Miami Scorches The Respected Boston Celtics And Put Heat Haters On “Suicide Watch”

Coming into the 2nd round playoff series, few thought Miami had what it took deep down to defeat a Celtic team a few injuries short of a dynasty. The Celtics were coming off a sweep of the revamped Knicks while the Heat ran past the upstart Sixers in 5. The Celtics were becoming Michael Jordan’s Pistons to LeBron and the only way he would get past Boston was to get some help from two choice friends.

The very much respected Celtics and their great head coach left it all on the floor but just didn’t have it and the Heat move on to face either Chicago or Atlanta. You have to say Miami was clutch. They had a chance to close out a great team at home and did so by ten. They hit shots. They got rebounds. Made circus shots and the home crowd rocked. What’s next? Is Miami now the favorite to win the championship despite most thinking they were maybe a year a way of pulling it all together? Seems a perfect storm is brewing and Larry O’Brien’s writing is on the wall.

Hmmm, let’s take a look back for a minute…

Dwyane Wade was nursing an injury so early on the Heat appeared out of sync. They caught all kinds of wreck. Every game was a playoff game. There was hatred waiting in Cleveland that became The Hate That LeBron James Love Made…scrutiny beckoning for every missed shot. 1-15, 1-16, 1-17, 1-18…1-19. Skip Bayless became the main anti-LeBron voice leading the charge. Perk and Lil Nate are traded? WHAT?!?! Melo gets his wish. Gotham City lights up. Spike smiles. Amar’e plays out of his mind. Objectivity was thrown out the window; pundits near and far openly campaigned against everything Miami Heat.

How many but Chris Broussard (and I) picked them to win this year publicly?

The Heat finish strong. It seemed as if the entire country had their finger on the team holding them in place…looking back ever so often to see where they stood in the standings…but stay in your place! The Bull Wonder runs out and becomes the prohibitive MVP favorite. San Antonio looks strong…but old. The Lakers finish on a high note and are slight favorites to repeat. Orlando falls back. Cleveland sucks. Chicago finishes with the best overall record…winning an astonishing 62 games…and looks like Cleveland LeBron doing it. Jameer whispers the wrong thing.

Arthur Triche is hot!

Playoffs begin. Boston and San Antonio limps. No more Knicks. Passion is Beantown strong. Atlanta buys Dwight Howard a ticket to LA. Philly has a glimmer of hope. Memphis puts San Antonio in group homes. Denver sans Melo fights and fights before falling out of sight. OKC is Duranterriffic. Where is Dwight Howard? Dislocated elbows. Kobe is embarrassed (hilarious spoof of Kobe’s post game press conference reactions Games 1-4). LA doesn’t love itself. Memphis does. Westbrook thinks he’s Mike. Pooh is Mike. So is Wade. Miami runs out on 3 legends. There’s shock and awe. KG goes 28-18. Miami has next. Fans whisper…”No they really aren’t to win are they? BOSTON you cannot let Miami win this. Please! Not this year. Not ever. Not him. Please not him!” Phil Jackson fades into the sunset. His only center is done.

There is a pronounced Fab Five effect. It’s a story within the story. Juwan Howard’s presence is about to mean so much more to those of Michigan lore disappointed so many times before.

So here we are. Demons are exorcised. LeBron says I’m not having this…not this time. Shoulder chips become LeBron hairline jokes.

Fans say “OH SHIT! THEY WON!”

Boston’s Big Three score a total of twopoints in the 4th quarter of the deciding game. The Celtics as a team score fourteen. They had no legs left. No disrespect and I’m sure Boston will be back…hungry.

Wade was the unquestioned star of the series but Miami does not win without LeBron. He is the point guard who allows Wade to relax and do what he does best…score. As the playoffs continue, look for LeBron to step up and guard the opposing team’s best player when there is absolutely a need for him to. That means Durant, Rose and Dirk.

What is going on?

Pundits everywhere have backtracked, put on the pink socks and flip flops. Anger becomes a softened realization. Previous columns where hating the Heat became fun become lost words of fan manic ignorant eyes. The Heat took your heart that easily? Stick with your pick…

Respected champions are gone. Every other series is still going on.

Heat haters…what is wrong?

Miami was always this strong.

During the Celtics series DWade and King James took turns catching fire. One rested, the other destroyed. After Rondo went down the Celtics were exposed. There was no depth and despite giving everything they had it wasn’t enough. In last night’s clincher, LeBron scores the last ten points. He hits big threes. Turn around and look back fast break dunks. Everything. The enigmatic Heat fans scream and happily holler…while spilling champagne.

LeBron apologizes to Cleveland after kneeling on the home floor. Will they accept even if offered in the aftermath of victory?

There’s an ease in his press conference demeanor. Whole city weights are off his shoulder. He actually smiles. 8 years, 8 wins away.

Boston vs. Miami was the NBA Championship. Kobe and the Lakers are packing for a well deserved vacation after winning the last two championships.

We all wanted to see Kobe vs. LeBron. We all wanted to see the best play the best but Dallas with Jason Kidd and Dirk Nowitzki are the only Finals experienced veterans left (Perk to a lesser extent).

Yes, Chicago plays good defense. Yes, Oklahoma City has prolific scorers, a sound coaching staff and the love lost of Seattle rain as their wind but who else has gone through the NBA playoff rigors that turn coal to gold? Who else has endured the media questions of “What where you thinking as you made the game losing shot?”


Does Memphis really have a shot? Larry Drew has been a beacon from the storm but do you really think Atlanta has what it takes?

Anything is possible but are the Heat to be crowned champions already? Is this really it? Hasn’t the drama played out? Do we really have to watch? Did Miami just win the NBA Championship?

If an fact that was the case, how will America respond after becoming crazed idiots hating a human they’ve never met with a passion almost never before seen?

What are you gonna do? What are you going to do when LeBron James raises the Larry O’Brien trophy over his head and the June confetti reigns [sic]? Do you need a therapist now? Are people gonna be safe watching the game without some crazy ass fanatic losing his cotdamn mind when he/she/it finally realizes the MIAMI HEAT WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP? Don’t taze me bro…

David Stern is loving this…

Stay tuned.

LeBron this will not be given to you. You must earn the title of King James.

18 Responses to “Miami Scorches The Respected Boston Celtics And Put Heat Haters On “Suicide Watch””

  1. GrandNubian says:

    Great read, mizz. I said early on in the playoffs that it looks as if the Heat has accepted the role as the ‘villian’. Lebron got the green-monkey off of his back (Boston). This could be bad news for the rest of the NBA for a few years.

    Bulls-Heat? Most likely (but after what Memphis did to the Spurs, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Hawks upset the Bulls). I’m thinking the Heat throw Wade & Lebron at D-Rose. Chicago will have trouble finding another scorer if Rose struggles. How good would the Bulls be if they had gotten Joe Johnson?

    Nonetheless, great win for Miami. 8 down and 8 to go. Stay focused, stay healthy and the chip is yours, LeBron.

  2. CAvard says:

    *** Boston vs. Miami was the NBA Championship. ***

    Agreed. Miami NEEDED to get the Celtics off their backs once and for all. Even though I’m a Celtics fan.

    This came down to rebounding, turnovers, injuries, and crappy trades by Celtics president Danny Ainge. If Perk was still around, I’m sure the series would’ve lasted six or seven games. Ainge really f-ed up by not signing Tony Allen too. He would’ve defended Dwayne Wade a lot better than Ray Allen.

  3. Temple3 says:

    The Miami Heat just beat the last team that they can OVER THE TOP of…There are no more SHORTIES left in the club. And what do players do when there are no SHORTIES left in the club? They go HOME.

    You know I like Miami — and that DWade is my fave, but… The longest is as the longest does.

    I picked Oklahoma City and Chicago to knock heads back in the winter. Lengf and skrenf — they’ve both got it by the busload.

  4. Mizzo says:

    I totally agree fam because over the history of the league this is the prescription for success but everything is not equal now.

    The league is really young. I don’t know if these cats at the kiddie table with man physicality can hold it down late in fourth quarters.

    The Heat are at a distinct advantage because their defensive versatility will become even more pronounced with every single game they play from here on in.

    Honestly…while I think Noah will go off…Heat in 6 and I wanna say 5.

  5. Temple3 says:

    In some ways, the advance billing of this reminds me of that series the Pistons and Lakers played back in ’90 or ’91. A couple of those games came down to Dennis Rodman and John Salley getting rebounds, tips, taps, blocks, or just keeping the ball alive. I think Chicago has that type of bounce and depth.

    This season’s champion is really going to EARN it.

    Do you think Miami has more defensive versatility than Chicago? If so, is it because of the capacity of their Top 2 to play everyone? What about Chicago’s defensive depth?

  6. Temple3 says:

    BTW — I’m not going to be upset in the least if Miami wins. I really like Chicago, Miami and OKC – so, however it works out — I’m good. Plus, I’m not mad at Dirk or JKidd if they get to hoist the hardware. Who wouldn’t pay for that priceless CUBAN moment with King David the Stern?

  7. Mizzo says:

    yeah that would be crazy because Cuban would not be able to disguise his evil grin.

    It’s the Top 2 fam. As great as they are, players will have to have eyes all over their head to see where they are on the floor. Chicago is a nice defensive team. I just seem more hunger and experience in Miami. I’m a huge Derrick Rose fan as most of you know and whatever happens vs the Heat will take his game even higher.

  8. Miranda says:

    Am I wrong to want the Heat to win the title just for the scrunched up mad angry beat red faces that such a win will cause?

    Is it just me?

  9. Origin says:

    Brotha Mizzo you put your foot in this article. Man you put it down….how the whole year went. I see you even got on those hateful forums where all they could do was talk about Lebrons hairline as a was whipping on the Celtics. I was on those same forums just laughing at the ignorant haters.

    When the big three in Miami got together I also thought they would win. But when Boston signed Shaq I thought they had enough big men to win it all. Then Wallace retired, Shaq tore his calf and hurt his achilles and finally Perkins was traded and so the Celtics began a slow death.

    As I said before the series between the Heat and Celtics was/is for the championship. These were the 2 best teams with a combination of scoring and defense left in the league. This Heat team reminds me of the Bulls from 1991-93 to 96-98. Wade and Lebron are like Scottie and MJ on the offensive side in that they both can take over a game (however Lebron is a greater scorer then Pippen and Wade or Lebron aren’t the scorer that Jordan was). They can dominate on the defensive end with blocks, shutting down the person they are guarding and jumping passing lanes. Lebron is like Pippen in that he can guard multiple positions, once he was put on Garnett he shut him down (don’t forget if the Heat go small versus the Mavs in the Finals Lebron will guard Dirk).

    Also coach Spo made some great adjustments in the series he went small with Lebron playing PF. Plus he started to run the Pick and Roll with Wade at the PG/SG and Lebron at the PF and began to run the Pick and Roll at the top of the key so that it gave wade more room to move and he couldn’t be trapped easily. Often times Wade would split the blitz on the Pick and Roll and get in the paint. Or Lebron would be switched on a smaller defender (ala Dirk).

    I got the Heat vs Mavs now in the Finals. The Mavs experience and home court will play a role vs OKC. But the young Thunder will take them to 7 because they cannot run with them and none of their PGs or SGs can hold Westbrook. Plus there is no way that the refs will let Dirk get beat up by Collison, Perkins or Ibaka the way they are letting them beat up on Randolph. The Mavs have beaten teams by going small and running pick and roll with a PG and Dirk, with the Heat being able to go small with Lebron at PF this will play into the Heats hands.

    On the Heat vs Bulls series the heat will win in 5 or 6 games. The Bulls are the best rebounding team but they don’t have enough people to take the heat (no pun intended) off of Rose. The Bulls are one more scorer away from playing for a championship. The team reminds me of a young version of Zeke’s old piston teams. Rose just needs his Joe Dumars and they will be ready to go to the Finals. This would be a great win for Riley and the heat because they could never beat the Bulls in the playoffs when MJ was there. Also look for Wade, Lebron and Chalmers all get a chance during this series to guard Rose and don’t forget this series will cut down on Korver’s minutes because he will have to guard Wade or James on the other end.

  10. Origin says:

    Sista Miranda it ain’t just you………….its me too. Man I might have to buy a Heat jersey if they win. Plus I like to rub it into these obnoxious bandwagon hopping Dallas fans. Fans are so silly most of them pissed cause Lebron didn’t go to their team.

    They have been talking bad about the Mavs the last few years now everybody and they momma running around talking about “the Mavs are great we always knew they would go to the WCFs this year”.

    Check this ignorance out…..see thats why I want Lebron to win a few championships and not just one.

  11. Mizzo says:

    O…like I said. It is the love that hate made…

    I added this to the piece. It’s a hilarious video spoof of Kobe.

  12. Dan B says:

    The Heat have a big “X” on them all season. They’ve proved that they can handle the pressure. Wade has already led this team to a Championship, so he knows how to get it done. With Lebron and Bosh, the Heat are the best NBA team that is still playing. Chicago will be tough, but I think the NBA title will end up in South Beach.

  13. TheLastPoet says:

    Hmm, yall seem tot think that the Bulls are some punks ’round here – DRose excepted, of course.

    I dunno.

    Miami is talented, but they ain’t all that. Bosh and even James are kinda soft in the playoffs, and by “soft” I mean to say that they have not consistently carried their teams through the do or die moments in the 4th quarter of playoff games (James has done this occasionally – and spectacularly when he does it – but not consistently; Bosh has never done it). Only Wade has proven his mettle in the playoffs past, and let’s not forget that he benefitted from a ref scandal in the 06 Finals to do it (had Cuban shut the f up and just let his team play, like he’s doing now, the Mavs win it all in 06. I know that’s not the popular stance to take around here, especially not with you, Origin, but I believe it’s true).

    The Bulls, on the other hand, play team ball, offensively, in a way that the Heat have still yet to figure out. The Bulls have better coaching in Thibs who is light years ahead of Spo in game planning, respect, and getting his players to buy into the program. The Bulls play better defense (and by this I mean to say that the Bulls employ a better defensive system in which even someone like Kyle Korver can be an effective defender, whereas the Heat seem to rely mostly on their athleticism). The Bulls have a player in Rose that nobody on the Heat can defend, save Lebron – but Lebron will not guard Rose for the entire game, nor would he want to (because, again, Lebron is arrogant, and he is not yet at that stage where he seems willing to do WHATEVER it takes for his team to win).

    Speaking of Rose, the Bulls have him – and he is a better player than DWade (believe dat) and hungrier (and more mature, and better equipped to handle The Moment) than Lebron. Yes, I said it. And it’s true. Unlike poor Kevin Durant, who has to suffer the frequent lapse in judgment from not only Westbrook but also his coach Scotty Brooks, DRose has the entire team and coaching staff lined up neatly behind his competitive greatness. That just isn’t the case in Miami, for many reasons.

    Yall are giving respect due, but the Bulls are even better than you think. I believe it takes more than a collection of talent to win a chip. Miami certainly has talent. 2 and a half guys that are supremely talented, followed by 9 and a half scrubs who hustle a little bit on defense, but mostly stand around and watch Wade and James play (even Wade and James will stand around and watch each other)! But Chicago has a team, and a cat in Rose who “just wants to weee-un” as he says in his ubiquitous radio and tv ad, and in his south side Chicago drawl. That’s gotta mean something!

  14. Origin says:

    What up brotha LP?

    HAHA naw I never said the Mavs didn’t get the wrong end of the stick in the finals……..I just said I could care less. This same team was getting call after call against the Spurs that year in the 2nd round. I have no problem with the call on Manu in game 7, but Dirk was getting touch fouls the whole series (and we all now Dirk is the most protected big man in the game). You remember game 4 or 5 when Dirk stepped on Duncan’s foot while he was standing in place and the refs called the 6th foul on Duncan with 1 minute left in the game.

    So when the Mavs caught the bad end of the reffing stick in the finals I looked at it as chickens coming home to roost…..LOL!! Plus Cuban acted a fool calling the River walk in San Antonio a mud walk…LOL!!!

    Not selling Rose and the Bulls short……….just saying that at this time Rose doesn’t have enough talent to help him yet. They are still a year or 2 away. This is Miami’s time now nothing against Rose or the Bulls. Hey I wouldn’t have a beef if the Bulls won the whole thing (I haven’t been to a championship celebration since 1998), but it ain’t happening this year.

    Oh and LP I have been telling all the Mavs fans here in Dallas that they don’t have to worry about the refs this time around in the Finals. Wade won’t need them this time………….he got Lebron….LOL!!!

    Good call on Scott Brooks…..he is the main reason that the offense looks like crap. See OKC won game 7 because the team had Durant moving without the ball. They also ran a 2 man game with Durant and Westbrook instead of Durant just standing out by the 3 point line the whole game. I mentioned before the series that coach Brooks needed to put Durant on the block vs. a smaller Tony Allen because Durant can’t beat Tony Allen or Young off the dribble. All in all I have no beef with Westbrook or Durant these guys are in their 3rd and 4th year. What was the last team that went to the Conf. Finals with its 2 best players having less then 5 years exp??? Shaq and Penny in 1995??

    So in my eye these young kids are doing fine folks need to lay off of them.

  15. TheLastPoet says:

    My bad, O. Didn’t mean to insinuate that you were a Mavs hater. Not at all. Shid I have no real love for the Mavs, or Dirk, or JKidd, or Cuban myself. I agree with you wholeheartedly that Dirk is one of the most protected, overrated players in the game. Ok you didn’t say he was overrated, I did! I mean, he’s nice offensively and his leadership has improved. But other than that, whatcha got? A 7 foot jump shooter who brings little else to the table.

    That said, I think the Mavs beat the Thunder just on veteran moxie alone, because it’s like you said: the Thunder are young, including their coach. Even though Westbrook can run circles around JKidd at this point, that will actually be his undoing because his superior athleticism versus Kidd will likely cause him to attempt to play beyond his means, whereas Kidd is a master at controlling the game. Likewise, Durant is a better player than Dirk (by far), but even after this game 7 win against Memphis, the Thunder, as a team, just don’t seem ready to turn the reins over to Durant the way the need to, the way the Mavs do with Dirk. Simply stated, the Mavs are ready for this moment in a way that OKC simply is not.

    Two caveats, however, before I pencil in the Mavs for the NBA Finals: One, although he is a solid NBA lifer, I don’t think Carlisle is a championship caliber coach – conference finals caliber to be sure, but not NBA Finals caliber, feel me? Two, and this is a big one, although Cuban has been quiet throughout these playoffs, he is too arrogant not too make himself the center of attention with some ridiculous statement or other before this season is done. As soon as he takes the focus off of his team and puts it on himself, whether it’s in this round or the next, the Mavs will unravel just like they’ve always done. Can Cuban shut the f up and let his team win? Seems easy enough, but I doubt it.

    Ok back to the Bulls. Again, I feel what you’re saying: the team is inexperienced, they need a 2nd scorer, etc. I’ll grant you that, shid I got no choice lol! But here’s what I also see: the Bulls are more than just DRose. They are DRose, plus a defensive system that has already proven itself to be chip worthy in Boston, plus a superior bench to the one in Miami, plus home court advantage, plus two guys in Carl Boozer and Luol Deng who are each capable of being that 2nd scorer behind Rose on any given night, plus a mental advantage that these skittish-ass Heat players don’t have, plus a team concept that these selfish-ass Heat players don’t have. I could go on but suffice to say that I like the Bulls lol! And even though Lebron may be the quote-unquote “best player on the floor,” I believe Rose is good enough to outplay him for at least 4 games, the same way Rondo did last season, because I believe Rose has a bigger heart, and a bigger will to win. Whereas Lebron will pretend his elbow hurts and mentally check out of a series as he did last year, Rose will play on one ankle, providing leadership and toughness, and, again, just wee-un.


    Much love to you, O – its time to sit back and enjoy the game!

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