Friday Fire: Why Do We Love NFL Football?

We definitely miss you Sean and you as well RMoss…in another capacity

Oh…and quit the Dream Team talk. It was an off the cuff statement that is insignificant. What did you expect him to say? The Eagles are gonna suck? Vince is just happy to get the hell out of Tennessee. Don’t blow that bs up. What are we little kids? 

We simply missed a Hall of Fame game and you would have thought 10 NFL seasons were lost simply by gauging the emotional reaction to a lock out that actually never really happened. I don’t know about this kick off rule change. Way too many touch backs. Just thought I’d ask the question: Why the hell do we love football so much? Is it the super speed knocks, the bombs for six, the run backs, comebacks, pitch backs, the Bruce Lee like excitement of Michael Vick?

Give it to me…

17 Responses to “Friday Fire: Why Do We Love NFL Football?”

  1. Ron Glover says:

    For me it’s NFL Films. It’s “Ol’ Man” Willie running to glory in Super Bowl XI, it’s Super Bowl XIII – Bradshaw going to Swann and Stallworth, it’s Jackie Harris being the “sickest man in America”. It’s Wilbert Montgomery racing 42-yards when he probably could’ve run to New Orleans that day. It’s “Sweetness”. It’s Fouts to Winslow or Joiner or Jefferson. It’s “The Catch”, it’s Eric Dickerson, it’s “The Drive”, it’s Montana to Rice. It’s LT, it’s the New York Sack Exchange. It’s Randall Cunningham, Reggie White and Jerome Brown. It’s “The Body Bag Game” It’s Doug Williams throwing into history. It’s Barry Sanders. It’s Prime Time. It’s Brian Dawkins. It’s Marshall Faulk and “The Greatest Show on Turf” It’s the Motor City Miracle, It’s Ray Lewis. It’s Super Bowl XXXIX and what could’ve been. It’s Miracle at the Meadowlands I & II. It’s one of the many great memories that I have of my father. It’s the game that I’ve loved since a child.

    It’s the sport that I wrote about passionately long before The Starting Five.

    It’s the dream of seeing the Vince Lombardi trophy being celebrated in the city of my birth.

  2. Temple3 says:

    Ron is right.

    It’s NFL Films. Ed Sabol tapped into our neuro-chemical constitution and turned us all into putty.

    What were we SUPPOSED to do as kids listening to cool-ass John Facenda and the music of Sam Spence — over slow motion highlights and close-ups?

    We didn’t stand a chance.

    Slo-mo makes everyone look better. Orchestras make everything sounds better and Facenda made everything seem legendary.

  3. eric daniels says:

    It’s everything, the changing of seasons, when I played football as a teenager I always looked forward to August because it was preseason football and practice from 6-8 in the evening. NFL football in the late summer and the preseason magazines every team is 0-0 and even Skins fans think they can win the Super Bowl. Watching last year’s highlights and when I was a kid watching NFL Films every Saturday afternoon showing the league’s great teams and Sunday Morning watching Jayne Kennedy on NFL Today and seeing players lose their marbles around her.

    And Bryant Gumbel had an Afro in the 70’s when he worked for NBC sports doing the pregame and postgame highlights lolol

  4. Ron Glover says:

    Man, Jayne Kennedy! Bryant Gumbel was great. I remember Irv Cross and a young Brent Musberger.

  5. eric daniels says:

    Ron when I was a teenager in the late 70’s I said that Jayne Kennedy would be my first wife. lolol hey at 12 years old we can all dream I suppose.

  6. CAvard says:

    Speaking of retro …. remember these intros?


  7. CAvard says:

    Don’t remember this intro because I was probably asleep when MNF started.

    However … this MNF moment is something we all remember and a big part of NFL history, especially for MNF.

  8. Origin says:

    Everything what you guys said.

    Add to the fact the farm system that is college football, games being once a week so there is this buildup of hype. Add Madden, hype of the draft, Fantasy football, gambling, constant year round bombardment of college football and NFL on networks like ESPN (even in the offseason). College football games during Christmas break for students. NFL games on Thanksgiving and sometimes Christmas.

    So many of us hen we think of football we have thoughts of fun and family gatherings. Maybe it reminds us of going back to school and season changes like what ED said.

    Its no surprise that most of us as Americans are NFL fans or just football fans in general.

  9. eric daniels says:


    My favorite time of the year is fall because football practices were generally easier compared to summer time and every week was a game to be played. And in August school starts and in my Junior High school were used to get pencils of our favorite football teams in the school office. ( we used to trade team pencils for change to buy candies across the street) And in the late 70’s NFL Football seemed much bigger and violent and the teams were more intimidating than today’s teams. The Raiders, Steelers, Dolphins, Vikings and “America’s Team the Cowboys. And Howard Cosell, the Gipper and Dandy Don on MNF was an event we would talk about in school the next day.

  10. Ron Glover says:

    CAvard, I could only stay up for MNF if the Eagles played and only then until the Sunday Highlights were done. I remember the game where Tony Franklin kicked a 52-harder damn near from the Cowboys star in that game the Eagles won. John Walton even got to play that night and I believe he threw a touchdown.

    Man, those were the days.

  11. Miranda says:

    OMG Cavard! LMAO….I’m rolling at the sponsors of that old clip! Buick and Lowenbrau! Talk about the good ole days! LOL

  12. Miranda says:

    That’s me Origin…many of the best family gathering moments just happen to coincide with a football. Every year going to the Magic City classic….everybody gathering around watching the Iron Bowl….eating WAY too much food on Thanksgiving and still stuffing yourself with sweet potato pie or peach cobbler while watching the Lions get beat again (but they’re about to change all that, right Suh!! Go Lions!) – even every week after church, after Sunday dinner, settling down watching the 4pm game. Its a tradition with me still. LOVE THE FALL.

  13. Miranda says:

    Plays like this is why I love the NFL!

  14. RBD says:

    NFL Films. The Voice of God, John Facenda, telling us how “The Autumn wind is a Raider,” etc.

  15. t friend says:

    I think the NCAA is going after Miami Hurricanes hard again. I feel bad for ex coach Randy Shannon, because they are gonna hang this on him for his next job. Even though his graduation rate was higher than all BCS programs and APR higher than Harvard and Army.

  16. RBD says:

    I really doubt this will fall to Shannon. It is pretty well established that he was a reformer who had no use for the eventually convicted felon in this case. This stuff is the outgrowth of a culture that had taken hold long before Shannon’s promotion to head coach.