The NFL Draft is Tonight – So What Goes Down?


Ok Miranda, I got it right.

Tonight is the NFL Draft and I’m wondering if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will receive a round of  boos at Radio City Music Hall at around 8pm when he approaches the podium to announce the first round of picks.

So what happens tonight, we know there will be 25 potential first-round picks in attendance (a record), unfortunately, only picks can be traded which removes a large portion of the drama. But who goes where in your opinion and why? Time’s Yours

15 Responses to “The NFL Draft is Tonight – So What Goes Down?”

  1. Miranda says:

    I hope Cam goes first and I hope his Daddy is there and he gives him a really long tight hug when he’s drafted and I hope the heads of every mofo who has insinuated that Cam not associate with his own FATHER, I hope their heads explode.

  2. Origin says:

    Sista Miranda watch Cam get picked number one. I knew it a month and a half ago. The owner of the Panthers is a cheap bastard and knows that Cam can fill up the stadium just like Vick and Mcnabb did in Atl and Philly for so many years. As their cheap owners had them QB teams that were missing pieces all over. Saving money at the same time making it as their black QB ran for their lives on the severely flawed teams.

    It kills me how the haters on sports forums and in the media swore he would never be drafted in the first round. Then they swore he wouldn’t be the first overall pick. Now they swear he will be a bust like Leaf or Russell. Then the messed up part of how closer it got to the draft the more the haters in the media came out with article after article attacking cam. Look at the amount of hateful articles that just came out in the last 72 hours. Its killing these fools that the brotha will go number one.

    Thankfully this draft is over I am sick of seeing Cam have to go on the “I am not a bad negro tour”. I don’t know what has been worse the last month Cam’s tour or Obama having to prove that he isn’t a big bad black Muslim and is born in America.

  3. Origin says:

    Oh and another thing Miranda the punk ass fools in the audience had the nerve to boo Cam. Boy these fools are dumb…….Cam’s going us this nonsense to prove jokers wrong.

    A young man who was drafted 2nd in 1999 used the same nonsense that fans pulled when he was drafted to become one of the best QBs of his generation.

  4. Origin says:

    I see Cam is being interviewed with his dad……….I love it!!!!

  5. Origin says:

    What I thought Cam was going to slide not Gabbert…..LOL!!!

    Well thats what the haters told me.

  6. Miranda says:

    I heard that booing….as if a bunch of Carolina Panthers fans REALLY either live in NYC or drove up from Charlotte…LMAO…you KNOW that didn’t happen.

  7. Miranda says:

    Hell Jake Locker went before the great Blaine Gabbert…all that hype for weeks on end and all that bashing of Cam and what happened? LMAO

  8. Jake Burns says:

    Jake Locker will be a solid QB. Good mobility and intelligence

  9. Origin says:

    Exactly sista Blaine was a late first round pick. The media hype got that dude picked in the top 10. Plus the Titans owner is pandering to the fans in Nashville. Remember these are the same fans that said they didn’t want any more scrambling QBs after VY and Mcnair.

    Didn’t the media say they didn’t need to draft Newton because his game is like VY. Isn’t Lockers game like VY. Except he can’t pass accurately and is shorter??? I think the racist fans in Nashville will be fine with Locker.

    Also is it me sista Miranda or did that old fool in ATL actually trade 2 years worth of picks for a WR. Sounds like someone is scared that old Cam aka Vick 2.0 will be down the street in Charlotte. Don’t want that stadium to be empty on Sundays…..everyone will be down in Charlotte. The old man knows he needs to keep that stadium full if he ever wants another stadium. So time to make sure that noodle arm Matty ice has some more weapons to put up golden boy stats. Another thing why give a noodle arm QB another deep threat when he can barely get the ball down field. They would have been better off getting him another RB.

  10. Origin says:

    And what is up with the Viking reaching for ponder??? Man this stuff is just proof how most of these teams have no interest in winning. Just pandering to the fans and making sure those seats are full.

    Oh and how is Locker the second QB drafted when they just told me for 2 months its about drafting QBs who are accurate and make plays in the pocket. Not out of the pocket…..and its about the mental aspect of the game and not being able to run fast. Plus its about putting stats up during the season and against good competition. If all of this is the case Locker should be drafted until 4th round.

    Oh but I forgot all of that stuff only matters if you are black… never mind.

  11. Miranda says:

    Oh yeah Origin, I believe the Falcons sold the farm for Julio Jones…I hope he can pick up 25 yards after every catch like Jerry Rice. LOL

  12. Miranda says:

    Tyrod Taylor to the Ravens.

  13. Origin says:

    Yeah I saw that sista…..its still BS. The brotha got drafted in the 6th round, but Taylor Yates…..freaking Taylor Yates (5th Round) goes before Tyrod.


  14. RBD says:

    I’ve got one that’s far more egregious than Taylor’s slipping to the sixth round: The Jets use a third-round pick on a guy with a pending felony trial. Nobody, meanwhile, takes BC LB Mark Herzlich, who had lost a step but was still pretty effective in 2010 — around 18 months after being diagnosed with a potentially fatal form of cancer. Unless the Jets know that their draftee is about to be exonerated or see the charges reduced to misdemeanors, I’m not sure how they can use a high pick on a guy who might be headed for a jury trial that, in theory, could result in a 20-year sentence. Again, maybe they know something the rest of us don’t. But if another couple of weeks go by with no plea agreement and the thing remains docketed, Jets fans should be hacked off.

  15. Ryan says:

    I seem to recall reading a post on here that identified the difference between a Vick-type QB (bad) and a Rothlisberger-type (good): Roth. “extends plays” while Vick “relies on his legs.”

    We see the difference–it is in black and white, after all.

    Right on about Locker–I’m up in the NW and he has bee hyped as a running, er, “play extending” QB for years. To laud Locker and slam Newton reveals the magical thinking of racists.