Ron Glover’s NFL Questions & Answers: The Training Camp Edition

Well things seemed to have calmed down on the free agent signing front and contrary to popular belief the Philadelphia Eagles did not pursue Chris  Bosh as was widely rumored. As players settle in to their new teams and the training camp wars begin – let’s get down to this week’s Q&A.

Time’s yours.

Is Mark Ingram a better fit in the New Orleans Saints offense than Reggie Bush?  Ingram’s style is closer to Deuce McAllister than Bush. While Bush may be the better all-purpose threat Ingram is a power back with the ability to break tackles and excellent speed. However his durability at the pro level will be tested.

Albert Haynesworth has missed close to a handful of practices with the Patriots. Is this a cause for concern or is it a matter that the Pats choose to keep under “The Hoodie”?  It was reported the Haynesworth reported to camp relatively healthy, passing the conditioning test. What ever the case may be the Patriots coaching staff has chosen to handle it internally and keep the press at arm’s length – a far cry from last season.

Mike Shanahan - Washington Redskins v Detroit Lions

Speaking of Mike Shanahan, when can we officially begin his coaching death watch? I’m going to say on the flight back from San Francisco in Week 9. The Skins will have quit on him as evidenced in their 3-touchdown defeat at the hands of the San Francisco 49’ers, dropping the team to 2-6.

Baltimore Ravens Running Back Ricky Williams Runs

Has signing on with the Baltimore Ravens bought Ricky Williams another year or two? I would say so, he going to get his share of short yardage carries and I think it helps Joe Flacco in knowing that he has a guy back there other than Ray Rice that is just as effective. Williams’ value to the Ravens won’t manifest itself until the playoff chase.

With the emergence of Tampa Bay and Seattle last season and the anticipated improvement of Detroit and St. Louis this season. The NFC looks to be very competitive for the forseeable future. As for the AFC… your thoughts?

What is DeSean Jackson worth to the Philadelphia Eagles. Santonio Holmes will receive roughly $10 million per from the New York Jets and I’m sure that’s where the conversation will begin in Jackson’s negotiations. It’s not a comparision between Jackson and Holmes. The question is whether or Jackson’s all around performance on the field commands that kind of coin. It has it’s pros and cons and Jackson probabaly would not command that amount anywhere else, but he’s in an offense that maximizes his skills to the hilt. More importantly, the Eagles can’t afford to lose Jackson considering the offseason that they’ve enjoyed so far.


14 Responses to “Ron Glover’s NFL Questions & Answers: The Training Camp Edition”

  1. Miranda says:

    Mike Shanahan is a dead coach walking.

  2. Temple3 says:

    Good stuff. Food for thought.

    I suspect that Pierre Thomas’ versatility will be the reason the Saints don’t miss Bush as much as another team. Ingram is a guy that no one is going to want to tackle after 2:30 of that early game. As much as Payton likes to run the ball, you can trust that Ingram is going to be a game changer. I think he could score 12-15 TDs this season. The yards will come, but the TDs should be there. And I liked Chris Ivory, too. They’re stocked at that position.

    I think Ricky Williams is going to pay off in Week 1 vs. the Steelers. McGahee used to kill the Steelers. I think Williams is a far superior player in every aspect of the game and will pay off right away.

    I don’t think Shanahan is a dead coach walking. I think that he and Bruce Allen had a plan to come in and rework the entire roster. The plan was to get rid of the veterans and rebuild the team, while pursuing relatively cheap free agents who would allow them to sell seats and keep interest high. They did that by signing McNabb last year. Now, he’s gone, Portis is gone, Haynesworth is gone. The guys who are there are mostly system guys who’ve bought in or they’re youngsters. Expectations are WAY DOWN in Washington. If they lose to SF, no one is going to care one bit. If they’re 0-8 because Rex Grossman is being himself or John Beck hasn’t come of age, there may be pressure on the coach, but Synder and Allen brought him in to do some basic things. Last year, they were the only team to beat the Packers, Eagles and Bears…and that was before they fell apart in the 4th vs. Indy and benched McNabb vs. Detroit.

    I don’t think Shanahan is a BAD football X’s and O’s guy. He may well be a dick and an overprotective dad, but he’s going to usually put guys in position to win games. Ryan Torain is about to make some loot in this league because of Shanahan and his 1-cut system (or Alex Gibbs’ system, if you prefer).

    I could be wrong about that. I expect Washington to struggle, but I also expect them to surprise some folks. Year 2 in the 3-4 defense without Haynesworth. Who knows.

  3. Temple3 says:

    Steve Smith, too. Now y’all are just plain showin’ off. Daaamn. Philly is gonna be a tough out.

  4. RBD says:

    Part of me says that if the Eagles keep signing players, they won’t need Jackson as much. But then I remember that punt return that sank the Giants. His unique skills can make an instant difference in a game. Specifically, his work on one kick return can permit others to relax on the sidelines rather than go through the brute force required in a 10-play, 65-yard drive.

  5. Temple3 says:

    They need him. Without DeSean Jackson, the Eagles receivers become last year’s Ravens…a bunch of solid #2’s without the speed to “blow the top off the defense.” Someone has to make the safeties worry about safety. And deeper safeties create wider, better running lanes for Vick if and when the protection or some other aspect of a play breaks down.

  6. Miranda says:

    Geez, I hope Maclin is ok – forget football, just ok for health’s sakes. Its scary when you are being tested on over and over and no one can diagnose you.

  7. eric daniels says:

    Mike Shanahan is dead man walking warmed over DeSean is worth 10 million a year but will Banner pay him what he is worth on the open market. And “Baby Jesus” Tebow will never SEE the starting lineup at QB especially after what I saw on the NFL Network “Baby Jesus” has regressed. And in Tampa people are mad because we didn’t spend any money during free agency.

    And Mike Vick looks good (watching the tape delay) on NFL Network and the Eagles still can’t run the ball down in the Goaline

  8. HarveyDent says:

    Leave dem dirty heffas alone, J-Mac…J/K…hope he’s OK too but I wouldn’t be surprised if he caught a dose of the clap somewhere during the lockout.

  9. Temple3 says:

    @ E.D.

    I hope all is well…You’ve gotta like Ronnie Brown around the goal line once he gets going. He can move the pile and he can catch. If he doesn’t get the touches, the Eagles will only have themselves to blame.

  10. eric daniels says:

    Thanks temple and everybody else for the kind words. Looking forward to watching Josh Freeman and the Bucs tonight.

  11. Origin says:

    1. Not sure if Ingram is a better fit. But unlike Reid Payton will run the ball to protect his QB and run the clock out to end the game. The Saints need that because their other RBs haven’t been able to stay healthy. What the Saints will miss is the matchup problems that Bush created on 3rd down with him coming out of the back field or lining up outside.

    2. I think Shanahan is fine because as I always say NFL fans are the most optimistic fans in all of sports. No matter how crappy their team is they still think they have a shot at the playoffs. Plus even if they miss the playoffs the fans always think some rookie golden boy QB has a chance to be the next Tom Brady no matter what round he was drafted in. Thats why folks in San Fran still talking about give Alex Smith another chance.

    In saying all of that Shanny bought himself and his son some more time by throwing Mcnabb and Haynesworth under the bus. Plus even if they lose all their games the fans and media will still be happy since they will have the 1st pick for Andrew Luck. So in essence Shanny and his son have bought their team 2 Mulligans over the next 2 years.

    Plus lets not forget lil Shanny and Sexy Rexy are long time friends (and tattoo boys). So lil Shanny will make sure to put his buddy in the best situation to succeed (as we saw with the play calling in the Dallas game last year) and their won’t be any talk of cardiovascular endurance (even though Rexy is as big as a house this season) from big Shanny. They will run the ball and protect Rex cause thats what folks do for “THEIR” boys.

    3.) Ricky will have a great impact on that team because of how physical he is and he is a well rounded back. Plus the Ravens now have Lee Evans (Boy them golden boys still getting handouts).

    4.) I think the Ravens face the Jets in the AFC Championship game.

    5.) Outside of Vick Desean is the most important player on the Eagles. He creates so many matchup problems for the defense plus stretches the field to open up Celek/Avant for catches between the hash marks and opens up the screen game with McCoy. With the Eagles WR being small and not really physical their speed is the only weapon they have. DJ is the biggest piece to that puzzle.

    6.) I hope Maclin gets well soon as sista Miranda said life is more important this this football stuff.

    @ED – I hope everything is well brotha. On the Eagles I believe the reason for the Eagles not being able to convert 3rd downs is a because Reid doesn’t run the ball enough to help the OL gel whne it comes to running and that the Eagles don’t have a FB that can run block. Stopping the run on defense and running the ball has been a problem for the eagles since 2004 season. In 2003 they were a great running team, but it was because Reid was forced to run because of Mcnabb had a broken/injured thump/hand. Reid went to a 3 headed (could saw 4 with Mcnabb running) monster running game and the Eagles IMO would have beaten the Panthers in the NFC Championship game if Westbrook didn’t get hurt (and Mcnabb didn’t get the cheap shot hit to the ribs against the Panthers) in the regular season vs Miami.

  12. Origin says:

    *Side Note – If Shanny can turn the team around in DC look for Bill (keeping up with the brothers) Romanowski to make a move to ESPN. He has been going around being a mouth piece for his Homeboy Shananhan over the last 2 months. If Shanny can get his stuff together in DC, Romo’s employment opportunities will increase because of his connections to the Shanahans and his inside information that will be feed to him by Shanahan.

    I mean isn’t that how Shefty got started???

    Also I want to say that I am happy to see my homey Chris Mullin go to the HOF. As a kid I loves watching him, Richmond and Hardaway in Golden State. Shame that injuries robbed a lot of Mullins career in his prime. The media for years have been trying to find the next “White” Larry Bird. Out of all those guys that the media has annointed the next Larry Bird (Dirk, Nash, Mullin, Adam Morrison and etc). Only Mullin actually played like Bird (even though he was never the passer that Bird was), he was close to Birds height at 6-7 could put the ball on the floor and shoot. Plus like Bird he was great at jumping passing lanes and had great hands like Bird. During his best years he was considered having the best hands in the league (in terms of stripping the ball).

    I will always remember that playoff in which he guarded Magic the whole series.

  13. Origin says:

    One more thing why are folks in the media saying that the reason that the Falcons lost to Greenbay in the playoffs last year was because they couldn’t score points???

    So they drafted a WR……….but wasn’t that Falcons defense getting burned the whole game by Rodgers and his WRs???