Two Things I Think I Know About UFC 135


UFC 135, There are a few things happening on this fight. A LHW title defense by one of the most intriguing fighters in the world (Jon Jones)? It’s here, the chance to maybe see the last gasp of one of the truly dominant champions of recent vintage (Matt Hughes)? That’s here too. A scowling, middle-finger-throwing, submission genius (Nate Diaz)? That’s a lot to think about, and even more to think that you know. But I do know 3 things.

1: Jon Jones will successfully defend his UFC Light Heavyweight Title, not just tonight, but for a lot of nights to come.


Before I go any further, let me make something clear (And I’m sorry for the cap locks, but it needs to be yelled.) JON JONES IS NOT FIGHTING ANDERSON SILVA AT ANY POINT IN THE NEXT YEAR!

There, got it out of the way. But I’m sure me saying it isn’t enough of a reason as to why. So an explanation is in order, go here.

That’s the official rankings for the Light Heavyweight Division. The reason why Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre get the chance to talk seriously about a massive superfight is because, by and large, they have cleaned out their divisions to the point that no one seriously sticks out as a contender. Who’s left in the middleweight division for Anderson? Chael Sonnen, maybe, if he can get a rematch. But past that, Mark Munoz is a long-term choice but might not be ready yet, and pretty much everyone after that has been handled by Silva dramatically and decisively.

It’s even worse when you get down to the welterweights. Past Carlos Condit who is getting the next title shot, and Nick Diaz who was going to get one before ignoring press conference duties, the pool isn’t just shallow. It’s empty. It’s the kind of pool Tony Hawk skates in.

Meanwhile, Take a look at the LHW’s in UFC. Past Quentin Jackson (who is going to be a subject all by his lonesome) you have Rashad Evans, Lyoto Machida and his junkball-throwing self, Forrest Griffin. Hell, Shogun Rua could feel froggy enough to want a rematch. In the immortal words of Herb Brooks, patron saint of the underdogs, Jon Jones should focus on his own game. Plenty there to keep him busy.

2: Quentin Jackson is the worst representative for African-American MMA.


I hate to say it like this. I really do. But this has to stop. What’s this, you might be asking? The Rampage Jackson “I come to the ring with chains around my neck so that I can play to stereotypes, motorboat reporters so that I can play to stereotypes some more, and generally act like an ass everywhere I go” show?

And whenever I tell people I am into MMA I have to deal with him as the guy people think of. A guy who pretends like he’s the best in the world, when really, he’s just a guy who can’t defend a leg kick.

I doubt that Jon Jones can excise him from the UFC, but I hope that he can.

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