Flyers Forward Wayne Simmonds Has Banana Thrown At Him During Hockey Game

The incident occurred when Simmonds went in on a SO attempt.

With everything that’s occurred in the news this week and weeks past, I’ve really felt my inner man being put to the test when it comes to race and matters surrounding it.  

After what Philadelphia Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds had to endure last night, I’m officially numb to all of this now…

As Philadelphia Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds lined up for an overtime shootout attempt in an exhibition game last night against the Detroit Red Wings in Ontario, Canada, the unthinkable happened…

But then again this is 2011 and there is no such term as post racial that exists anywhere, so why should any of us be surprised when a banana comes from the stands onto the ice landing just feet away from Simmonds.

Simmonds said he hoped the gesture was not directed toward him for being black.

“Because if it was, that’s just somebody being ignorant,” Simmonds said. “When you’re black, you kind of expect (racist) things. You learn to deal with it.”

The fan who threw the banana was not caught, according to the Philadelphia Daily News.

This isn’t the first time bananas have been thrown at Black players, Carolina Hurricanes goalie Kevin Weekes had a banana thrown at him in Montreal during a 2002 playoff series against the Canadiens. And Patrick Ewing had a banana tossed at him during a game at Philadelphia’s fabled Palestra in 1983. When John Thompson recommended that Ewing go into the stands to get the next banana -miraculously, the banana throwing ceased.

All we’ll hear from the media today is how disgusting of an act this was and the typical lip service to seemingly calm things down – not on my end, not anymore.

Our people have social media outlets to voice occurances like this but would rather use them for everything other than anything positive. Facebook and Twitter have become a 24-hour minstrel show full of entertainers, athletes and public figures followed by carousels of clowns and wannabes that have no clue or care to what is really going on.

Maybe a steady diet of bananas would help.

6 Responses to “Flyers Forward Wayne Simmonds Has Banana Thrown At Him During Hockey Game”

  1. RBD says:

    Perhaps the most disturbing thing about this story is the venue. If everything here is accurate, it’s fair to assume that a Red Wings fan took the trouble of travelling across the border for the purpose of tossing bananas at a Flyer. In a preseason game, no less.

    Part of this is a cultural thing. By that, I mean the culture of hockey, in which throwing things on the ice (octupi, for example) is part of fandom. Combine that culture with deep-seated racial contempt, and you have this bizarre incident.

    Seems to me they’ve got to start screening fans for bananas as well as other, previously established contraband. And those caught with said fruit probably won’t be able to talk their way out of it. After all, most teams prevent fans from bringing outside food and drink into the arena.

    But I digress. This is astonishing.

  2. Temple3 says:


    That would be great. 3 hour queues to get into hockey game while the stadium staff search for bananas. Worth the price of admission.

  3. Marc says:

    This crap goes on and on. I recall once seeing Peter Worrell play a road game in Hershey in the 90s where some inbred rose to his feet during the pre-game skate and yelled, “Hey! Give him a banana!!!” There was more laughter than indignation from the surrounding seats. Just think of what Jim Rice went through in Boston for all those years when he was the only African-American employee of Fenway Park (they didn’t even have black janitors back in the day) and the shit he must have heard from a racist Boston crowd every night.

  4. Temple3 says:

    Weakness makes people do hateful things. It’s hard to live in a world where your wife and daughters lust after men who could kick you a$$ without breaking a sweat, and buy your home with a game check.

  5. Origin says:

    True Temple.