In NBA Finals Game 5, Team Dallas Home Cooks Miami 112-103 And Take 3-2 Series Lead

Team effort proved to be too much for the Heat

Give Dallas props. They played defense. They hit shots and now are one win away from becoming 2011 NBA champions. Dirk hit rainbows but was not alone on this night…

This was the first game both offenses got off . The Mavs shot 56% and the Heat 52%. After three straight Finals games decided by less than 3 points for the first time since 1947 and 1948, both teams opened with 30 point first quarters (Miami scored 31) and traded baskets for most of the game. The difference was Dallas hitting an incredible 13 of 19 threes while Miami a mortal 8 of 20. Shock and surprised Dirk, who put in 29 points, shot just one and hit just one.

Dirk got some help…big time. Jason Terry walked the walk after so much talk following a Game 3 home loss and scored 21. There are big game players and Terry has stepped up tremendously…hitting  a crucial 8 points (5 in 33 seconds) in the last 3:30…including a huge three in LeBron’s face to push the lead to and insurmountable 108-101. Jason Kidd, who has had a great 16 year Hall of Fame run and is one win away from finally becoming a champion, hit 3-5 three point attempts and scored 13. Defense from Kidd has been key and he’s turning LeBron and Wade into a jump shooters late when foul shooting becomes a factor. J. J. Barea penetrates every chance he gets and mixed critical inside/outside flair in his 25 minutes…scoring 17 to go along with 5 dimes. Tyson Chandler rounded out five Mavs in double figures with 13 and also had two nice blocks.

For the Heat, Dwayne Wade seemed in position to have a big game before he injured his hip in the 1st quarter. He did have 23 points, 8 rips and hit 10-12 free throws in 34 minutes of sporadic time because of the aforementioned injury. Chris Bosh played well again and had 19 and 10 boards. Mario Chalmers had 15 despite playing and inexplicable 23 minutes. He was 4 of 6 from the arc and should have been on the floor more. Udonis Haslem had 10…Mike Miller 9 and that venerable Fab Fiver Juwan Howard 6 (ironically played for Dallas when we talked).

Each of the the Heats primary stars had 4 turnovers. Where were the breakaway dunks?


Early in the contest, James was aggressive. He posted up. He stayed down low to become a major factor on the boards. He found open men. He looked like a different player. His movement was confident and fluid…then the 4th quarter happened.

The same 4th quarter?!?!

I don’t want to take anything away from his 17, 10 and 10 triple double, but honestly he should get that in his sleep. Those numbers are pedestrian at best for LeBron. To have just two 4th quarter points in a game he called the biggest of his life is absolutely unacceptable. There was a questionable offensive foul called by Joey Crawford on LeBron (Chandler defending) in the lane with 2:30 left on a scored layup that was critical but for the most part he did not put his cash where his mouth is. The officiating was horrible but in no way shape or form the reason why Dallas won. Dallas won because they were the better team last night.

Wade and LeBron are catching heat for a video captured by CBS 11 in Dallas showing the two superstars mocking Dirk Nowitzki Game 4 flu. This type of stuff happens all the time in sports and is nothing in the grand scheme of things but will be made into a ridiculous issue once the video makes it around the web. We live in an age where cameras are hot all the time and if anything the Heat stars should have known this and saved the snaps for the bus. These teams obviously do not like each other and trust me there’s all kinds of ribbing behind the scene.

Little ladies out there shaking their fingers at Wade and James? Get over it.

LeBron Game 6 isn’t your life but it is your sanity. You better go Oscar/Mike/Magic/Doc/Bird or your summer is going to be hell. Straight up. No one thinks you can do it which is crazy to think but 4 straight 4th quarters with 2 or less points is the proof in the pudding.

America is beginning to exhale in relief dude. You cool with that?

It’s time to step up and tell the world to kiss your ass, stop with the bs, turn the media away and take the fine. What is going on now is hugely your fault. Dirk is stepping up and taking what he thinks is his and it can’t be denied or questioned. All people remember is you missing 5 potential game tying/winning shots during the season. They think you are a choker and unworthy of superstar status.

What the hell are you going to do now? Man up or become a sulking chump? I and others at this site want you to do well and win this because you and your teammates gave the finger to the status quo and did what ownership does without a thought or peep from fans who remain loyal nevertheless and formed your own team. The hate is ridiculous (yeah of course it’s cool for some to dislike anyone but keep it real) but you know how this society is. Followers abound.

Be a leader. Cats are jumping ship and drowning as we speak. They do not believe anymore.

I said the Heat would win all season (didn’t matter who the opponent was and that’s no diss) and still think so but once I saw pigs roasted with your number branded, dragged jerseys in Cleveland streets as if your name was Bin Laden, you had me in your corner family. That abject hate bs is disgusting. Save it for a serial killer and not a basketball player. I hate nothing like that…not even Cowboys and Celtics. Yeah this is Philly.

The Heat go home with a shot to close out the season and shut everyone up. They get one last shot to show and prove…

LeBron do  this and do this now. They will still hate (that’s forever) you but they will also have to respect you…at least the ones who are rational…

This goes 7…


Player Pos Min FGM-FGA FTM-FTA 3PM-3PA +/- OR Reb A Blk Stl TO PF Pts
L. James F 45:38 8-19 1-2 0-4 -11 1 10 10 1 0 4 3 17
C. Bosh F 39:23 6-12 7-9 0-1 -13 6 10 1 1 0 4 3 19
J. Anthony C 16:12 1-1 0-0 0-0 -9 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 2
D. Wade G 34:27 6-12 10-12 1-2 -13 0 2 8 1 2 4 2 23
M. Bibby G 15:24 1-2 0-0 0-1 -7 0 2 0 0 0 1 1 2
U. Haslem 33:00 5-8 0-0 0-0 0 1 5 2 1 0 0 2 10
M. Chalmers 23:27 4-6 3-3 4-6 -1 1 4 2 0 1 1 4 15
M. Miller 23:12 3-5 0-0 3-4 0 0 2 2 0 1 1 4 9
J. Howard 5:49 3-3 0-0 0-0 +6 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 6
E. House 3:28 0-2 0-0 0-2 +3 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 0
Z. Ilgauskas DNP — INACTIVE
J. Magloire DNP — INACTIVE
Totals 240 37-70
9 36 25 4 5 16 26 103
Player Pos Min FGM-FGA FTM-FTA 3PM-3PA +/- OR Reb A Blk Stl TO PF Pts
D. Nowitzki F 39:37 9-18 10-10 1-1 +14 0 6 3 0 1 2 2 29
S. Marion F 34:02 4-11 0-0 0-0 +21 1 4 3 0 2 2 3 8
T. Chandler C 38:40 5-7 3-5 0-0 +14 2 7 0 2 1 0 4 13
J. Kidd G 39:52 4-6 2-2 3-5 +13 0 2 6 1 3 3 1 13
J. Barea G 25:39 6-11 1-1 4-5 +4 1 2 5 0 0 1 1 17
J. Terry 30:29 8-12 2-2 3-5 +1 0 4 6 0 0 2 1 21
D. Stevenson 13:58 1-2 1-2 1-2 -12 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 4
B. Cardinal 9:37 1-1 1-2 1-1 -7 0 0 0 0 1 1 3 4
I. Mahinmi 8:06 1-1 1-3 0-0 -3 0 1 0 0 0 0 3 3
Totals 240 39-69
4 26 23 3 8 11 20 112


Officials: Joe Crawford, Mike Callahan, Bill Kennedy
Attendance: 20,433
Time of Game: 2:39
– S. Marion (2:17 – 2nd Qtr)

33 Responses to “In NBA Finals Game 5, Team Dallas Home Cooks Miami 112-103 And Take 3-2 Series Lead”

  1. sankofa says:

    Peace Mizzo

    Been watching the whole playoffs up until last night…,this is a first for me in a loooong time. Why? Because this year I followed Chris Bosh to Miami and because of the hate they, the team, Pat Riley and even the city gets. I followed them, because I believe in fighting hate with equal amount of anger and rage, which is what all these ass holes are spewing illogically at the team. But I also followed them because African men doing their thing without having asking the Caucasian man’s permission.

    I knew the team had some weight, Still I was surprised at how they made strides after so much adversity…. but this is a flawed team. I heard Poet, GN and Temple specifically lay out the flaws and thought they might have been too harsh, but in retrospect, perhaps my own view was too narrow. After the past three games I have concluded that there is more blame to go around than just Lebron:

    I think you have to start with the coach; he is not a good game manager. While I have always respected Carlisle’s coaching ability, for a guy with the supposed hall of fame mentor and the kind of pedigree in his resume that caused others to label him a rising star, Spolstra has shown a remarkable lack of flexibility, and ability for in game adjustment and creativity. A coach/leader/manager must, MUST put his charges in a position to succeed. He has not done a good job of doing this.

    You also have to look at Lebron James. He has not shown to have the intestinal fortitude or desire to make a difference in other areas of the game besides passing the ball. At least in this series, He appears tentative and unwilling to play angry, not determined to show people that he is as good as advertised

    Chris Bosh has disappointed me, in that I am actually seeing him play soft and has a most infuriating habit of butter fingers, making weak ass moves to the basket and I have seen him play much better in Toronto. All those pretty little jump shots don’t mean much, if you are not automatic or have not been mixing up your plays. Old slow ass, 2 inch vertical Dirk is a much better shooter, but still doesn’t settle
    just for jump shots.

    I have to ask some questions. Why is Mike Bibby still starting? Why is Eddie House not getting some burn? How badly is James Jones hurt, or is he? Why is Miami continually playing 4 on 5 offensively and is Eric Dampier that much of a liability that Spolstra is willing to sacrifice offence and rebounds and a big body in the middle against Tyson Chandler who is man handling everybody.

    It was also mentioned that the referees are allowing the Mavericks to beat up on the Heat players, but come on man, is 38 year old Juwan Howard the only one willing to lay some wood on a muther f**ker? A lot of people thought that this should have been over by game five in favour of Miami, but I don’t even think they win on Sunday, that’s how bad they are shook. And after game 2 they keep given Dallas more confidence and game 6 is the result. Those fragile egos and weak minds have brought Miami from NBA championship favourites to disappointing collapse.

    It sure don’t look pretty.

  2. TC says:

    Yeah I gotta say, I wanna defend LBJ, but it’s getting harder and harder given these fourth quarters. As Sankofa says, Chalmers should be getting more burn over Bibby and I don’t know WHY James Jones isn’t playing. That said, Dallas is taking it to them. It’s a great series. If that was LBJ’s “Now or Never” effort though, well……series is over.

  3. eric daniels says:

    I don’t think Le Bron had a bad game , the Heat defense in the 4th quarter has not shown up in those 2 losses. I still think Dallas will win the series in 7 games because Miami has done this all year when it came to teams of equal strength the Heat has never come through this season. And considering the Mavericks hunger for a championship I believe they can win because I don’t think the Heat can win two games in a row against the Mavs and I know the Mavs think the same thing.

  4. Julius says:

    Uhhh…sankofa, here’s a bit of news for you. The “Caucasian man” is paying Lebron’s and Bosh’s bills. So basically they had to get permission. And since when does any free agent in professional sports have to get permission from any ethnic group to go out on the open market? Lebron is mainly hated because of his incredibly obnoxious special announcing where the king would play next. Nobody really likes that level of vanity, not from somebody who hasn’t won jack shit.

  5. HarveyDent says:

    @ED…well, we both get to test our theories on which team has the stronger-minded players. Like you I think the series is going to go seven hard-fought games but unlike you I still think the Heat led by DWade with a rejuvenated LBJ riding shotgun will pull this out. It’s going to be an interesting two games in Miami and I’ll be right here to give you a cyber pound if your pick does it but I’ll have to see it first.

    @Julius…don’t come on here trying to build a strawman argument because it’ll go up in flames just as easily as dry hay. Lebron is not hated for the way he left Cleveland, he’s hated because he, Wade, and Bosh didn’t shift the paradigm they actually broke it when it came to players/labor finally realizing their true value in the business of sports equation. No one ever paid to see Pat Riley coach a game or Mark Cuban cheer on the sidelines. All fans have paid and will continue to pay to see the talent on the court. Miami’s Big 3 could have found nine other players and formed a team called the Little Rock Steppers and made more money this year because they drive the market not the “Caucasian man” you seem to think that calls the shots.

    As Miz pointed out in his write up South Beach Soultron did what owners and management have been doing since Babe Ruth and fans never burned them in effigy for it. Owners, management, media, and bandwagon fans are scared and angry because they didn’t see the change coming and are resentful about going through it. Players aren’t being shy about putting themselves in position to win titles and dictate where they will play. Why do you think there’s going to be an NBA lockout next month? Why do you think the NFL is going through a lockout? It’s happening because owners feel they have to prove they have final control because their labor pool is waking up to the fact that they don’t have to just shut up and play anymore. Players are finally asserting themselves and it will be a happy day on the pro sports landscape when athletes and municipalities get together and cut out the owners who hijack tax dollars for over-priced luxury boxes with threats of moving teams and use players like broke down horses whom they feel they can take in a field and put out of their misery.


  6. Origin says:

    Great points Sankofa, TC and ED.

    @Sankofa – I agree with everything you said. IMO Lebron has lost his confidence……his shot is now not falling. The Mavs (mostly Tyson Chandler) is preventing him from getting in the paint. He is concerned with driving in the paint and getting charges because the Mavs players are flopping. Plus he isn’t quick or small enough to avoid the charges and Tyson like Wade is. Now add to the fact that he isn’t getting any love from the refs on the offensive end. Its absolutly no surprise to me that he is struggling.

    The Mavs and especially Chandler are being allowed to beat up on the Heat PFs and Centers. While at the same time the Heat Big men aren’t being allowed to fight for rebounds. Any time they fight for the rebound they are being called for loose ball fouls. Resulting in Chandler shooting 30 free throws this series (while Lebron only has 16 free throws this series).

    Coach Spo has called a horrible game. He had Lebron posting up and cutting to the basket. Then after awhile he stopped calling those plays. Chandler is too big and active for Haslem, Bosh and Anthony. Spo needs to give Big Z and Dampier need to get some burn at least to go out there and knock Chandler on his ass.
    The difference in this series is that Chandler is on the Mavs. He is guarding 2 and 3 people during possessions crashing the boards and knocking the Heat big men on their ass like he was Charles Oakley in the 90’s. Bosh and Dirk have always been soft in the paint and on defense. The difference is that Dirk has a 7 footer to cover up him being a defensive liability and a liability on the boards. Bosh has a 6-9 forward who is coming off of injury (Haslem). Even though Dirk gets all the credit……..Marion and Chandler are the difference in this series. They do all the heavy lifting for this team and guard every one of the court. If the Mavs pull this off this will be the first time in a long time in which the best offensive players of a championship winning team had no impact defensively on the series.

    As brothas ED, Temple, GN and Poet pointed out this team has a ton of flaws with the center position being the biggest. ED its starting to look like the series will go as you picked it (I am starting to believe the Mavs will win this), Lebron is struggling from outside and can’t get to the free throw line. Many people are comparing this series to the Lakers vs Celtics last year but there is no way I can see the Heat getting 24 free throws like the Lakers did in game 7 (in the 4th qtr) to seal the game and the series.

    IMO if the Heat lose this series it is only delaying the inevitable. This team will win titles……they are not be the Mavs or Blazers who after getting beat in the finals pick up the pieces and get upset in the playoffs the next year. I see them doing a Pistons in ’88 and coming back (running through the league) after losing in the Finals the previous year.

    @Mizzo – The folks here in Dallas make me sick…….Terry and Stevenson been talking crap the whole series but lord have mercy Wade makes a comment that he might have a cold like Jesus in basketball shoes aka Bird 2.0 and everyone is up in arms. These bandwagon hoppers need to shut up and hope the Mavs don’t blow the series. Or else be the damn Portland trailblazers instead of the Atlanta Braves. Only reason these bustas are slobbing on the Mavs is because of the NFL lockout….in Dallas the Cowboys run this city and are the only team that has a true winning tradition.

    @Harvey – Well said on every point. The hate from the media, owners and fans for Lebron and the Heat are foolish. They will be the only thing to keep the league going for the next few years once this lockout hits. Just as the league needed the Lakers (Shaq and Kobe) to keep fans involved after the last lockout….I mean does anyone think the league is going get the viewer and fans to come back after the lockout to watch the Mavs or aging Celtics?? The Heat have generated ratings that crappy ABC hasn’t seen since another black athlete was hated by the country (Kobe Bryant ’04)

    That is why I know its bull shit when Stern and his masters are talking about a hard cap. If it’s a hard cap trust me it won’t be too hard so that the Heat can’t keep the big three. These owners and the media are getting paid like kings off these dudes, folks hating all the way to the bank.

  7. Mizzo says:

    Look at Julius making checks his pockets eh…pickets can’t cash.

    You ain’t paying jack…Jack.

  8. sankofa says:

    HD, Origin, Miz, thanks for wacking that mole! Saves me the time of getting ignant on him.

    On another note, I came across a story either on yahoo or SI, where Stevenson revealed that OTHER coaches have been calling up Carlilse and OTHER players have been calling up the Dallas players, passing on tips on how to best defend Lebron specifically, but the Heat in general. If this is proven to be the real deal, then the jealousy and hate has now reached nuclear proportion. If Pat Riley don’t come down and smack Spoelstra for his weak ass dick between his legs coaching, if Riley don’t jack them half stepping brothers about playing like shit, then all this talk about embracing the moment and crap is just that…crap!

    I am expecting the New York Knicks Riley to get pissed!

    When shitzu’s like Julius refuses to acknowledge the hate that hate produces, when African men attempt to walk upright, eyes not on the ground, then he might as well call him self chicken George and go pick cotton.

    Come on Lebron…Rumble young man, Rumble…haaaah!

  9. Origin says:

    No problem Sankofa…Julius is a troll.

    Yeah I heard that mess also….not only that but before the finals I think it was ESPN that said owners and GMs were calling up the Mavs and telling them good luck in beating the Heat.

    Now that looks shady as hell I have never heard of such. So when Wade and Lebron say its the Heat vs the world it really looks that way.

  10. Origin says:

    If this is all true I have some other comments to say but I will leave that offline for now.

  11. Temple3 says:

    If LeBron James isn’t willing to play on the block, the Heat really don’t deserve to win. Everything that Dallas is doing defensively is predicated on James perpetuating the flawed approach to the post that has been hatched by all the heirs to Magic who failed to really read the book.

    Derrick Coleman probably would have mastered the book, but he had other issues. Chris Webber could have mastered the book, but he had other issues. All of these super-talented big men who CAN play with their back to the basket PREFER to play facing the basket.

    Their PREFERENCE or CHOICE has landed each of them in a world of playoff shit year after year after year after year after year…and they still don’t learn. Next year, the league will draft 3 or 4 more guys just like ’em.

    I’ve never been a big LBJ fan or a hater — but I am of the mind that he looks more like he is desperately trying not to get called out for throwing games THAN he looks like he is desperately trying to win a game.

    For my money, LBJ has 3 days to get his shit together or he goes onto the heap of cats that I will simply ignore until they win 3 or 4 rings. It’s the A-Rod Heap. It’s the Andy Roddick Heap. It’s the Eric Lindros Heap. It’s the Carson Palmer, Philip Rivers Heap. Can’t tell me shit about that dude until at least 2015 —– unless he gets his shit together over the next 3 days. Once you’re on the HEAP, you’re irrelevant…you can’t have a meaningful or compelling highlight or interview or comment or game or block or dunk or pass or anything — In fact, you’re season doesn’t even start until May…and if you get bumped before May — it’s like you missed the whole season.

    I’d like to see LBJ just continue along his same path — and demonstratively affirm all those people who told him every since he was knee high to a June bug that he’d have to eventually get down on the block and man up. He’s ignored them for 2 decades…the piper will get paid unless he repents.

    Pat Riley needs to dig up that video of Magic Johnson guarding Roy Tarpley and putting the Mavericks to bed with no dinner back in the 80’s. That way, LBJ can stop talking about being inspired by Magic — ’cause it ain’t true.

  12. Temple3 says:

    You cannot be disinterested on both sides of the ball in June.

  13. Origin says:

    Well said brotha Temple… are always a straight shooter on how you feel about Kats.

    To tell you the truth I haven’t really been impressed with these great wing players post games over the last 15 years. Besides Kobe, Penny and Mcgrady.

    Lebron’s post game is as flawed as Dirk’s was 4 years ago. He needs to call up Kobe, MJ, Magic hell even Penny and learn how to post up in the offseason. Cause super soft Bosh ain’t gonna do it. And Riley needs to get them a Center next year.

  14. eric daniels says:


    Le Bron’s not gonna play down on the block, he would rather be like a point- forward or develop a mid- range game like Jordan and Kobe eventually did. If Miami doesn’t win it will be LONG SUMMER AND FALL.

  15. Origin says:

    ED – If Miami loses this series Lebron better hope the lockout lasts until late october or longer.

  16. sankofa says:

    See Temple this is the problem with the me generation. It’s about style over substance, getting rewarded without getting your hands dirty. It happens in all walks of life, but more so in sports where every blemish is about 10 feet tall and is shown in living HD 3D, super fine color.

    Any body over 40 who has ever played ball, can lament the difference between old school ball players and the new jacks. These youngsters are all cross over and jump shots, more than grinding and banging. It’s amazing that kats who look like Lee Haney can play like Andre Tilly at a bitch slap fest (don’t ask me how I know who he is,lol)

    This is why punk ass Kevin Durant can call out Kareem for putting down some lesson on Pippen after that Jordan-James analysis. These cat don’t listen and are not willing to actually do what is needed to be what they say they want to be, thus they have a weed filled hazy view of greatness before and after Jordan. Even though they can’t even relate to what jordan did and was willing to do to be who they say he is.

    I mean in my world, cats like Brian Cardinal would be the tallest car jockey or counter person at McDonalds. No way is he coming on any court I am on and do shit other than collect tread marks on his chest and face. No way cats like this should be on the floor causing the Heat players to shrink like gonads on a Jaunary day after a polar bear swim. No way imps like Stevenson and Terry should be out there jawing and saying shit and backing it up. Not to say Terry is not talented, but there are different levels and never the two should meet.

    it’s pathetic to see and hear. And as I watch this particular series (the others as well) does that make make me a rubber necker on the highway of reckelss expectation? Damn, makes me want to cuss at the tel-lie-vision for another 3 hours.

  17. Origin says:

    I have never in my life seen a star player go to the finals and all of a sudden can’t get any fouls. Boy my little brother is probably sick cause Lebron was getting a ton of calls even when he didn’t go into the paint during the Bulls series.

  18. HarveyDent says:

    ED—You called it…I tip my cap to you

  19. eric daniels says:

    No Harvey- No I thought Miami needed a point guard and enforcer like Maurice Lucas for them to win titles and without that they could get through the East but the Mavericks were a bad matchup for the Heat because of their experience. Hopefully the Heat will build on the foundation and get those pieces and become the dynsaty everybody says they are.

  20. Julius says:

    Whoa. The Heat went down like a bunch of gutless turds. Not like they got any help from the Miami fans. They were comatose the whole 4th quarter. What’s up with that? Hey Miami, did it ever occur to you that your team might draw a little strength from some noisy support??? Geez. Looks like Dirk and Kidd now enter the NBA pantheon of super elites, while Lebron will endure 6 months of agony and nasty press.

  21. Julius says:

    Looks like the King, Wade, and Bosh didn’t “shift any paradigm,” other than setting a new standard for ridicule that an NBA championship finalist will receive. Besides, Garnett, Allen, and Pierce already beat them to it, and did it right. The holy Heat triumvirate got spanked and humiliated by a soft German for chrissakes. Being a Knick fan, I consider this good news. Wade has got some mileage now, King Lebron has proved wimpy as usual, and Bosh is the most overrated star in the game (he’s supposed to be the Garnett of the Heat after all). If the Knicks can get a couple bruisers like the X man, or Oakley, from glory days past, they should be able to smack the Heat around and keep the beast down for good.

  22. eric daniels says:


    STFU, you don’t know anything about Basketball, you are just a troll talking shit about players you know nothing about. LeBron had a great 4th quarter it was lesson the 80’s Pistons, Bulls, Sixers and Lakers had to learn before becoming champions. In the NBA you have to suffer before winning rings, When the Lakers got Wilt in 1969 it took them 4 years before they won their first title with the orginal “big three” of Baylor, West and Chamberlin.

    Every great team had to suffer the slings and arrows and build their team until the ingredients were correct for a title run. The Heat need a point guard ( Chris Paul would be nice but Tony Parker could ideal) and and enforcer because Haslem though I like him is not a Kednrick Perkins type who can stand up to Tyson Chander who I thought was the key to Dallas winning this championship because Dirk is a defensive liabilty and clogged the middle so Wade and James who are great wing players need space to drive on half- court set plays.

  23. Origin says:

    Julius – keep on trolling fool keep on trolling.

    ED – You called it brotha…………well done.

    I think the Heat have their point in Chalmers….the key now is Spo has to develop a offense and Lebron has to develop a post game along with Bosh.

    In the big scheme of things these dudes were able to do this in their first year. In a lockout shorten season next year they will be even better because the older teams will have to deal with playong 3 games in 3 nights. They should be able to get a decent center and be ready to roll. As much as folks hate on these dudes its a fact that these dudes will be in the finals a few more times. If they can do this in one year with no big men and point guards what will they do next year with a decent center and pg.

    I highly doubt that the Heat next year will be the 2007 Mavs or 1991 Blazers…..after this series I expect them to be the 1989 Pistons and 2009 Lakers.

  24. eric daniels says:

    Thanks Origin,

    I think Tony Parker would be ideal for the Heat next season because he will be a free agent and someone who can clog the middle, Tyson Chandler made life hell for both James and Wade in this series.

  25. Origin says:

    Well said ED……….folks forget the offseason Zeke had to deal with after throwing that pass to Bird. Or how Pippen was dogged out for a whole season after the migraine in game 7 of the 1990 ECFs. It took Shaq what 4 years after going the LA to win a ring….it took Kobe 4 years after losing to the Pistons in the Finals to win a ring again. Remeber when folks said Kobe would never win a ring again and that he was “A loser”.

    I still remember as a kid how folks swore up and down Shaq would never win a thing.

    Julius is a fing idiot…….when Amare and Mello were trying themselves to do the samething that Wade/ Lebron and Bosh did. Thats why there is all this talk about Chris Paul in NYC.

  26. Origin says:

    Yep you and I both called it with Marion and Chandler they were the key in the series… one was able to handle them on the boards and in transition. Plus they cover up all of Dirks defensive liabilities. They were the x-factors……….now here is the thing as much as folks bitch and cry about the Heat team buying Talent the Mavs team has a payroll 20 million more then the Heat. They must resign Chandler to protect Dirk… they are an older team. Winning a ring helps but it also forces Cuban to keep this team together longer. Dirk will be 33 going on 34 next year. Marion will be 34, Kidd will be 39 and Chandler will be 29 or 30. 2 of the 3 most important defensive players for the Mavs will be in their mid to late 30s.

    Thats not good with the Rockets getting Yao back and the Grizz getting better. Plus the Spurs will be healthier since Duncan will be able to get some rest after being knocked out the first round.
    Add to this……history tells us that the Lakers are like a great college team……..they reload.

    I say Lakers vs. Heat in the Finals next year…..I think Bynum has turned the corner and might be ready to be maybe the best big man in the game.

  27. sankofa says:


    After Miami lead 20 -17 I told my co-workers that Dallas was winning this game. This team was continued to be disjointed and rushed in their offensive set. While Dallas seemed smooth, even on missed shots. After game two, I kept saying that Miami keeps giving Dallas confidence and though a veteran team like that didn’t lack confidence, every 4th quarter meltdown sapped the heats energy and embolden Dallas.

    Hats off to Dallas and to Carlisle, who is now vindicated after getting dumped by Detroit for Larry Brown in 2003. I am happy for Jason Kidd too…long overdue. I think Chalmers is the Heats point guard next season. He has earned the right to continue to learn on the court, not on the bench. Though I want to piss on Spoelstra for not being the coach he should be, I have to give him another season, because he did show that he has potential, just not this year.

    If Lebron James is as arrogant as folks here say, then he better learn some humility and decide to round out his game. Even wade needs to round out his game as he gets older and the mileage. adds up.

  28. Origin says:

    Sankofa – I knew they would win because Terry was hot he was the MVP of this series after game 3. Plus wade was cold and coach Spo never makes adjustments.

    As far as LBJ being arrogant I think he will be fine he won’t be the first or the last great NBA player like that. Also he will round out his game he actually plays in the post more this season then he did other seasons in Cleveland. Plus as players get older they round out their game.

    Now that dang Bosh I am not sure if he will round his game out. But if Dirk can get Avery Johnson fired because he didn’t want to play on the block. Yet he eventually learns and develops some form of low post offense. Then I am sure there is hope for Lebron as well as Bosh.

  29. Temple3 says:

    James and Terry were the keys to the series. Wade actually outscored Dirk in the series and arguably had significantly better all around games (rebounds (relative to his position), assists, steals, blocks, etc.). JKidd was huge, too.

    Bosh is a decent player, but I can’t say much more than that. His game is a finesse game, but it’s not yet evolved to feature the fullness of what he should be able to do. It will be interesting to see if he gets much better over time.

    Wade’s hip injury was a factor in this series, too. In Games 2-4, Wade scored 36, 29 and 32. In Games 5 and 6, he scored 23 and 17. So, his average dipped 12 points…the guy who came closest to picking up the slack was Mario Chalmers.

    As for LBJ, I don’t know what else needs to be said. Mark Jackson said that he had trouble figuring out how to attack the Dallas defense. As if the problem were one of intellect, rather than one of will. I don’t buy it. James’ prime objective should have been to play on the block and keep Marion, Chandler, and whomever else in foul trouble. His post presence is better than his post game, but it would have been sufficient — if that had been his approach. He simply chose to lose on his own terms rather than win on the terms dictated by the physics of the game and this particular matchup.

  30. GrandNubian says:

    Congrats to the Mavs and their “true” fans on a great season. I’m happy for Dirk, J-Kidd, Matrix, Peja, etc. That ring was a long time coming. It’s a bitter sweet moment for me because I was happy the Lakers didn’t win it but I was pulling for Lebron and the Heat.

    The Heat had a great season but came up short. Before the season started I said they would lose in 7 games in the ECFs. But once they finished strong in the regular season and began their playoff run, I had them winning it all because I felt they had accepted the role as the “villan” and go through every team that stood in their way. They’ll get better and be back in the title hunt next season. The good news is that they have someone who knows how to build a team. Pat Riley will address team needs (PG, size, perimeter shooting, etc.). I think this team will cut ties with older players, get younger and make a few serious runs for the next 4 – 6 yrs.

    I’m not sold on Spolestra coaching this team. He got outcoached badly by Carlisle in this series. He wasted a starting PG spot in Mike Bibby, his half-time adjustments were weak (if he made any at all) and he didn’t have his guys ready to play in games 5 and six. He also gave Lebron too many minutes, which i really think affected LBJ’s performance in the Finals. I think the Heat were able to overcome a lot of their games by talent and the play of James, Wade and Bosh.


    I agree with you regarding LBJ. During game 5 I was tweeting mizz about how Lebron gets in the post and passes out of it. WTF? He doesn’t really need to be concerned with making a basket, but just getting to the line. But at the same time I also think that Spolestra didn’t do a good enough job in making adjustments to the type of defense the Mavs were throwing at him.

    He still has to add the “post” element to his game. He would be deadly in the post. Perhaps he’ll work on this over the summer and put it on display next season (if there’s a season next year).

    IMHO, I think that Lebron is going through something that he probably never had to go through before he got to the NBA. It’s called adversity. All the great ones go through it. The question is, how will he handle the adversity? People still forget that he’s only 26. I think that he’ll eventually learn how to deal with the adversity and get that ring(s).

    On another note….

    Someone please remind the Cleveland Cavs fans that Lebron was (and still is) the reason why their team was relevent. They’re rejoicing his failure, but they’re still the worst team in the league. Gotta love the logic there…. 🙂

  31. kos says:

    Spoelstra and Riley deserve to take more of the blame for this loss than they’ll ever get. Miami never had a consistent offensive game plan. They got away with it in the Eastern Conference playoffs, but it came back to bite them in their collective a$$es in the Finals.

    Look at Dallas, their whole game plan was predicated on passing the ball to get open shots for their shooters or easy ones for their bigs. Miami’s, as usual, was to have DWade or LBJ bring the ball up, then try to get to the lane, a shot, or a pass by taking their man one-on-one off the dribble.

    Once Dallas started hitting their shots, it seemed like it deflated the Heat’s defense. Look at the movement on defense of the Heat’s players in Games 1-3. It was vastly different by Game 4, and last night, Dallas’s guys were getting wide open shots.

    Also, I blame Spoelstra for starting Bibby all playoffs. I’ve been saying all season that Chalmers should have been the starter period. Let the kid grow into his position. He’s a baller, and he’d figure out the things that need to be done only by playing.

    All that being said, listening to the conferences last night, Bosh stepped up and said that he should have shot more. and been more aggressive He was really the Heat’s second most effective player. He was tentative sometimes, but it’s good that he acknowledged that he could have been more aggressive.

    Wade played about as well as he could this series. Even after the hurt hip. The only thing he really needs to work on, as well as the LBJ and Bosh is their ball handling in crucial situations. Wade turned the ball over on at least two key possessions close to the end of games in the Finals.

    LBJ….first, I’d like for everyone in the mainstream media to stop insulting Magic Johnson by saying that LBJ is like Magic. Magic was a passer first, but he would never be as indecisive as LBJ was at times during these Finals. Also, Magic knew how to play without the ball if he had to.

    For all of the dunks and spectacular plays LBJ gave us during the regular season and the Eastern Conference playoffs, Dallas stopped him with a pretty simple defensive plan. Marion and Stevenson pretty much tried to stay in front of him and body him up. If he got past those two, Chandler or Hayward or Mahinimi were waiting at the basket. In the regular season, LBJ would have went with force at those guys. It may have been a product of not getting the calls that he was used to (the refs did the Heat few favors in this series). But, you can’t get frustrated and not play your game. Otherwise, you’re falling into the other team’s hands.

    We knew that once the Heat spent all of their money on those 3 players, that the rest of the team wasn’t going to be that great. They needed to step up, and besides Chalmers and Haslem in the series, no one did. A combination of having the wrong players out there (Bibby), lack of production when they got a chance (Anthony & Miller), and not getting enough time out on the floor (just about everyone else) doomed the Heat.

    With the CBA looming, things could be very different next year for all teams. The owners are not united. The small market owners (also known as the owners that don’t want to spend money to win) want a hard cap and the ability to roll back existing contracts. The NBAPA won’t stand for that. Hard cap=Non-guaranteed contracts. The big market teams (known as the owners that want to win) say that they’d rather have revenue sharing among the teams. The players would more readily go for that. The NBA says that discussions about the future of the cap are an owner’s only discussion and have nothing to do with the CBA.

  32. DCK says:

    Hey Mizzo! It’s your sister from another mother…and father…lol…that lived across the street. I was invited by your sister from the same mother…and father…to take a look at your work. IMPRESSIVE!!! I will be sharing this with all of the sports lovers I know! Much, much SUCCESS!

  33. DC or should I say DCK? Is it really you? Wow. Just had a flashback to the day you moved in. How are you? How are your parents? Please tell them I said hi and give your husband a big hug from me. I just cracked up thinking about Great Adventure lol.

    Sorry about having to get past the wall before having the ability to comment. It sometimes gets crazy around here so we have to check who is human and who is not…

    Thanks for coming to the site. Shoot me an email here. 🙂