Heat Withstand Energized Sixers 100-94 In Game 3 of NBA Playoffs 1st Round

   Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade holds his left shoulder during the first half of Game 3 of a first-round NBA playoff basketball series against the Philadelphia 76ers on Thursday, April 21, 2011, in Philadelphia. Wade had ice applied to it on the bench and resumed playing. Miami won 100-94.

The Miami Heat knew that the Philadelphia 76’ers were going to push back in front of a sold out Wells Fargo Center crowd.

So they waited until late to land the potential knockout blow.

Dwayne Wade fought off a nagging shoulder to score 32 points and grab 10 boards in the Heat’s 100-94 victory in Philadelphia to go up in the series 3-0.

PHILADELPHIA, PA - APRIL 21: Elton Brand #42 of the Philadelphia 76ers talks with teammates Jrue Holiday #11 (L) and Lou Williams #23 (R)  during the closing moments of their game against the Miami Heat during game three of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals at Wells Fargo Center on April 21, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

The Sixers played their best game of the series and it still wasn’t enough to cool off a white-hot Miami team who looks to be hitting their stride. LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh combined for 75 points and 31 boards as the pushed a game Sixers squad to the brink of elimination 100-94 in front of a raucous and energized crowd of 20,404

The Sixers jumped out to a 9-0 lead to begin the contest. They showed no lasting effects from the poor shooting effort on Monday and shot 59 percent from the floor and after one quarter were up 29-21.  Spencer Hawes, Jrue Holiday and Lou Williams combined for 20 of the Sixers first 29 points. Wade and Chris Bosh were a collective 3 for 12 as the Heat shot 34 percent and would trail by as many as 10.

The second period saw Elton Brand take over the scoring responsibility for the home team, scoring 11 of a 23 points and pulling down 4 rebounds but the Sixers lead would be trimmed  to 52-50  by the half as the Heat shot a blistering 9 for 13 (69.2%) led by Wade’s 12 points. The Sixers managed only four points in the paint in compared to 12 in the previous quarter.

Sixers made a deliberate effort to adjust their physical play – Brand, Hawes and Tony Battie made things uncomfortable for anyone venturing into the blue area  – keeping the towel boys busy. Chris Bosh, who was in the Sixers defensive cross hairs managed only 7 points on 2 for 8  shooting in the first half. The Sixers despite a shrinking lead were still in control as they were able to counter runs by the Heat with spurts of their own, minimizing turnovers was key as the Sixers had only four to Miami’s nine.

The Heat would take their first lead on a 20-footer by James 45 seconds into the third period. James had been in triple-threat mode in the first half with 10/7/4 and was beginning to slowly  find his “normal” stride. Wade, who would lead all scorers at the end of three with 24 points was pacing himself for a big finish. The Sixers would regain the lead and go up by as many as eight – continuing to hold the Heat at bay as Bosh started to become a factor. The Sixers and the crowd were still alive up 75-73 heading into the final stanza.

Naysayers, haters and hostile crowds have been dish served to Chris Bosh, LeBron James and Dwayne Wade for almost a year now. Now, they’re preparing a dish of their own – CROW.

The Sixers have bounced back from an uncharacteristic Game 2 performance to show the everyone that they’re well aware of who and what they’re facing  – refusing to go quietly.

James and Wade would combine for 15 points and 7 rebounds (4 offensive), including an out of his shoes put back by Wade that all but put Miami in the driver’s seat for good. Elton Brand, Andre Iguodala (10/5/10), Williams and Holiday would continue to guide the Sixers with a gallant efforts but it wasn’t enough as the Heat pushed the Sixers to the brink of elimination with last night’s victory.

   Philadelphia 76ers coach Doug Collins shouts directions to his players during the second half of Game 3 of a first-round NBA playoff basketball series with the Miami Heat, Thursday, April 21, 2011, in Philadelphia. Miami won 100-94.

In the end, Doug Collins for all he’s accomplished this season was left with two words, “win Sunday”. Collins was obviously annoyed by some of the iffy officiating down the stretch but he kept his complaint to a very respectable tone – pointing out the fact that Bosh, Wade and James played a total of 124 minutes and were only whistled for two personal fouls in a pretty physical game.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra was proud of the effort his team gave under extreme circumstances, “Their athleticism is so extreme and so quick that you have to be engaged and ready from the get-go.” Chris Bosh asserted himself in the 2nd half to finish with 19 points and 6 boards, Spoelstra expected no less from his power forward. “He understood not to panic, once we got into out rhythm in the 2nd half you saw him become more aggressive.

The statistic of the night was the Heat grabbing 20 offensive rebounds. Spoelstra explained how Bosh grabbed three in one sequence. “My favorite play by him (Bosh) was when he was up three consecutive times for and offensive rebound, that late (in the game) being that quick to the ball.”

Collins final quote of the night summed up the situation facing his young team, ” If we score 94 points on Sunday, we may get lucky.”

6 Responses to “Heat Withstand Energized Sixers 100-94 In Game 3 of NBA Playoffs 1st Round”

  1. sankofa says:

    Yeah! A lot of people talk about the disparity in fouls, but chose to ignore the obvious. The Heat 3 goes to the foul line more than any in the NBA. Lebron and Dwayne are the two best rim attacking tandem in the league and get to the line more than any combo. Wade is perhaps the best rim attacker and Lebron the most physical off the bounce.

    Even in your article and the ones on ESPN, it was stated that Philadelphia decided to go “bad boys” on the three to slow them down, yet people keep questioning the foul disparity?

    If the sixers want to close the gap there, they need to grow a pair and attack the rim. However, people’s basic personality never changes. They are a jump shooting fast break kind of team, with limited half court game and certainly a shortage of attackers. in fact their best attacker is Elton Brand… of Clippers era! Because Iguodala is certainly not doing it.

    At this stage in the season, people (except for the dyed in the wool idiots) need to give the heat some love…flaws and all. They aren’t perfect…none are, but they are exciting and a good story even at this point in the season.

  2. Origin says:

    Well said Sankofa………….also folks have to understand that Wade, Lebron and Bosh each went to the line about 10 times last year.

    The sixers are a flawed team they are the fast breaking team that has no half court team. Yet they also are a jump shooting team that can’t shoot.

    Boys and girls that equals a team getting swept in the playoffs. That crap works in the regular season because you can catch bad team and good teams on a back to back. But in the playoffs good teams get every other day off and have time to make adjustments.

    Another thing I respect Elton Brand and Hawes, but they are the worst defensive front court in the playoffs.

  3. Miranda says:

    My people are a trip. Y’all know that every home game during the playoffs for the Hawks is dedicated to “white night” – as in wear your white clothes.

    A whole lotta black folks in Phillips Arena wearing their white.

    It looks like any minute Frankie Beverly & Maze gonna come out and start singing “Happy Feelings”

  4. HarveyDent says:

    Was there an Evan Turner sighting during this game? Didn’t think so and word is bond I’ll go to my grave saying that if the Sixers had picked DeMarcus Cousins they would have had almost fifty wins this seasons and a beast on both ends of the court.

    Damn, damn, damn, that was almost as bad as sending the pick for Brad Daugherty to Cleveland when they could have teamed him with a Barkley entering his prime.

  5. sankofa says:

    Hey Miranda…nutting but a partay…or at least find an excuse!

    Peace Harvey, a lot of these suites are into the “character” thing as an excuse to avoid bringing in a uppity n***er, “cause they have to pander to the home base. Then they will indiscriminately throughout the obligatory thug theme to solidify their lack of basketball cojones.

    If you are his-story/our story buff, you got to hand it to the old time Knicks and Celtics (hate them m*******ers) but the will field ballers instead of card board impressions. But then if Stern was the commissioner then, who knows.

  6. eric daniels says:

    The Spurs have to win Monday or else !!!

    The Pacers have been playing very well even though they are down 3-1

    The Bulls look beatable in series aganist thew Heat and Celtics

    OKC looks like they are the most complete team in the West

    L.A. better get those forearms ready from the second round on because they are not physical enough for Memphis, OKC or Portland

    Boston is starting to turn it on in the Playoffs can’t wait for the second round against the Heat (THE NBA CHAMPION WILL BE FROM THIS SERIES)

    Poor Philly totally outmatched and no answers for Bosh

    Zach Randolph and Maec Gasiol are a great, tough, frontline .if they had better outsdie shooting they could challenge OKC and the Lakers