hurt them in their back court. They lack size and can’t get their shot off.

    Doesn’t matter Howard is as good as gone after next year…..he will be in Brooklyn with Jay-Z and the Russian.

  27. MODI says:

    O, can’t take credit fo “D’Anphony”! that one came in the knick blogs shortly after his treatment of marbury and has resurfaced many times. forget coaching, I don’t like the guy as a human being. he is very petty. the other nickname, of course, is “Antoni” minus the D.

    HD, i know the Hawks laid down last year in the playoffs, but as far as I’m concerned Mike Woodson deserves some kind of medal for being the first man on the planet to actually coach Jamal Crawford and affect his shot selection. He shot 45% last year after basically 9 consecutive years at 41%. This year he settled back at 42% which would normnally be a banner year for him.