Dirk and Dallas Go On a 22-5 Run Late To Stun Miami 95-93 In Game 2 of 2011 NBA Finals


Hollywood as hell…

What else could describe a slow but very succinct defensive meltdown Dallas put on the Heat? Dirk had what…the last 9 points?

Hollywood as hell fade away jumpers from all points all over the map but what actually had the chance to go in. No going to the hole at home on the final possessions? Open Dirk, Dirk taking Bosh to the cup with a torn middle finger on Miami’s pulse Dirk. Mike Breen loves Dirk. Everything Dirk. Victorious Dirk. Here come the Bird comparisons again Dirk. Dirk this, Dirk that. Miami muffed up and let Dirk attack.

All kinds of jokes because of the loss Dirk. Gif images here, here and finally here Dirk.

If you want to win a title you better take it away from LeBron Dirk.



You gotta give credit where credit is due. Miami lapsed defensively and Dirk made them pay…dearly…and now go back home for three. The Mavs could actually end it after looking bad these past two games. Last night should have been a blow out win for the Mavs because Miami hung around solely because of talent.

You can best believe in a similar situation later in the series someone else will guard Dirk.

Wade went off. Dig his line below. He was stellar. Bosh didn’t have a good game and looked lost offensively and defensively. He was praying for help it seemed on the last possession guarding Dirk. He didn’t fight hard enough to get around the Chandler screen that resulted in Dirk’s go ahead three before Chalmers (Big time Jason Terry’s fault) answered.

Dallas did their thing on the boards 41-30 and won despite having 18 turnovers to Miami’s 12.

Marion had his third straight big game. Tyson Chandler even had 13. Jason Terry bounced back  with 16.

Miami doesn’t have the bench fire punch (Dallas won bench battle 23-11) to carry this team when one of their three stars are off. Mike Bibby did have his best game since AZ National Final it seemed and scored 14.

Gary Payton and Antoine Walker ain’t…

Where was the foul Miami had to give on last possession? Where was the double team? Where was Joel Anthony, Udonis Haslem or yeah LBJ on Dirk?

Spo…talk to me fam…you blew this one…

If LeBron James wants to win a title he has to be more than just a facilitator and be aggressive when he must because if Dallas wins this series the entire world of Miami haters that exist are coming for him. In this distorted world, that’s just the breaks. Coming for him from the media and the fans and real fake fans who think everything fake is great. Twitter is quiet as hell when Miami wins but uproarious when the Heat lose.

Hi hater.  Honestly, all Dallas is doing now is prolonging the inevitable national head exploding day surely to come. I’m still going with the Heat in five and that was no celebration. What a ridiculous display of idiosyncratic nonsense by my peers trying to do anything and everything to poke and prod the Heat.

Each series Miami got a clunker out the way and last night Dallas capitalized. Dynamic new teams need to learn how to win and the sting of a loss on a path to greatness starts with defeat.

LeBron…Game 3 is your time to shine. Do that like I know you will.

In the eleven times the 2-3-2 format was tied at 1, the Game 3 winner has won eleven times.


Player Pos Min FGM-FGA FTM-FTA 3PM-3PA +/- OR Reb A Blk Stl TO PF Pts
D. Nowitzki F 42:03 10-22 3-3 1-2 +13 1 11 4 1 0 5 2 24
S. Marion F 40:53 9-14 2-2 0-0 +1 3 8 3 1 1 3 2 20
T. Chandler C 38:06 4-6 5-8 0-0 +4 4 7 0 0 1 0 5 13
J. Kidd G 37:33 2-7 0-0 2-5 +1 1 8 5 0 1 5 1 6
D. Stevenson G 22:09 3-6 0-0 3-5 -5 1 3 0 0 3 1 2 9
J. Terry 31:05 5-11 6-6 0-2 +13 1 1 5 0 2 2 4 16
J. Barea 14:03 2-7 1-2 0-3 -11 0 3 1 0 0 0 1 5
B. Haywood 8:11 1-2 0-0 0-0 +5 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 2
P. Stojakovic 4:57 0-0 0-0 0-0 -7 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0
B. Cardinal 1:00 0-0 0-0 0-0 -4 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0
R. Beaubois DNP — INACTIVE
Totals 240 36-75
11 41 18 2 8 18 20 95
Player Pos Min FGM-FGA FTM-FTA 3PM-3PA +/- OR Reb A Blk Stl TO PF Pts
C. Bosh F 39:47 4-16 4-4 0-0 +3 2 8 0 0 1 2 3 12
L. James F 39:37 8-15 2-4 2-7 -5 1 8 4 1 4 5 4 20
J. Anthony C 26:49 0-0 0-0 0-0 +2 0 1 0 3 0 0 3 0
D. Wade G 42:09 13-20 8-12 2-7 +5 2 5 6 2 3 1 2 36
M. Bibby G 22:06 5-8 0-0 4-7 +7 0 1 0 0 4 1 0 14
U. Haslem 29:26 1-3 0-0 0-0 -12 1 3 0 0 1 2 2 2
M. Chalmers 24:56 3-8 2-4 1-6 -7 0 0 3 0 1 1 1 9
M. Miller 15:10 0-3 0-0 0-3 -3 0 4 0 1 1 0 2 0
Z. Ilgauskas DNP — INACTIVE
J. Magloire DNP — INACTIVE
Totals 240 34-73
6 30 13 7 15 12 17 93


Officials: Joe Crawford, Ed Malloy, Ken Mauer
Attendance: 20,003
Time of Game: 2:39
– M. Miller (7:22 – 2nd Qtr)

Something like this huh?

22 Responses to “Dirk and Dallas Go On a 22-5 Run Late To Stun Miami 95-93 In Game 2 of 2011 NBA Finals”

  1. Temple3 says:

    James lost the game. He lost the game with his indecision early and his passive offensive approach late. He fumbled the post-game presser, too. Time to man up — in a hurry.

  2. Temple3 says:

    The Heat took 9 or 10 threes early in this game and really allowed Dallas to play a solid game in the first half. Dallas got to the line and hit the boards, but Miami kept jacking 3’s. It was like they were going for the early knockout punch and forgot who they were playing.

  3. Mizzo says:

    I don’t think the Heat respect the Mavs. Straight up.

  4. Ron Glover says:

    With the Mavs getting 15 chance points and finishing +11 on the glass, it offset those 20 turnovers the Heat converted into 31 points.

    Shawn Marion is having a decent series.

  5. Temple3 says:

    That’s what I said when I saw them jacking those 3’s early in the game. I thought they’d lose the game, but not that way. That’s just a fatal mix…factor in 8 missed free throws and you have what you have…DESPERATION and HIGH RATINGS!


  6. GrandNubian says:

    I echo T3’s analysis about jacking up all those threes and missed FTs. They had to forget who they were playing. I said early on that they would lose because they were not getting to the foul line.

    But far and beyond all of that, they STILL had a chance to put the game away even after Dallas started their run and pulled within 7. Lebron blew it when he drove to the lane and missed a point-blank “layup”. If he “flushes” that one (like he did early on) and gets the crowd going again, they probably win the game. Instead of continuing to be aggressive, they got conservative and it costed them big time.

    Another thing….during Dallas’ run, why would they “double-team” Dirk and leave Kidd wide open on that big “3” is beyond me. Dirk was not having a good night shooting the ball before Kidd hit that shot, so you don’t trade the inevitable “3” for the potential “2”. I guess they did review the OKC tape where Kidd did the EXACT same thing.

    I notice that Miami don’t play well win they’re comfortable with a lead. It’s like they need pressure put on them to play to the level they’re capable of playing. Well, the pressure is on. Let’s see what you’re going to do.

  7. GrandNubian says:

    Should be “I guess they didn’t review the OKC tape…”

  8. Mizzo says:

    Exactly like the Fab Five. Same thing with the Eagles. They need that heat on ’em.

  9. Temple3 says:

    I think they’ll respond just fine — if they don’t it’s going to be a long summer…the kind that doesn’t end in August or September, or even next June. We’re talking lifetime “summer of discontent” super duper bummer summer.

  10. eric daniels says:

    I was talking to a friend of mine who’s a big Heat fan who said they were gonna sweep the Mavericks, I told him they betta win this series in either 4 or 5 games. The longer it goes on it favors the Mavericks because in a series of teams of equal strength it will favor experience over talent. After the Mavs comeback win in game 2 I don’t think my friend is that confident anymore.

    The Heat either have to win this series is 5 or 6 games because I don’t think they have what it takes to win a winner take- all game 7 like the Lakers or Celtics because outside of Wade and Haslem, the rest of those Heat players (including Lebron ) have never come through in those types of games. I would have to take the Mavericks because they know it may be their only shot at an NBA title.

  11. deron says:

    Miami demoralizes teams. Dallas played great team defense in the first half, and Wade & James hit bad shot after bad shot………That was the first 43 minutes, Miami’s poor half-court offense caught up to them in the last 5 minutes. Dirk played like crap for most of the game, then he stepped up big time!


  12. Think says:

    As one commentator indicated, apparently the Heat did not review the Maverick’s gallant come-from-behind effort to take out OKC.
    I don’t have any dogs, as it were, in this fight. But, I want to say this: when Wade made that huge baseline jumper in front of Dallas’s bench in the fourth quarter and then stood there, Jordan-like, mugging for the cameras—well, this humiliation nee celebration “set it off” in the collective minds of the Mavs.

    That’s when the Mavs took an already cocky and celebrating Miami down in the last seven minutes of the game. TOOK THEM DOWN!

    Although D-Wade played very well—he is, afterall, just too quick for Jason Kidd—his sheer stupidity at the end of the game was on display: this is the South Beach “Hollywood” fake showtime B-ball. Wade provided the “psychological” ammunition for the Mav’s run. Instead, he needed to convey to the troops that the game was far from over.

    I can’t stand Wade for a lot of reasons. And LeBron is starting to mimic Wade in terms of the way he dresses (cherry red and lime green blazers) and these on-the-court celebrations as if the Heat are invincible. (Wade comes across in interviews as if he is illiterate.)

    Here is the bottomline: Miami has to face the Mavs at home for the next three games. There is no way that Miami is going to sweep the Mavs in Dallas. No way. So, this series will go the entire seven.

  13. eric daniels says:

    Think I do not think it was Miami celebrating too early like Mizzo said the Heat don’t respect the Mavericks talent and think they can beat them in 5 or 6 games. Well like the press and every basketball fan says they better sweep them in Dallas and better not come back to Miami down 3-2 because I don’t think they have the championship pedigree to overcome the Mavericks experience.

  14. Temple3 says:

    Hate right down the socks.
    Lower than the guts and deeper than most cuts.


  15. HarveyDent says:

    ED, what’s the Mavs’ perceived experience advantage? The same team that was nothing but regular season champs and post-season chumps since 2006 until this season. I love Dirk, J-Kidd, JET, and the Matrix but really they’re as much strivers as Lebron and Bosh. Wade does have that championship experience that makes me think if the series came down to a Game 7 he would be the one to step up more than anyone on either team.

  16. Julius says:

    When it comes down to it the Mavs are much more than just Nowitzki. Terry can be a lethal weapon. Kidd is still savvy and can hit an occasional three, and Marion does a lot of valuable dirty work and can take it to the hole when he’s of the mind to do so. The Heat struggle mightily when their bench doesn’t play well, but they have the talent to pull through that if Wade and Lebron are both on. If, however, the Mavs continue to get great play from the non-Nowitzkis then they have a real shot at humiliating the media darling from Miami.

  17. eric daniels says:

    Harvey ,my position is that Le Bron left Cleveland because he was never going to win a championship nor get that second person to play in his hometown. That’s not my problem my issue is that Miami throughout this season has not been able to win big games in the last few minutes against good teams and that will cost them against Dallas. The Mavericks bench if productive cancels any scoring advantage Bosh, Wade and James have in this series because both or all 3 have to be on fire for Miami to win.

    Miami does not have a strong bench and if they are going to win this series they will have to either have to win in 5 or 6 games with them leading the series. If there is a seventh game I am of the belief that you are what you did all season and what did Miami do lose close games to good teams with pressure on the Heat neither Wade, Bosh, or James came up up with the big shot or close it out against those teams. I picked the Mavs to win in 7 games.

  18. Origin says:

    Just like I said on here before the series this was going 6 games and the Mavs would win 1 of the 2 first games in Miami. I don’t know why folks are surprised. The Heat weren’t going to sweep the Mavs or beat them in 5 games. In the history of the NBA Finals teams as exp. as Dallas don’t get swept. Unless one of the stars get hurt (Magic in 1989), (Worthy & Scott in 1991)….maybe a rare situation like with the 76ers beating a healthy Lakers in 83.

    Teams with the Mavs Playoff exp. will get a road win (1 out the first 2 games) in the Finals from time to time. Portland in ’92, NY in ’94, Boston in ’10. This is nothing new. This game reminds me of 1992 when the Bulls had a 10 point lead in game 2 with 5 minutes left. Clyde Drexler fouls out and the Blazers with Danny Ainge pulling the trigger tie the game up and take it to OT. The Bulls end up losing the game by 10 points.

    I have to say all those years as a kid watching the NBA finals with the Bulls it pretty much gave me a feel for how series in the Finals will go. At the 7 minute mark with the Heat up by 15 I told my wife now watch Miami will not blow these guys out. The Heat will stop running plays and start chucking shots. And what do you know it happened….Lebron and Wade turned into Kevin Durant and Antoine Walker and coach Spo turned into Andy Reid (you know passing 70% of the time with a lead only to let the other team come back and beat you). Lets also not forget somehow Bosh was left on Dirk after Haslem/Anthony guarded him all day. Then to top it off Lebron was guarding Terry. But somehow kept leaving Terry open (to go double or float out on the perimeter).

    The ball is in the Mavs court they have to win the 3 games in Dallas because they come back to Miami its over. History says that they won’t win all 3 because only the Bulls in ’91, Pistons in ’04 and Heat in ’06 have won all 3 of the middle games.

    All of this doesn’t matter as long as the Heat get 4 wins. It doesn’t matter how you get them just get 4. No one remembers that the Bulls went up 3-1 against the Suns in ’93 only to lose 2 games in Chicago and have to win game 6 in Phoenix. Or how the Spurs (with Duncan and Robinson) let a 49 win team Nets win one game in San Antonio and take the Spurs to 6 games. Or how a young Blazer team stole a game in Detroit from the defending champs in ’90 only to lose the next 3 games. In the modern day of twitter, the internet and 24/7 news everything that happens is the freaking end of the world……oh my god Miami lost a home game!!!!!

    @ Eric – Only the Celtics (twice) and the Bullets/Wizards have won a game 7 on the road in the Finals. I still like my chances with the Heat in a game 7.

  19. eric daniels says:

    I know the history origin that only 3 road teams in NBA history has won a game 7 but I think the Mavs if it goes to a game 7 they can win on the road because the pressure will be on the Heat to win at home and against good teams this season they have folded late in games. I still go by the belief that you are what you did that season and the Heat folded against good teams late playoffs excluded. The Heat folding in the last 6 minutes should concern any Heat fan Origin.

  20. Origin says:

    I feel you brotha ED. I just think that the Heat will be fine even in a game 7 winner takes all situation.

  21. Origin says:

    Brotha Temple Lebron might have fumbled the post game interview after game 2 but he sure didn’t fumble the post game interview in game 3. Especially when that idiot reporter asked him that dumb ass question about the 4th qtr….LOL!!!

    Matter a fact that was Greg Doyle………….dang Doyle why you got to be a troll man. I had so much faith in you after the whole Cam Newton mess.

  22. GrandNubian says:


    Yeah, I liked Lebron’s response to that question but they’re already trying to crucify him on sports talk radio this morning, asking “is he really a superstar?” because he’s struggling in the 4th QTR of the Finals. I guess since the Heat won, they had to look for something negative to direct at Lebron. 🙂