Ron Glover’s NFL Q & A: The Post Lockout Free Agency Edition

Can you feel the love?

The NFL returned to a sports community in dire need of its presence. At times it looked as if the season would be shortened if there was going to be one at all. But in the end, I believe the players and owners both walked away satisfied and able to see eye to eye one some things and a mutual respect for the players that preceeded them.

 With the future of the NBA in worse shape than David Stern cares to admit, the country’s most popular sport returned with free agency as it’s first order of business.  As the NFL returns, so does the weekly Q&A…

1. Will missed OTAs and time to get “hands on” in a new system hamper Cam Newton in his rookie campaign? 

Thank goodness for DeAngelo Williams re-signing with the Panthers. The most important lesson for Newton this year will be game management – minimizing turnovers and mistakes will be his short term goals. Of course there will be times when his playmaking ability will surface, the rub here is to allow it to come in the flow of the game. He has the luxury of two quality backs in Williams and Jonathan Stewart and an above average offensive line. The addition of a veteran tight end like Jeremy Shockey is invaluable for any QB especially a rookie. The Panthers have to either re-sign or move wideout Steve Smith and give Newton two more quality targets.

2. Have the New England become the NFL’s Home for Wayward Souls?

It seemed to work for Corey Dillon and Randy Moss, so why should I expect Albert Haynesworth’s New England Experience to be any less productive. The Pats sent the Washington Redskins a fifth rounder in the 2013 draft to acquire the best defensive tackle in the game. Haynesworth is coming to the Patriots after a tumultuous season in Washington under Mike Shanahan. He is well aware of the tight ship they run in Foxboro and pairing up with Vince Wilfork in possible 4-3 schemes poses the question; will the Pats defense give up 500 yards on the ground this season?

3. This could be anything but a last hurrah for Donovan McNabb in Minnesota.

Donovan McNabb is out to prove that last season in Washington was no more than a hiccup on what I hope is a road to Canton. The Teflon Don’s mettle was tested once again in the form of the aforementioned Mike Shanahan. McNabb was benched, had his conditioning and intelligence called into question and was pretty much told not to worry about playing after Week 14. If I didn’t know better I would’ve thought Rush Limbaugh was manning the controls in D.C. In Minnesota things will be different, he has arguably the NFL’s best back in Adrian Peterson, a reliable red zone target in Visanthe Shiancoe and an explosive young talented receiver in Percy Harvin. The Vikes took a huge blow in losing go-to guy Sidney Rice and seem to be about $5 million over the $120 million cap. If the Vikings can free up some cash they may be able to pursue an primary wide receiver.

McNabb to Moss maybe…

4. Are the Eagles prepared for a DeSean Jackson holdout?

Financially they are. If Jackson chooses to hold out the Birds have the cap space to bring in a significant receiver. From a PR standpoint this could be a potential nightmare of T.O. proportions. With Drew Rosenhaus representing Jackson this could be an ugly negotiation that drags out. The Eagles have brought in some speedy young backs/return men to either lessen the wear and tear on Jackson when he returns or as a contingency plan if he to holds out. I think a deal will get done, but it will be agonizing to watch.


5. Where will Vince Young land?

Possible destinations include Buffalo, Miami or wherever Kyle Orton doesn’t end up. The starting market won’t be high on Young thanks to former coach Jeff Fisher all but sabotaging the man’s career from day one. Young will get off the mat and resume his career. That opportunity may come in Philadelphia, Young would be in a learning situation under Andy Reid while still being allowed to use his athletic ability. Despite playing a backup role to Michael Vick, Young could be a solid backup when called upon.


8 Responses to “Ron Glover’s NFL Q & A: The Post Lockout Free Agency Edition”

  1. MODI says:

    Vince Wilfork and Haynesworth!


    Haynesworth will be fine. Belichick would never pull those punk moves that Shanahan did last year on Haynesworth. Real good coaches don’t need to flex for the press.

    McNabb will get his redemption, and if I’m Miami, I’m definitely going after Vince

  2. CAvard says:

    It will be Wilfork, Haynesworth, and Ty Warren on the defensive front end. Haynesworth apparently isn’t fond of 3-4 formations and he let the Redskins know about that. The Patriots have the same system. Will he respond the same way? Probably not. Belichick won’t tolerate it. Haynesworth knows he’ll be shown the door (i.e. Moss last season and Terry Glenn in ’01).

    On that note, the Patriots also picked up Chad Ochocinco today. Unreal. What a mad start to the season this has been. SO entertaining!

  3. Miranda says:

    VY in Philly to back up MV7! WOW

  4. Miranda says:

    Wow…the Eagles aint playin…they just came outta nowhere and signed Nnamdi Asomugha

  5. HarveyDent says:

    Hopefully the Eagles will keep Assante back there to team up with Nnamdi and Dom instead of this talk I’m hearing about them thinking of moving him. I wouldn’t mind seeing more beef on both the lines either but with VY in the fold to save some wear and tear on MV7, I can actually say that I’m over my McNabb hangover. I’m just happy that it’s working out all the way around for him, Vick, and Young and that Kevin Kolb will set in the desert once its seen that the Eagles fleeced another team into taking an overhyped backup QB once again.

    A Vikings-Eagles match up in the NFC championship game would be very interesting.

  6. Origin says:

    Harvey I have to give Andy Reid his props on the defensive signings. But still DJ is a holdout and the the Eagles have no power runnning back to get short yardage and I bet Reid won’t use Stanley Havili as a RB/FB to help out. Second Vick will still be passing to WRs except for Avant that aren’t big or physical. Crazy its the same mess with this team year after year.

    Now on to Mcnabb……these idiot Vikings signed Michael Jenkins. So basically the team loses Rice and picks up Jenkins. So Mcnabb has 2 good TE and a good WR with Migraine problems and a possesion WR (Jenkins). An underachiever in Berrian and a dude from the CFL. If this is all they will have at WR this is a total Joke. Only credit I will give them is that they gave Mcnabb (who is a streaky passer like the person I always compare him to (Elway)) some big WRs. But other then that this is total trash and the front office need to do better.

    Well enough of my rant.

    I told Miranda last year that if the Mcnabb went to the Vikings that it would Vikings vs. Eagles in the NFC Championship game (and the game would get about 40 to 50 million viewers). Now If Reid’s foolish self will run the ball to protect Vick and his midget WRs and if the Vikings can get some help on their OL plus the OL stay healthy. Along with the Vikings trash WRs (except Harvin) performing beyond the call of duty and the defense playing out of their mind. We might actually see this matchup in the NFC Championship game.

    Oh and I see the league still giving out WR stimulus packages to golden boy QBs, I see that part of the CBA hasn’t changed since the lockout…LOL!!!. yeah Brady and Sanchez…..I am talking about you!!!!

  7. kos says:

    1) I don’t think Cam will be hampered at all. Cam was practicing with Steve Smith during most of the lockout. During that temporary halt of the lockout, he got a copy of the playbook from the Panthers’ O.C. So, he’s already ahead of the curve. Even better for Cam, Steve Smith was saying after last season he wanted out of Carolina. After practicing with Cam during the lockout, he’s changed his tune and says that he wants to stay with the Panthers.

    Predictably, looking at the news web sites around the Carolinas, there’s still a lot of hate for Cam. Even though I’m a Steelers fan, I’ll root for Cam to do well.

    2) The Hoodie is just like every other coach in the NFL, he wants to win. It’s been well known that he liked Chad Johnson. Haynesworth, Shannahan scared most teams off of him, so Belichick knows that he can get him for cheap. Bill will also treat him with more respect than Shannahan did, which is a better way of getting players to want to perform than constantly berating them in front of the press.

    Of course, I think Bill probably feels more pressure to win now because his teams haven’t won a championship since they were told they couldn’t tape the other team’s practices before games. And worse, haven’t won a playoff game since they lost that SB to the Giants.

    3) D. McNabb gets the shaft once again. He’s got a running game and a great D, but now he has no reliable receivers. Where have we heard that before? I’d love to see D. McNabb at least make the NFC Championship and maybe go back to the Super Bowl, but unless the Vikings can find a reliable receiver, that doesn’t seem likely. Maybe he can get Randy Moss to come back and play like the Randy Moss of old?

    4) The Eagles shored up their defense big time in getting Asomhga and Rogers-Cromartie. That will help lessen the sting of a Jackson holdout in itself. Whether the Eagles keep Samuel or deal him (which would be more likely if they end up paying Jackson more), they should be one of the toughest teams to throw against. Now as for the other receivers, they are decent to good, but none as game-breaking as Jackson. Without him, the long game is basically Vick’s legs.

    5) We know Vince has ended up backing up Vick for a year. Given Vick’s history of getting hurt, and Andy Reid’s disdain for good blocking O-linemen, Vince will probably get in some snaps this year. Having Jackson would definitely help him. Playing well when he gets the chance means perhaps a starting job somewhere next year. Maybe Miami, or in Houston when folks figure out Schaub can get you numbers, but not wins in big games! One thing that can be said about Andy Reid, almost every QB he’s put out there has looked better in his system than they have elsewhere.

    Origin –

    You expected different than the golden boy QB’s getting the best WR? Just because the lockout is over doesn’t mean thing’s have changed for them! It’s just surprising to me that neither Flacco or Ryan got an upgrade at WR this offseason.

  8. Miranda says:

    Ryan got Julio Jones – the Falcons pawned everything for him in the draft….and thats why McNabb now has that castoff Michael Jenkins. LOL, people been betting that Jenkins must have had pictures of Arthur Blank nekkid with goats or something because his ass should have been cut years ago.