Troy Davis Denied Clemency By Georgia Parole Board

Posted in Blogroll on September 20th, 2011 by Michael Tillery

If you have ANY question of reasonable doubt research the case…

An important offering by Jasiri X that spells out the case…

Troy Davis denied clemency

We all have studied the case so no reason for a long write up. I feel in my heart of hearts if white folk (en masse) cared about this case (other than the officer who lost his life being white) Troy Anthony Davis would not die tomorrow. We are at a time where Blacks are forced to be objective in matters of race or shut out of the system. In this case there is a Black man convicted of murder and sentenced to die so the narrative on this is driven by the passion and experience of Black folk. Do some care? Yes, but everyone else (ALL RACES) could care less if Troy Davis dies because they are not affected (including Black people). PROVE ME WRONG and sign the petition or call every number you can in Georgia. That’s the only way I can say it. I don’t care about the generalizations, backlash or whatever. Go get the person who did this but looking at the facts of the case, Troy Davis, it appears, didn’t commit murder.

Georgia Parole Board (404) 656-5651. Call…press 5 and hold. You will get through in a short time. Don’t think this can’t be you people. Seriously #TroyDavis

Call Governor Nathan Deal’s office (404) 656-1776. He has to sign the death warrant


Ron Glover’s NFL Questions & Answers: Week 2

Posted in Blogroll on September 20th, 2011 by Ron Glover

The Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins and Detroit Lions are all 2-0. With the exception of maybe the Lions, no one expected all three teams to be among the NFL’s undefeated. Meanwhile,  Philadelphia, Atlanta, New Orleans and Baltimore are 1-1, and the Eagles could be without Michael Vick for a week or two. Another observation is the media seems to go the extra mile for Tim Tebow while phasing out Cam Newton.

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