NBA Player Defections Overseas Only Fulfill David Stern’s Dream Of A Worldwide Basketball Association

When Deron Williams made it official that he was going to sign with Besiktas of the Turkish league it seemed to spark the interest of other players throughout the NBA. Everyone from Kobe Bryant to Dwight Howard has been rumored to be headed abroad this fall/winter. With the encouragement of the NBA players union to continue making a living and little resistance from the opposition – NBA  players are only fulfilling the vision of  David Stern for a Worldwide Basketball Association.

Without possibly seeking a more effective alternative.

Dwight Howard and Steve Nash could be headed to China while Kobe Bryant could return to Italy where he honed his skills as a youth. These are very real possibilities if the NBA lockout continues well into the latter part of this calendar year.

Many of the players are focused on maintaining a steady income while the owners and players union try to come to what seems insurmountable terms, they’re only expanding the NBA brand on a worlwide scale – a quest of  NBA Commissioner David Stern’s for over two decades. 

A Global Vision

The Toronto Raptors and Vancouver Grizzlies, the Tournament of the Americas Basketball Challenge and the drafting of Yao Ming #1 overall. These are all tools of David Stern’s NBA global expansion. There was discussion some time ago about teams in remote countries around the world that would be financially backed by the NBA and have their own leagues sort of like what there is now but with more financial stability – more on that later.

Regarding next summer’s Olympic Games, the Chicago Bulls Joakim Noah and several other players have reported to the training camps of their respective national teams in preparation for upcoming qualifying tournaments. Problem here is that the lockout suspended a program that allowed these teams to purchase insurance policies for the NBA contracts of  their best players. Players are hoping that a resolution comes about before the tournaments take place.

The Seed

The lack of resistance from David Stern or the owners in regards to the possible player defections supports the notion that this is something that Stern – if no one else is willing to toy with if only temporarily. Lets say that 40-45 percent of  NBA players choose to play abroad, many of these teams struggle financially to support the salaries of their respective rosters let alone one NBA superstar. The league would be in severe need of financial support.

An anonymous player on the Besiktas team stated that Williams will more than likely be the only player recieving a paycheck (approx. $200,000/month) while the remainder of the team has not been paid in months. It’s very possible that some of the NBA owners would be willing to “rescue” many of these teams by making a financial investment in them while undoubtedly cashing in on a portion of the revenue the NBA players are sure to generate?

With no negotiation timetable set things are looking bleak for an 82-game schedule, despite the league releasing its 2011-12 schedule today. 

It looks like the players had a Plan B in place to combat the lockout – which may ultimately play into David Stern’s master plan.

11 Responses to “NBA Player Defections Overseas Only Fulfill David Stern’s Dream Of A Worldwide Basketball Association”

  1. RBD says:

    These discussions about playing overseas are merely rhetorical exercises. There are so many reasons the defections will be extremely limited. One of them is the cap on foreign players in most leagues. There really isn’t room for many Americans.

  2. michelle says:

    Get your money fellas!!!

  3. Temple3 says:

    That’s what I said — pawns in the game.

  4. ks says:

    Hey folks, just allow me an off-topic mini-rant:

    Ahem – If Tiger Woods doesn’t get it by now, he never will. The freakin’ caddie he just fired is talking shit like “He told Tiger that he had to earn his (his!!!!?) respect back after the sex scandal” Say what!!!!? Tiger made that fucker rich and famous!! The nerve. The next time Tiger sees him, he ought to smack him upside the head.

    Tiger, you are Black and now you are being treated like you are Black. No more Cablinasian nonsense. Your conditional white pass is over. Even when you had the pass, they were still making “jokes” about collard greens and lynching your dumbass. Get a clue and for godsakes get some real dudes around you and not just the usual corporate leeches.

  5. ks says:

    Btw Tiger, about the last point, go talk to Lebron. That’s one of the real reasons he’s getting the hate. He kept his real dudes around him and they all are stacking paper. All of the butthurt nonsense about “the Decision” is mostly just noise. Think about it, some dudes get together as teenagers and put together a plan that gets them all paid and not only are they not congratulated, they get shit on. If he got rid of his team and replaced them with the usual, IMG, CCA, Falk et. al, the tone of the articles about him would change overnight. Gee, I wonder why? Well, not really….

  6. ks says:

    Sorry fam, this just pisses me off. After reading Williams comments again, if Tiger doesn’t finally get that, at the end of the day, he’s just the, excuse the language “Nigger paying the bills…” to a lot of these folks, he never will. Dude made millions of dollars caddying for Tiger. Probably more than any caddie in golf history but yet, he still feels he can yap at Tiger. Would he yapped at Phil, or Jack or Arnie or Els or Faldo or Norman, etc. like that? Hell no!

    But sadly, Tiger won’t get it. Do you think he will give black caddie a shot now? Don’t answer! LOL!

  7. Like I’ve said the last few days…Tiger needs to get his ass back to Eldrick…

  8. Ron Glover says:

    Whatever chapter Williams dedicates to Tiger in his book won’t tell us anything we don’t already know. He said he was unaware of his affairs, but I’m sure he feasted on the crumbs that fell from Wood’s table.

  9. Hell yeah he did…