Iguodala Sparks A Backcourt Young Gun Charge: Sixers Defeat Heat And Stave Off 1st Round Elimination

Posted in Blogroll on April 25th, 2011 by Michael Tillery

I walked out the house a very beautiful Easter morning on the way to the Wells Fargo Center and immediately thought the Sixers would win and it had nothing to do with growing up a Philly fan. Don, a neighbor who lives two doors down and is die hard everything Philly said “They have to win one right? Why not?” His voice and face exuded nothing but pride. Who wants to be swept despite everything great that awaits a professional athlete in the off season? The 76’ers were down 3-0 in the first round of the NBA playoffs to the Miami Heat in Doug Collins’ first season and hadn’t beaten the vaunted contingent from South Beach in the last 10 tries. Last time the Sixers were swept was in ’99 to Reggie Miller, Jalen Rose and the eventual NBA runner up Indiana Pacers. That series was demoralizing in particular because Miller and Rose both tossed in 40 in the first game and never looked back on their way to the Eastern Conference Finals. That team was a veteran outfit led by Indiana legend Larry Bird. We all know about the origin of this Miami Heat team and the scrutiny their young coach has weathered…so far. What stood in the way was a Doug Collins team not ready to go home.

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