Ron Glover’s NFL Questions & Answers: Preseason Week 1

The NFL Preseason schedule got underway last Thursday night and it from the looks of things, the NFL was missed. I got a chance to look in on some of this weekend’s games and I must say from the play of some of the rookie quarterbacks, the future looks bright.

Let’s get to Questions and Answers.

1. Cam Newton, Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert and Ryan Mallet were all impressive in their own way in their professional debuts. Who among this rookie class has the best opportunity of starting at some point during the season? I believe that the door is wide open for Newton and Locker while Gabbert has a shot and his progression will only shorten the rope that Jack Del Rio will give starter David Garrard. Mallet’s time under center would only come at the expense of an injury to Tom Brady. I believe at some point Newton’s ability to get the ball downfield and the ability to prolong plays will be his ticket to unseating Jimmy Clausen as the  starter. Jake Locker may just have to show up with a warm arm – I don’t believe there’s much left in Matt Hasselbeck’s tank. Locker’s progression can only hasten the inevitable.

Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson wants a contract that will make him one of the highest paid players in the League. Is he worth it? Johnson has averaged over 300+ carries per season – building blocks for a shortened career (see Jamaal Anderson). Johnson knows he’s going to be the focal point of the Titans offense that lacks any other big-play options. I don’t blame Johnson for seeking the highest possible dollar for his services. At the same time I don’t see the Titans brass offering him anymore than what Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson makes ($10 million base). After Johnson sits out a regular season game or two, both sides may meet somewhere around the $12-13 million mark.


Is there an NFL for Terrelle Pryor? *spoken in severe sarcasm* A  two-sport athlete prodigy comes along, lives the life of Diddy on campus unbeknownst to his head coach who works tirelessly to mold his players into upstanding young men. All of this while the star quarterback sinks a proud program and coach into oblivion. Yes, Terrelle Pryor will get a shot at the NFL but not without it’s share of scrutiny (He will be asked to play a position other than QB or head North to Canada) and the watchful eye of Commissioner Roger Goodell hovering. This may be a one-shot deal for Pryor.

Philadelphia Eagles President is taking a huge gamble by not signing DeSean Jackson now? I’m not in the information loop but I’ve heard nothing remotely from either side in these negotiations. My feeling is that not much is going on and if this carries into the off season DeSean Jackson is going to listen to every offer, no matter who the team is. Not signing Jackson nullifies everything that they’ve done in free agency – and remember that Michael Vick is up for a new contract in 2012.

3 Responses to “Ron Glover’s NFL Questions & Answers: Preseason Week 1”

  1. Paulman says:

    Nice Article Ron..
    A couple of highly drafted QB’s who struggled in Week #1
    Vikings Ponder and 49ers Kaepernick (as did the entire 49er team)
    I think Bengals QB Dalton played ok but is on a rebuilding team

    The biggest thing I saw in week #1 that impressed me was the pace of play and many of the games I watched were not sluggish or poorly executed until late in the games when 3rd/4th Strings are out there and it appears that most players i saw kept in pretty godo shape which is a testament to their hard work..

    The biggest rule change that I don’t like is moving the kick-ofsf up 5 yards to the 35 yard line which results in most kikcs going tinot the end-zone so we will definitely see more touchbaks and teams starting from their own 20 Yard line more often… which will most likley fave the run oritented teams who don’t make a whole lot of big plays to begion with and in many cases will shirten the game,,resulting in lower scoring and more punts in my opinion…..

  2. CAvard says:

    Hoping Patriots RB Stevan Ridley makes the cut. Don’t forget his 2 TD’s against the Jags!!! That impressed me.

    Seems like Newton did well because the coaching staff everything simple. They didn’t want him to cram in so much in so little time. The more he plays the more stuff he learns and the more complex the game plans/plays/etc will be. Sounds like a good plan to me. We’ll know next game if this was an effective approach.

    I think the real test for Newton will be week four or five when teams already have enough tape they’ll know how to approach him. I hope he has a great rookie season and shuts all the doubters up.

  3. Miranda says:

    This is going to be one interesting season. I think we’ll know the pretenders and contenders pretty quickly this year.