Michael Vick, Cam Newton, Terrelle Pryor And The Media’s Attempt to Deter The Black Quarterback: Part 1

The Powers that Be don’t want Michael Vick to happen again — so they remind us. The Man is leery of Cam Newton — so he seeks to control him.  The Shield doesn’t want Terrelle Pryor to be — so they will break him – or try to.

Serious work is being put in these days when it comes to the Black quarterback — the media that encouraged many to hate Michael Vick now lay petals at his feet while he reassembles his life and resurrected career. Meanwhile the constant criticism of Carolina Panthers rookie Cam Newton after each game that he “struggles” seems almost sublime. Don’t all rookies struggle at some point? And what about the conscious effort to pass Terrelle Pryor off as nothing more than a problem child whose career will eventually become the train wreck many in Columbus, OH are hoping to see.



That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of the trio of Michael Vick, Cam Newton and Terrelle Pryor. Vick, before his dramatic comeback was the highest profiled active athlete since Mike Tyson to serve a prison term. Cam Newton, while in the midst of chasing a National Championship and picking up a Heisman Trophy along the way, was caught up in a recruitment scandal that almost prematurely ended his collegiate career. And then there is Terrelle Pryor, the two-sport prodigy from Western Pennsylvania who was deemed ineligible for his senior season at Ohio State and suspended for the first five games of his NFL career because of his unwillingness to comply with the NCAA in the investigation of his school — a landmark decision by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The correlation between these three quarterbacks and portrayal by the media could very well determine the future of the Black quarterback in the NFL.

This is Roger Goodell’s NFL now – as evidenced late last week when he allowed embattled Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor to enter the NFL’s Supplemental draft and suspended him for five games upon entry for not cooperating with NCAA officials during the Ohio State scandal, a previously unheard of ruling by an NFL Commissioner. Pryor was made the scapegoat despite OSU coach Jim Tressel lying to the NCAA about knowledge of any wrongdoing by his players. It was made known that Tressell was aware of several of his players activities dating back to 2002 – the year the Buckeyes won the National Championship.

Roger Goodell’s policing of potential NFL players while they’re still in college is a clear indicator that there is a serious problem within the NCAA’s power structure. And if the NFL is going to reach into the NCAA’s backyard they may as well clean it. Now is the time for college players to be compensated financially. If players are signing jerseys so they can have food in their dorms and decent clothes, who knows of the greater lengths that they have gone to in the name of survival.

So what happens to a coach like Pete Carroll who waylays a university and escapes to an NFL safe house?

Since Pryor left OSU, there has been a concerted effort to cast him in any role other than an NFL quarterback — pundits, so-called experts and those deep in the coaching profession have at some point thrown around the notion that Pryor’s size (6’5″, 230 lbs) is ideal for a receiver or even a tight end with some added bulk. There wasn’t this much hoopla over where Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow should play when he reached this level. The one constant you heard surrounding Tebow was that he was a winner and would make it work under center. Tebow isn’t as good or as gifted as Pryor was as a collegiate or now as a professional. Pryor will get his chance and he will impress if he commits himself to film study.

The Oakland Raiders took Pryor with the 18th selection in the third round and have stated that they will use him at quarterback. This is a good fit for Pryor who will be an understudy for a season or so. He may see some spot duty, but his first couple of years should be spent honing his skills as an NFL quarterback.

Hopefully the Raiders have learned from the JaMarcus Russell disaster that Pryor must be surrounded by positive people considering he’s coming in with “some baggage” by Goodell’s standards and is high on the Commissioner’s radar at this point. At the same time Pryor must realize that he will have to work twice as hard now, regardless of how good he looks on the field.

Or Canada awaits…

Part 2 on Monday.

24 Responses to “Michael Vick, Cam Newton, Terrelle Pryor And The Media’s Attempt to Deter The Black Quarterback: Part 1”

  1. Rob says:

    I wonder why there hasn’t been widespread discussion about Pryor’s wonderlic? Oh, that’s right; he scored 27, the same as the ‘genius’ Peyton Manning. He also passes the Parcells rule.

    These ‘people’ (I see very little humanity, sorry) sure are hyper-critical of Newton, although he hasn’t even thrown an int yet. Any fool whose watched the Panthers without bias could tell you that their coaching staff is preparing him by not putting him in positions’ he’s comfortable, to properly judge what he can reasonably be expected to do at this point. I forgot, these fools in his own fanbase fear him getting a legit chance to show his stuff at all. That’s why they’re clamoring for the ‘great’ Claussen, fresh off of one of the worst rookie seasons these eyes have seen. They’re so transparent; set unrealistic expectations and most will miss the mark. Cam will be alright; quiet as it’s kept, he’s the greatest talent in the position’s history. Yeah I said it.

    All I’ll say on Vick is: he needs to stop playing himself.

  2. Ron Glover says:

    Rob, stay tuned for Part 2 on Monday.

  3. sankofa says:

    RG, check out this article that’s been circulating around Southern Ontario and the CFL environment for most of this month.
    For me the more things change, the more they stay the same. The narrative of the African athlete is ripe with the anti-African hatred that is part of the larger picture in the NAU (North American Union)
    We play a game set up by “them” for “them” and their own, so we should never expect equal treatment. Not on “their” term and never when large amount of money is involved. Why do we keep doing them same thing over and over and expect a different result? Because we have not yet learned to change the narrative as Mike likes to say and recently put down the blue print for.
    Revolutionary thinking is what’s needed to stem the tide of anger, hatred and xenophobia. However until we learn how to change the narrative, it will remain same old, same old.

  4. Ron Glover says:

    You’re 100% correct, we need to change our approach and way of thinking when it comes to these issues.

    I will search for the article as well.

  5. publius africanus says:

    Thank you for this article. I especially like “The one constant you heard surrounding Tebow was that he was a winner and would make it work under center.” For some reason this is not being said in Pryor’s case when he went 31-4, and was MVP of both the Sugar Bowl & the Rose Bowl. There is definitely an effort to turn the clock back on Black QBs.

  6. sankofa says:

    RG there were some linke I wanted to put in my response that didn’t take hold, but here is the link to that Hamilton story.



  7. Ron Glover says:

    And was well on his way to breaking quite a few passing records at OSU.

  8. Miranda says:

    Dang Rob, we knew Vince Young’s wonderlic score before he had answered the last question…but I haven’t read or heard one mumbling word about Terrelle Pryor’s score at all…and now I know why.

  9. Origin says:

    Brotha RG award winning piece that you have hear.

    @ Rob- thanks for that tid bit on Pryor I had no idea that he even took the wonderlic since he was in the supplimental draft. So the young man scored a 27 and fits the Parcells rule. But folks goingon and on about his ability to read defenses and his work ethic.

    @Miranda – Yeah something was up we didn’t hear a thing. Not only that but once Cam took his wonderlic no one said crap. But before the he took the wonderlic you had folks talking about he would make a 9 or 10 on the test.

    Oh did you hear how the media tried to spin Tressel being at the pro day. Saying that he forgave Pryor for costing him his job. Naw how about Tressell felt guilty because he may have cost that young man millions because he forced him to come back to school for his Sr. year and if he didn’t he wasn’t going to let him play in the bowl game. Tressel owed that young man big time!!!

  10. Ron Glover says:

    Origin, thank you very much, that means alot Brutha.
    As for Jim Tressell you’re exactly right, he owes Pryor an untold fortune.

  11. Miranda says:

    And so the lynching of Jordan Jefferson has begun.

  12. Origin says:

    Hot damn………..Vick just signed a 6 year $100 mill contract with 40 mill guaranteed.

    The haters are dying…………I love it. First thing in the morning I will be listening to ATL sports radio.

    Sista Miranda, please let me know how the haters in ATL are taking this. I know its killing them!!! Cownerd head will probably explode!!!

  13. Origin says:

    Jeffrey Lurie ain’t no fool. If Mcnabb helped the Eagles to eventually get to a total worth of about 1 billion. He knows that Vick can help that team during the life of that contract get to a total worth of maybe 1.4 – 1.7 billion.

  14. Miranda says:

    Origin, I will be listening intently…hell, I probably can look out my window and see fools jumping off the 14th Street overpass over this. LOL, hell, we all knew before that Mike Vick was a walking atm and no matter how the media tried to tell us he was toxic and tainted, we all know that was a lie. The Falcons worth grew WAY beyond the other franchises in a 5 year span (percentage wise not total worth) and believe you me, I dont care WHAT he says, right now Arthur Blank is deep in a bottle of Jack Daniels and his pajamas and that’s how he’ll be for another weekl.

  15. Origin says:

    Yes sista that man sure is a walking, talking, passing and running ATM. Oh and the hating ass haters who have ever hated are on some serious hate on profootballtalk. I am sure the hate ring leader Florio is loving that.

    You got folks who are actually rooting for Vick to get hurt or get in trouble with the law again. These same folks were fine with Vick just a week ago. You had some haters but never like this.
    Damn it never fails its just something about black folks getting money that just brings the worst out in folks….LOL!!!

    When Kolb signed his contract no one was hating. That bum got 28 mill guaranteed. But a man who is the most hated and loved player at the same time and who has the highest rated national broadcasted games can’t make any money???

    I tell you black folks and money……….no matter how much we get we never deserve it or earned it. We are lucky to have gotten it or should thank some white folks that we even got anything at all……..SMH!!!

  16. Origin says:

    Another thing if folks want to be mad at someone be mad at Clay Matthews for knocking golden boy Kolb out the game last year. Clay Matthews is the reason why Vick is a 100 Mill dollar man again…LOL!!!

  17. Temple3 says:

    Given that I get my football news either from NFL.com or blogs or more direct sources, I haven’t had the “pleasure” of experiencing the criticism of Cam Newton or the penchant to pigeon hole Pryor. I’ve heard the NFL.com commentators speak quite highly of Newton and his capacities to throw the ball and play with composure. He’s been compared very favorably with Tebow (and why not). In fact, some of their commentators are optimistic about his ability to grow into a high-quality performer.

    As for Vick, he’s got 36 million guaranteed reasons to ignore the media. If he’s not mentally tough enough to do that by now, he can go to hell.

    I guess y’all are talking about ESPN (online and on the tube). Either way, that “network” really sucks. They have 2 commentators who actually know anything about football and I’m not talking about Dilfer, Hoge, or Darren Woodson. I’m wondering if Woodson is sharing a house, a woman, or a crack dealer with Matt Ryan. He’s got Ryan ranked in the Top 5 of all NFL QBs.

    All ESPN can do, at this juncture, is continue to meet the needs of their dying demographic…30-something, inept, singles who rock Mama’s Basement like it’s Da Club. Sad, really sad. Vick, Newton and Pryor are above all of this mess because they have franchises that believe in their ability to produce.

    If ESPN and their cohort had any real influence (and they DO NOT), neither Vick nor Newton would have been the #1 overall draft pick — and Pryor certainly would not have wound up playing for a Black coach and studying under another Black QB.

  18. Temple3 says:

    Also — NFL.com doesn’t have a single analyst (that I can recall) who was ever sold on Tim Tebow. ESPN probably had about 10…but that BS simply doesn’t fly at NFL.com. There are nothing but Hall of Fame players and no nonsense analysts over there. No Dilfers, no Hoge’s…no BS. Just Mike MuhPhukkin’ Mayock who doesn’t play that shit — and Warren Sapp and Marshall and Deion and none of them give a damn about Tebow or his popularity. It’s all about whether or not you can play the game. ESPN has turned into the last refuge for Dumb Blondes and Broke Down Ballers. The only cat who really doesn’t belong over there is Mark Schelereth…the rest of those guys suck.

  19. Temple3 says:

    @ Sankofa:

    “Revolutionary thinking is what’s needed to stem the tide of anger, hatred and xenophobia.”

    Frankly, I would be willing to bet that the opposite is true. Adherents of white supremacist values harbor anger, hatred and xenophobia to all so-called “non-white” collectives. So, our thinking is beside the point. It is our immutable identity (too black, too strong) that could pose a problem for them, but it is our mutable identity (too black, too sexy) that poses the greatest problem for them.

    These folks are running out of places to isolate their gene pool. And, now you want to get all revolutionary. LOL!

  20. My sources had Pryor scoring a 27 on the wunderlic. Now the sporting news is reporting he scored a 7. Somebody is lying.

  21. Origin says:

    Mike I saw that too. I don;t believe it I think the young man scored a 27. There is no way all the mainstream folks in the media didn’t pick up on this if he actually scored a 7.

    Another thing I was always informed that the supplemental draft folks never had to take the wonderlic test.

  22. Temple3 says:

    Steelers GM Kevin Colbert has confirmed that the report Pryor scored a 7 is false.

  23. […] At this point it seems like the everyone wants to see Tim Tebow on the field, no matter where. But what does he think about that? Warren Moon was shunned by the NFL for his refusal to play anything but quarterback others like Kordell Stewart played a more expanded role in their team’s offensive schemes. The media and others are going to great lengths to get Tebow in places where they  wouldn’t dare go for a player of the same skill set, but of a different color. […]