The Greatest Players For Every BCS Conference Final: The Pac-12

Posted in Blogroll on September 4th, 2011 by Okori Wadsworth


And, I am sad to say, our little listing game has come to an end. This is our final list. And in a lot of ways, this last conference list is a perfect example of where college football is going. This used to be the Pac-8, and then it was the Pac-10. Once they became the pac 10 in 1964 no division 1 conference, with the exception of the Ivy League, held their membership longer. This is, for a lot of people, classic football. And it is one of the more progressive conferences. Time to see who is the Best in the West.

The rules again, one last time: This is judged on the conference as it is now with the current alignment. So yes Colorado and Utah will be mentioned.

Also, college excellence is highly regarded. This is where multiple-time all-Americans get their shine. Ready? Good. Let’s get after it.

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