Michael Vick, Cam Newton, Terrelle Pryor And The Media’s Attempt to Deter The Black Quarterback: Part 2

Posted in Blogroll on August 30th, 2011 by Ron Glover

In our first segment, we examined the story of Terrelle Pryor, who went from savior to sinner quicker than a game-winning drive against Michigan. The debacle at Ohio State left Pryor minus his senior season of eligibility as well as the ire of the Ohio State faithful. Pryor faced media scrutiny for his “role” in bringing down the Ohio State program, resulting in the resignation of Jim Tressell. After being selected in the 3rd round by the Oakland Raiders, Pryor was suspended for the first five games of this season as a result of his non-compliance with the NCAA during the OSU investigation. Pryor is receiving further backlash from “experts” questioning his ability to play quarterback in the NFL. Something that was a non-issue while he compiled a 31-4 record as a starter at OSU.

Today we look at Cam Newton.

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The Greatest Players For Every BCS Conference School Part II: The Big East

Posted in Blogroll on August 27th, 2011 by Okori Wadsworth


And here we go again, with round 2 of my exhaustive effort to find the greatest player for every single BCS conference. This time, stopping at the conference that is more known for hoops than football, the Big East.

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Michael Vick, Cam Newton, Terrelle Pryor And The Media’s Attempt to Deter The Black Quarterback: Part 1

Posted in Blogroll on August 26th, 2011 by Ron Glover

The Powers that Be don’t want Michael Vick to happen again — so they remind us. The Man is leery of Cam Newton — so he seeks to control him.  The Shield doesn’t want Terrelle Pryor to be — so they will break him – or try to.

Serious work is being put in these days when it comes to the Black quarterback — the media that encouraged many to hate Michael Vick now lay petals at his feet while he reassembles his life and resurrected career. Meanwhile the constant criticism of Carolina Panthers rookie Cam Newton after each game that he “struggles” seems almost sublime. Don’t all rookies struggle at some point? And what about the conscious effort to pass Terrelle Pryor off as nothing more than a problem child whose career will eventually become the train wreck many in Columbus, OH are hoping to see.

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The Greatest Players For Every BCS Conference School Part 1: The ACC

Posted in Blogroll on August 25th, 2011 by Okori Wadsworth


College football is starting on Thursday, September 1st. And with that in mind, I figured I’d have a little fun, stir a little debate, and perhaps write something you’d want to read over and over again. With some help from my trusty research assistant the Internet, I have found the greatest players to ever play for all 6 of the power conferences.

Why didn’t i do every single division 1-a school you ask? Simple. A: It would have taken me way too long to do. B: In some cases, there is no answer or too many answers. Do you really want to know who the all-time greatest Hawaii Rainbow Warrior is? (Answer: Mark Tuinei, with Jason Elam close behind.) Same thing with SMU. For a program that was given the Death Penalty, there’s far more options than you’d think. Try and pick between Eric Dickerson and Doak Walker. That ought to be fun.

Now, before I get to the list, some ground rules. This is a list of the greatest NFL players, but college performance is weighted equally. Therefore, Tom Brady will not be on the list for Michigan because he had trouble starting. Also, this is the 6 conferences as they are now. So Nebraska goes in the Big Ten list, and Colorado goes in the Pac-10. And we’re starting this little journey through the ACC.

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Ron Glover’s NFL Questions & Answers: Preseason Week 2

Posted in Blogroll on August 22nd, 2011 by Ron Glover

It took only a matter of seconds for Plaxico Burress to familiarize himself in the N.Y. Jets offensive scheme for 2012. Burress’ reception for 20 yards on the games first play was a clear indicator that this Jet was cleared and ready for takeoff. Burress would finish the game with 3 receptions for 66 yards including a touchdown in the Jets 27-7 rout of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Welcome to this weeks NFL Q & A…

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Friday Fire: What Should Happen With The University of Miami Football Program?

Posted in Blogroll on August 19th, 2011 by Michael Tillery

One of the more provocative teams in sports…

By now you’ve heard about the University of Miami football scandal. It’s Friday, so I wanted to ask  your view of what went down. Luther Campbell and Dan Le Batard speak their minds on The U with me in separate archived interviews below not related to this scandal. I added these to show you just how polarizing the program has been since the early 80’s. Interesting to say the least.

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Terrelle Pryor Eligible for NFL Supplemental Draft…but…Will be Suspended 1st 5 Regular Season Games

Posted in Blogroll on August 18th, 2011 by Michael Tillery

Blockbuster news coming out of the NFL.

I wrote a short commentary after Terrelle Pryor left the Ohio State program. ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted earlier Pryor would be eligible for the NFL supplemental draft August 22.

It has also been reported that Pryor will serve a 5 game suspension because he failed to cooperate with Ohio State investigation and hired an agent which is against NCAA rules.

Wait… the NFL did what?

Until the law of the land goes hardcore after boosters who come after impressionable kids with gifts, money and whatever else, the NCAA will continue to be a farce. Pay the kids. Now.  All of them. Come up with some sort of pay scale fair for every athlete. Money is being generated so quit fattening the already fat rats kicking back and collecting stacks. This in no way condones any Pryor wrongdoing but more about the NFL setting a dangerous precedent getting involved in NCAA affairs. I wonder if writers will mention that Pryor was heading into his senior season and therefore eligible for the regular draft if it were held today anyway. Hmmm.

Apparently the suspension was handed down with the NFLPA’s approval.


Drew Rosenhaus you are now on the clock.

Mother May I

Posted in Blogroll on August 17th, 2011 by Michael Tillery

I have but a few pictures.

Memories of her voice.

My sister and I have no choice.

Past dark smiling silence.

Grand is the knowledge death gives us.

Running through Chester Park in Chester, PA, there’s this hill. Youth gets you to its peak very easily.

This certain day, I vividly remember a song because my Mother would sing it to me:

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Ron Glover’s NFL Questions & Answers: Preseason Week 1

Posted in Blogroll on August 16th, 2011 by Ron Glover

The NFL Preseason schedule got underway last Thursday night and it from the looks of things, the NFL was missed. I got a chance to look in on some of this weekend’s games and I must say from the play of some of the rookie quarterbacks, the future looks bright.

Let’s get to Questions and Answers.

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Friday Fire: Why Do We Love NFL Football?

Posted in Blogroll on August 12th, 2011 by Michael Tillery

We definitely miss you Sean and you as well RMoss…in another capacity

Oh…and quit the Dream Team talk. It was an off the cuff statement that is insignificant. What did you expect him to say? The Eagles are gonna suck? Vince is just happy to get the hell out of Tennessee. Don’t blow that bs up. What are we little kids? 

We simply missed a Hall of Fame game and you would have thought 10 NFL seasons were lost simply by gauging the emotional reaction to a lock out that actually never really happened. I don’t know about this kick off rule change. Way too many touch backs. Just thought I’d ask the question: Why the hell do we love football so much? Is it the super speed knocks, the bombs for six, the run backs, comebacks, pitch backs, the Bruce Lee like excitement of Michael Vick?

Give it to me…

Ron Glover’s NFL Questions & Answers: The Training Camp Edition

Posted in Blogroll on August 10th, 2011 by Ron Glover

Well things seemed to have calmed down on the free agent signing front and contrary to popular belief the Philadelphia Eagles did not pursue Chris  Bosh as was widely rumored. As players settle in to their new teams and the training camp wars begin – let’s get down to this week’s Q&A.

Time’s yours.

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The Michael Vick Effect On Free Agency

Posted in Blogroll on August 3rd, 2011 by Ron Glover

For his first six years in the NFL, Michael Vick for all of his God-given ability was still a work in progress both on and off the field. After a fall from grace and two years in prison, Vick returned to the NFL prepared to repair his image at the expense of those that intimated that his repentant heart was fueled by an empty bank account.

Vick has picked up his life and career to become the leader on a loaded Philadelphia Eagles squad that’s looking to make a run at the Lombardi Trophy.

You heard me correctly when I said leader.

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Randy Moss: The Strength, Speed, Charisma and Fallacy of 81

Posted in Blogroll on August 1st, 2011 by Michael Tillery

(Photo:Matt Slocum, AP)
All you haters….

(posted this on January 12, 2008  on the old site. Obviously posting it here because of Moss’ impending retirement. I wrote this during a time period when many Black athletes were characterized as straight criminals…hence the push back)

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