Terrelle Pryor Leaves Ohio State Football: A Short Commentary

31-4 record with 2 BCS bowl victories in 3 year OSU career

According to Cleveland.com, Terrelle Pryor has left the OSU football team. Some commentary…

The 2011 Sugar Bowl MVP threw for 6,177 yards, 57 TD’s, 26 picks, completed 60.7% of his attempts in three years as a starter and never lost to Michigan.

The move wasn’t a surprise amid all the drama enveloping the program and comes a week and a day after head coach Jim Tressel resigned. Pryor was suspended for the first five games of the upcoming season after it was found he traded jerseys and other memorabilia for tattoos. There are allegations Pryor made between 20 and 40k signing autographs. The NCAA also opened up an investigation regarding cars Pryor used during his time on campus. Ohio State must now start from scratch and fast track Braxton Miller. Miller is either in the most unluckiest of positions or the bright future contrary. The eyes will now shine on him but obviously there are tremendous holes in the program.

A National Championship coach and one of the most highly recruited quarterbacks of all time are both…gone…but the specter of the NCAA remains.

This is probably a good move for all. Pryor is expected to enter the NFL via supplemental draft. The Rebirth of Sick, as I call him, never won the Heisman as I and others predicted but his career achievement as a Buckeye can’t be denied. That some were coming after a kid when Tressel has ran through hell rockin’ a Scarlet and grey gasoline vest is ludicrous.

Pryor’s case like Reggie Bush’s and many others will undoubtedly be the basis for discussions all over the sports world whether college athletes should be compensated.

Pay them.

Doesn’t have to be anything crazy but to say athletes getting a free education is enough despite the millions made by universities is naive and dismissive. These are different times. In the Gene Smith interview, I learned in 2006 that Ohio State has the biggest budget in collegiate sports.

Can you really blame a kid for not taking money? Be realistic. Some families are better off and as a result, their sons/daughters won’t fall for the ubiquitous temptation of gifts and benefits, but others not so fortunate see their athletic prowess as a meal ticket…and should.

Kids work hard academically and athletically to put themselves in a position to become collegiate athletes. This should not be diminished and these words are not absolving any athlete from impropriety…because some simply do stupid things…but it’s that time to open the NCAA vault. Period. There are fat rats from Lansing to Baton Rouge…every point surrounding and in between.

If boosters are so much of a problem, let them foot the bill. Then we’ll see who is real and who is not.

How money will be potentially divided from tennis to football remains to be seen but the NCAA with all it’s hypocritical practices, would be smart at this juncture to get the ball rolling asap.

How will Terrelle Pryor pan out? I spoke to LeBron James about him with hopes he would offer the young fella some advice:

MT: When I look at Terrelle Pryor and his development in football, I see the same athlete you are in basketball.

LBJ: Same?

LeBron gives me the C’mon man look. Then we share a laugh.

MT: Obviously not at this point bruh.

LBJ: He played basketball in high school too.

MT: Yeah, I’m not talking about basketball. I’m speaking of the athlete he is now compared to the athlete you were at that same stage physically.

LBJ: Right, right, right. I see what you are saying. You are definitely right about that.

MT: Are you two cool like what’s being reported?

LBJ: Not like that. I’ve been down there a few times and met him but I don’t have him on speed dial or nothing like that. I’m an open guy though. Somebody needs help? If Terrelle is one of those guys who may need help one day? I have no problem giving advice.

If Pryor does in fact enter the supplemental draft, he will have to work as hard as ever to keep playing quarterback (which is crazy to even fathom considering his obvious skill set). He’s a superior athlete, has a great arm, can run like the wind and has won big gams guiding one of the premier college football programs.  He needs (just like any other young qb) to get in the film room and study his butt off or he will become the latest Black quarterback to be forced out from center. Maturity is the priority Terrelle and if you’re smart the piece I linked above spells it all out (the movie Juice is the metaphor below):

When you enter the league there will be no quarterback that has ever played in the NFL with your physical skills.

Raheem didn’t die for nothin’…

so don’t let Bishop prohibit your GQ from working on his brain.

Make your family proud son…all that other bs can wait. It has to be said you were to blame just as anyone else. Now get out there and get your game and  your name right.

20 Responses to “Terrelle Pryor Leaves Ohio State Football: A Short Commentary”

  1. Julius says:

    The obsession with athletics, particularly in a university setting, only contributes to making us more of a nation of idiots. Not one cent should go toward anything other than scholarships. The solution is for the NBA and NFL to have a legitimate minor league system so that colleges are not used for that purpose. Want to keep it real and cut through the bullshit? Okay, let’s start by pointing out that most blue chip athletes couldn’t give a damn about their education, and obviously it’s the blue chip athletes that generate the huge revenues for the college, not the scrubs on the end of the bench. If the poor oppressed bluechips want to focus on sports, then fine…they can do what the baseball players do and stay out of college and pack their bags for a bus to the local minor league team. And these athletes get plenty out of their college experience. Free tuition and national exposure is hardly as trivial as you make it out to be.

  2. Miranda says:

    If nothing else the guys whose NAMES are on the back of the top selling jerseys should get a percentage of those sales.

  3. Mizzo says:

    Speaking from where you sit that certainly is an easy thing to say…Mr. Contrariety.

  4. HarveyDent says:

    This is the reason why I prefer pro sports to the farce that is college athletics under the NCAA banner. I have problems with the shady stuff that’s done in college football by all parties concerned. Cecil Newton was just as wrong for trying to pimp his son to the highest bidder just as much as Pete Carroll, Bob Stoops, Bruce Pearl, and other coaches were for looking the other way while the rules were being broken. Rules that are archaic and just as wrong as the 3/5ths Compromise.

    I just want to be there to see these kids light the fuse to blow this house of cards sky-high one day.

  5. des says:

    If I were Devier Posey, Mike Adams, Boom Herron, and Solomon Thomas, I’d follow Pryor right out the door. The five game suspensions alone could hurt their NFL stock, what if one of them gets hurt between game six and the rest of the season?

  6. kos says:

    Harvey –
    I’m with you all the way on that one, bruh. The kids that are making the money for the university have to watch day by day, while because of their blood, sweat, injuries, etc, the coach and assistant coaches get raises, the AD gets a raise, the trainer gets a raise. Heck, everyone else is benefiting from their sweat equity but them. Yeah, the NCAA will try to make an argument that they are getting a free education, but that’s small potatoes when you compare it to the sports licensing juggernauts that these schools use to make the really big money.

  7. Miranda says:

    Umph….so now some mfing Judas has crawled out from under a rock for OTL….oh really?
    Whoever this snitchin mofo friend is, need his azz whupped.

  8. Mizzo says:

    Anything to disparage Pryor Miranda. I heard Mike and Mike say dude wasn’t 3rd to 5th round material…

  9. ks says:

    I’m always stunned by this notion of the “free” education et al. the athletes supposedly received when it fact it’s not free at all. They just don’t pay cash for it. They exchange their labor (e.g football, basketball playing, etc.) for the universities services. If more people understood economy of scale and actual cost vs. market value on this issue, they would see that the universities make out like bandits and the idea that they are giving away something for “free” is laughable.

  10. Origin says:

    Great points guys.
    Anyway I am sick and tired of these punk ass fans and the MSM giving these grown folks (coaches, boosters and alumni) a pass. College sport is the only area in which people will defend grown folks who are taking advantage of children. No other time do people do this………..the crap makes me sick.

    So Tressel old ass and these grown men that he has giving kids gifts and money aren’t at fault. But we gonna put all the blame on a 21 year old kid who was 18 or 19 at the time he was getting money and tats for autographs. So a child gets blamed for all that is wrong at OSU but these grown men who know right from wrong are going to walk with no one saying anything. Add to the fact that Tressel made those boys agree to come back or they couldn’t play in the bowl game.

    Man this stuff is legalized pimping and I do not want to hear crap about they get an education. Who cares if they get an education when often times these kids aren’t allowed to take what they want. You got kids taking basket weaving because the coach wants them to take up an easy field so that they can stay eligible and can commit all their free time to the sport they are in. This is like someone telling you they will buy you something to eat and you ask for a whopper and they say nope I am going to buy you a dirt sandwich. Who cares if something is free if its something you don’t want or need.

    Another thing it amazes me that ESPN can always do ground breaking investigative work and find a snitch when its a black athlete. Somehow when its Big Ben, Tressel (or any other coach), Lance Armstrong and etc, ESPN is unable to dig for info or find snitches. The work is left up to someone else such as SI or 60 minutes for example.
    @ Mizzo and Miranda – They are trying to make the young man into a thug. Since when is getting money for autographs being a thug while at the same time they are trying to make it difficult for him to get drafted as a QB.

  11. Mizzo says:

    The Saskatchewan Roughriders have thrown former Ohio State Buckeye Terrelle Pryor a lifeline? Word? That’s the headline? A lifeline?

    What is wrong with these people that they don’t understand what Pryor did really wasn’t nothin’ compared to all the degenerates running NCAA amok…cashing fat checks and causing “certain” players mad wreck.

    What the hell would the world be without the Black athlete to shit on?

    Have we ever had one dynamic Black quarterback that didn’t go through some time of idiotic bullshit at least once over the course of their career?

  12. Miranda says:

    I am totally disgusted with the faux outrage and completely over-the-top hyperventilating by the media over all this. Seriously, these folks could win academy awards for the performances I’ve seen and read. If I didn’t know better I would say all that pent-up frustration with not being able to make Vick into a punt returner for the Raiders and not being able to turn Cam into a 4th round bench warmer is being locked and loaded towards Terrelle.

    Hell….who am I kidding…that’s what it is.

  13. Tre Jankie says:

    Assassinating the character of physically superior Black men worth a lot of money brings intense joy to these lowlifes. Their venom is a dangerous mix of jealousy, hate, racism, denial and bitchassness.

    I’m convinced that the O.J. trial increased this phenomenon exponentially. The epitome of white privilege’s worst nightmare: big, Black, rich Negroes adored by fans, partying like rock stars and stretching out their white women. When the Juice got off after being accused of murder, their rage reached a tipping point. Add the rise of the internet as an avenue to spread the message and it’s a wrap. They love attacking the Alphas: Tiger. LeBron. Vick. Mayweather. Bonds. Serena.

    What’s fucked up is that I’m a Michigan alum so I should be doing the new jack swing and laughing at OSU’s misery. But I’m a Big, black, not-so-rich negro first, so you know how I have to ride. I hope Pryor tears up the NFL and I hope future college athletes get paid.

  14. eric daniels says:

    My problem is that the NCAA is the biggest pimp on the block with the colleges being the bottom bitches with the althletes just being pimped with rules that are arachaic at best. The NCAA has exploited young men in the major sports for the last 50 years for massive profits and criticizing Pryor for taking money so he can drive a car, buy clothes, live in an apartment and eat well is BS.

    ESPN is just promoting this issue as one black person running amuck when it’s going on at Texas, Notre Dame, USC, Georgia and everywhere else. The NCAA rules at amatuerism is phony on it’s face. Track and Field ended that illusion in Europe years ago, Major College Basketball and Football in America should let go of that fantasy also.

  15. HarveyDent says:

    I’ve asked this over on my Facebook page but where is all this “analysis” that Pryor can’t play QB in the NFL coming from? Granted, I know nothing about breaking down tape like these so-called experts do but I don’t see the young man as being no better or worse than Gabbert, Newton, or Locker. Like any young QB he’ll have to work on his skill set and keep his head in the playbook but the talent is there. I know that much from sitting in my recliner the last few seasons watching him cut up most teams in the Big Ten.

  16. HarveyDent says:

    I also wish I could tell these Black athletes to go to an HBCU but unfortunately those institutions are just as corrupted as their larger peers probably even moreso. It’s sad but I could see many of these coaches pulling an Eddie Long and abusing their authority over these young men not by sexually abusing them of course but by using them to get as much prestige and money as they could.

    It’ll take a smarter person than me to make this current system benefit all the athletes in the money-generating sports because like I wrote above I’d rather see these kids take a match to it and blow the mutha sky high.

  17. Origin says:

    @ ED – Brotha you are right the media (ESPN) wants to pin this mess on Pryor and other black athletes while these coaches and schools (who are doing the activity) walk away with clean hands. So a kid taking money is immoral but the adults offering and giving the money to the kid is not immoral….please!!

    @ Harvey – If kats like Brohm and Charlie Whitehurst can be backup QBs so can Terrell Pryor. If Charlie Whithurst and Stephen
    Mcghee can be drafted after having horrible and crappy college careers. Then Pryor should be drafted as a QB……this stuff is just racism 101.

    Not only is this crap that ESPN and bigots like McShay spewing racist but its also payback. For what they believe is a player in Pryor who got one of their boys (Paisan) Tressell fired. If Tressell was a black coach and Pryor was a white QB the media wouldn’t even be hearing this crap thrown at Pryor.

    Oh and let me not forget……….didn’t the media say that Cam Newton shouldn’t be drafted in the 1st round or even 1st overall because he didn’t come out of a pro offense. Then out the other side of their mouth the media said that Pryor is a better QB then Cam because he came out of a pro style offense. Well if that is the case then not only should Pryor be drafted but he should be the as the first pick in the supplemental draft.

    @ Tre – You are so right the OJ trail changed everything.

  18. Negotiator says:

    Tre Jankie …. you are a racist fool.

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