Michael Vick, Cam Newton, Terrelle Pryor And The Media’s Attempt to Deter The Black Quarterback: Part 1

Posted in Blogroll on August 26th, 2011 by Ron Glover

The Powers that Be don’t want Michael Vick to happen again — so they remind us. The Man is leery of Cam Newton — so he seeks to control him.  The Shield doesn’t want Terrelle Pryor to be — so they will break him – or try to.

Serious work is being put in these days when it comes to the Black quarterback — the media that encouraged many to hate Michael Vick now lay petals at his feet while he reassembles his life and resurrected career. Meanwhile the constant criticism of Carolina Panthers rookie Cam Newton after each game that he “struggles” seems almost sublime. Don’t all rookies struggle at some point? And what about the conscious effort to pass Terrelle Pryor off as nothing more than a problem child whose career will eventually become the train wreck many in Columbus, OH are hoping to see.

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