Ron Glover’s NFL Questions & Answers: Week 2

The Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins and Detroit Lions are all 2-0. With the exception of maybe the Lions, no one expected all three teams to be among the NFL’s undefeated. Meanwhile,  Philadelphia, Atlanta, New Orleans and Baltimore are 1-1, and the Eagles could be without Michael Vick for a week or two. Another observation is the media seems to go the extra mile for Tim Tebow while phasing out Cam Newton.


What will hurt the Philadelphia Eagles more in the long run the terrible linebacking play or the health of Michael Vick? I didn’t want to admit it but Michael Turner was the last running back this young linebacking corps needed to see in the second week of the season. Michael Turner pounded away on the Eagles linebackers while Tony Gonzalez found space underneath. It doesn’t get any easier for this young group as they face the tandem of Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw Sunday when the New York Giants come to Philly. Vick took 21 hits in the opener against the St. Louis Rams most of those hits coming as the ball is released or immediately thereafter (I’m not implying any dirty hits). Leonard Davis and Mark Colombo were passed over by the Eagles when they were released in July. That’s a personnel faux pas that I’m keeping on file.

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow (15) plays wide receiver in the second quarter of an NFL football game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011, in Denver. Tebow replaced Eddie Royal at receiver after Royal left the game with an injury.

At this point it seems like the everyone wants to see Tim Tebow on the field, no matter where. But what does he think about that? Warren Moon was shunned by the NFL for his refusal to play anything but quarterback others like Kordell Stewart played a more expanded role in their team’s offensive schemes. The media and others are going to great lengths to get Tebow in places where they  wouldn’t dare go for a player of the same skill set, but of a different color.

Higher Education: Cam Newton, and the politics of winning

Remember the eye-popping numbers Michael Jordan put up in his formative years in Chicago while carrying the team, but all you heard was, “Did they win the game?” Expect the same for Cam Newton only with a little more venom.  On Sunday, Cam Newton became the first quarterback in NFL history to open a career with back to back 400-yard passing games (422, 432) and the sixth player to do so in NFL history. Later that evening Tom Brady became the seventh – guess who got all of the roses?  I’m not knocking Brady’s feat in any sense but Newton was the guy that was going to “struggle” and should hold a clipboard while the Carolina Panthers go 3-13 with Jimmy Clausen and do what draft Andrew Luck??? Such a deal is being made that Newton lost both games, but no one is talking about his game within the game that will make him great. Of the seven QBs to accomplish this feat only two won both games, Dan Fouts and Brady. It’s funny because when everyone was building Kevin Kolb’s resume  to be a starting quaterback they talked about his back to back 300-yard games. What few failed to mention was that one was a loss to the New Orleans Saints where he virtually game the game away and the other being a victory against a Kansas City Chiefs team with a porus secondary. Newton’s first two games were against a Arizona Cardinals defense that is about average and we already know what the Green Bay Packers bring to the table. The Panthers were in the game late despite Newton’s three picks. The media’s treatment of Newton this week is well in the muck of racist journalism and some of these talking heads and know-it-alls need to be called out on this one.


Who other than the Detroit Lions will be a surprise team in 2011?  Temple3 has convinced me that the Oakland Raiders are the team to watch in the AFC this season. New head coach Hue Jackson has their full attention and they’re clicking on both side of the ball. My standout player this season will be linebacker Rolando McClain, I see a trip to Honolulu is his immediate future.


4 Responses to “Ron Glover’s NFL Questions & Answers: Week 2”

  1. Temple3 says:

    The national sports media is like a drunk uncle. Everyone is at the party having fun — eating, singing, dancing, drinking responsibly. The kids get up and start dancing, and everyone starts talking about how cute they are. Out of nowhere, the Drunk Uncle rises from his stupor on the couch and blurts out some incomprehensible nonsense about a party back in 1973.

    For a second, everyone turns around — and by then, he’s fallen back on the couch — passed out. Everyone goes back to the party.

    The national sports media is that Drunk Uncle. They are right in the middle of the party, but have no clue what’s going on. They are so self-absorbed and drunk with the idea of their own greatness that they miss the party — and refuse to step into the present. Then, they fade away — as if the rest of us should live in their stupor.

    The decision to largely ignore Cam Newton’s play has to juxtaposed to the incessant attention directed to Adam Jones and other lesser players for off-field transgressions. It’s all preposterous. I can’t pay for rehab for these idiots, but I can kick their drunk asses out of my apartment.

  2. Miranda says:

    As much as I despise PFT, I find if comical that they discovered Fox Sports making up headlines and forced them to admit to such. They’re all full of shit..just funny when one of the shitters tries to upshit another.

  3. HarveyDent says:

    1. Despite the poor linebacking play I really do like the defense that Castillo is installing because that front four is just vicious with the secondary there to clean up the mistakes. Once the LB’s get it right I think there might be a resurgence of Gang Green in Philly. I do wonder why the Eagles cut Stewart Bradley loose though outside of the injuries.

    1B. The interior of the O-line is definitely going to have to improve but I’m really really really liking Herremans out there out at tackle because he was straight mauling Abraham Sunday night. It’s all part of the process but Brutha Vick is the eraser on the offense because the Falcons would be 0-2 if he finished out that game.

    2. Don’t kick me out the family but I’m actually pulling for Tebow because I think he can play at the pro level but like everyone else here I’ve been tired of his deification since his freshman year at UF. The kid is going to rise and fall on his own merits not the wishes of the whitestream media.

    3. On the other side of the coin, Cam Newton can play at this level but in spite of the disdain he catches from the media he will still rise and just like Mike Tyson he’s going f**k them until they love him.

    4. Despite the loss I’m all in on the Raiders but the Bills may have sumthin’ for that ass this season. Oh yeah, go ahead and make Ndamakung Suh the new face of the league because this guy is the new Mean Joe Greene.