Jim Tressel Resigns As Head Coach Of Ohio State University (Terrelle Pryor Inquiry Addendum Added 6:14 pm)

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National Champions in 2002, Tressel was 106-22 (.828) during his tenure at OSU with many coming vs. Michigan

Well, can’t say we all didn’t see this happening…

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NBA All Time Pick Up Game…I Got Wilt…Who Ya Got?

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Anyone picking anyone over these two better get your debate shoes on…

Had a discussion on twitter about who is the NBA GOAT (greatest of all time). As the conversation evolved, I put this out there. Then I said this after JD of Two Guys and a Mic radio show said this. After he went with Oscar I went with Mike Jordan.

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Interview With Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith

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This was done November 17th, 2006 Black Sports Network.

Gene Smith, the Athletic Director at Ohio State University, is a difference maker. He oversees one of the most successful athletic programs across the college landscape. He’s one of only eleven Black athletic directors and has paid his dues–serving as athletic director for Arizona State, Eastern Michigan and Iowa State. He’s cultured. He won two championships (one as a player, one as a coach) at Notre Dame but wasn’t satisfied. He aspired to be a ground breaking and social changing administrator who is heart set on taking Ohio State into a new realm of athletic as well as organizational consistency. He recently was named one of the 50 most powerful African Americans in sports by Black Enterprise magazine, has served on the NCAA Management Council, the NCAA Committee on Infractions, the Rose Bowl Committee and the NCAA Football Rules Committee amongst others. With his supremely intelligent and positive character, there will most assuredly be other athletic legislative branches seeking his leadership and organizational skills.

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Notes from TNT’s Coverage of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals Thursday, May 26, 2011: LeBron, Wade and Bosh Propel The Heat Into The Finals

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Says it all huh? Check out Maverick Carter in the back…

Game 5: Miami Heat (83) @ Chicago Bulls (80); Miami wins the series 4-1. I said 5. It went 5.

Fans of basketball have waited all year to see who would be NBA champion. The league had the spotlight for much of the year and despite everything that surrounded the Miami Heat, the organization is now poised to play for the championship for the first time since 2006 when they defeated Dallas. This will be a rematch of sorts but Wade has much more help. The Bulls were game but just didn’t have enough. LeBron James is proving to be great and it’s not over yet for Dirk Nowitzki and Dallas awaits…

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The Mavs Send The Thunder To Summer School 100-96 and Move On To The Finals: Some Thoughts On Dirk, Durant and Westbrook (Mainly Dirk)

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Whatcha gonna do Dirk?

Before we give it all to Dirk like many already have let’s stop and put things in perspective…

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Notes from TNT’s Exclusive Coverage of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals Tuesday, May 24, 2011: In Game 4, LeBron Goes Magic, Mike and Larry and Heat Lead Bulls 3-1

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(Mike Ehrmann / Getty Image)

How ya like me now?

Game 4: Chicago Bulls (93) @ Miami Heat (101) OT; Miami leads the series 3-1. TNT’s exclusive coverage of the 2011 NBA Eastern Conference Finals continues on Thursday, May 26 at 8:30 p.m. (ET). The player links below are post game comments (LBJ is 1st part, Wade is 2nd of their presser. Also, mouse over the film links and youtube vids will appear on the page). More on the title below and I know you dug that last defensive sequence when LeBron saved the ball from going out of bounds right? Rewind that sequence in your mind.

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Is An Elite Professional Athlete Coming Out of the Closet the Next Movement?

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Last week Rick Welts, Don Lemon and Will Sheridan revealed to the American public that they were openly gay and had been for some time. Welts is President of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns, Lemon is a popular news anchor for CNN and Sheridan was a starting forward for Villanova University from 2003-2006.

Their coming forth only brings us closer to the day when an athlete of note will cross one of the final social barriers – revealing their sexual preference. I believe it’s time we face the elephant in the room.

Are we ready for the next movement?

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After James Harden Fouls Out, Dirk And The Mavs Break The Thunder Hearts

Posted in Blogroll on May 24th, 2011 by Michael Tillery

Dirk Nowitzki scores a dead eye 40 and the Mavs defeat the Thunder 112-105. Dallas came back from 15 down with a little less than five minutes to go to put the Thunder on the brink and now lead the Western Conference Finals 3-1. Didn’t think OKC would lose this game at home…late but yeah…it really happened…

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Notes from TNT’s Exclusive Coverage of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals Sunday, May 22, 2011: The Miami Heat Chris Bosh The Chicago Bulls In Game 3

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Soft THAT!

Before we get into anything. This is the case. Now that that’s outta the way. In Game 3, the Miami Heat defeat the Chicago Bulls 96-85 to take a 2-1 series lead in the Eastern Conference Finals. Miami is now a sparkling 7-0 at home. That being said, Miami was supposed to win this game.

TNT’s exclusive coverage of the 2011 NBA Eastern Conference Finals continues on Tuesday, May 24 at 8:30 p.m. (ET)

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OKC Fights Back From 23 Down But Fall To Dallas 93-87 In WCF Game 3

Posted in Blogroll on May 22nd, 2011 by Michael Tillery

There was defense played…or was there? Was it the travel or what? Sloppy game. The two headliners never truly got off. It was a game the Thunder flubbed at home and lost home court advantage 93-87 after a big win in Game 2 in Dallas. Unlikely players came up with capable performances for the Mavs while their counterparts from OKC shrunk in what is seen historically as a critical Game 3. If this game was a defensive struggle then I guess we are in for a treat tonight when the Heat host the Bulls tonight. I’m going with the Heat 110-105. Pooh might have to get 50. Anyway, back the game at hand…

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Kevin Durant, James Harden And The OKC Thunder Get Even With The Mavs In WCF Game 2

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Yeah it was like that…

After hanging tight but finally going down to Dirk and the Mavs in Game 1, how OKC would respond in Game 2 in Dallas would tell the world how real…or real fake…the Thunder are in their quest to win the NBA title now…not later. The jab step was a 106-100 victory to tie up the Western Conference Finals 1-1. Game 3 is Saturday in OKC.

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OKC Pulls Even With Mavs In 106-100 Victory

Posted in Blogroll on May 20th, 2011 by Ron Glover

Kevin Durant goes way up to dunk on the Mavericks Brendan Haywood in Oklahoma City's 106-100 win over Dallas to even the Western Conference finals, 1-1.

Dwayne Wade may be off the hook.

The Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant threw down a monstrous dunk over Dallas Mavericks center Brendan Haywood with the Mavericks leading 28-19 in the first quarter.

The dunk seemed to ignite a Thunder team that came out somewhat sluggish, falling behind by as many as 11 points in the opening quarter. Durant and reserve James Harden would pace the Thunder in a 106-100 victory to even the Western Conference Finals series at one game each.

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Notes from TNT’s Coverage of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals – Wednesday, May 18, 2011: The Heat Udonis Haslem The Bulls

Posted in Blogroll on May 19th, 2011 by Michael Tillery

(Charlie Arbogast/AP)

Udonis was the deciding factor. His energy gave the Heat just what they needed

You watched the game. You know what went down. It’s later in the afternoon so this convo can take another turn. You saw Udonis Haslem basically say Taj Gibson, you’re no Udonis. Who do you think you are? Oh yeah… Udonis injured his foot and missed 77 games. His injury was a big reason why most fans said the Heat did not have the players outside of the LeBron, DWade and Bosh to get a championship thisyear. All that is out the window. “He definitely gets the game ball tonight,” James said after the Heat beat the Bulls 85-75 to even the series 1-1 and gain home court advantage. “He came in with his energy and effort rebounding, finishing plays around the basket, made some shots when they were making a run in the third quarter that really helped us.”

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Game 1 WCF Mavs Shoot Thunder 121-112: Dirk Does It To OKC Legendary With The Greatest Of Ease

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There was nothing anyone could do…

Appeared on a  radio show last night that began during the lottery (What’s up with Kahn?) and ended sometime before the half. Out the corner of my eye I could see Dirk Nowitzki going to the line so much I actually thought ESPN was showing a replay. The sound was turned down obviously…which added to my temporary confusion. Hung up from the show and reached for the remote…

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Notes from TNT’s Exclusive Coverage of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals Sunday, May 16, 2011: Bulls Taj Gibson Miami In Game 1

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This was one of two incredible Taj Gibson dunks that defined the game

Game 1: Miami Heat (82) @ Chicago Bulls (103); The Bulls lead the series 1-0.

When covering games, there’s a final box sheet passed around before writers walk into coaching pressers and also in locker rooms. Usually there’s a stat that highlights itself and subsequently becomes many of the press conference questions. It might be a free throw disparity or rebounding edge or difference in shooting percentages from inside and outside the three point line. In the box score for Game 1, there was only the three point difference that jumped out for this was a plain ole butt whuppin’. All credit goes to Chicago. The MVP did what he was supposed to do and so did the rest of his team. Taj Gibson…man…

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