Terrelle Pryor Eligible for NFL Supplemental Draft…but…Will be Suspended 1st 5 Regular Season Games

Posted in Blogroll on August 18th, 2011 by Michael Tillery

Blockbuster news coming out of the NFL.

I wrote a short commentary after Terrelle Pryor left the Ohio State program. ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted earlier Pryor would be eligible for the NFL supplemental draft August 22.

It has also been reported that Pryor will serve a 5 game suspension because he failed to cooperate with Ohio State investigation and hired an agent which is against NCAA rules.

Wait… the NFL did what?

Until the law of the land goes hardcore after boosters who come after impressionable kids with gifts, money and whatever else, the NCAA will continue to be a farce. Pay the kids. Now.  All of them. Come up with some sort of pay scale fair for every athlete. Money is being generated so quit fattening the already fat rats kicking back and collecting stacks. This in no way condones any Pryor wrongdoing but more about the NFL setting a dangerous precedent getting involved in NCAA affairs. I wonder if writers will mention that Pryor was heading into his senior season and therefore eligible for the regular draft if it were held today anyway. Hmmm.

Apparently the suspension was handed down with the NFLPA’s approval.


Drew Rosenhaus you are now on the clock.