A Note On My Carmelo Anthony’s Ali Quote Piece

In this business proper credit needs to be given when quoting reporting peers. Sometimes this isn’t the case. Here’s an example via Yahoo’s Kelly Dwyer in a blog post entitled Carmelo Anthony doesn’t understand ‘Muhammad Ali-type statements’ where he gives David Aldridge credit for the Anthony quote despite obvious print and video evidence Aldridge attributed the quote to me:

And yesterday, in talking to NBA.com’s David Aldridge, New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony(notes) passed this along:

It was shortly after that that my man Michael Tillery (who, by the way, disagrees with me that the stars couldn’t put their own run together), from the terrific website The Starting Five, asked Anthony why the star players don’t speak out like the NFL’s players did during the NFL lockout.

“We’re not allowed,” Anthony said. “I mean, everybody has their own opinion. You hear people talk here and there. But nobody comes out and says what they really want to say. That’s just the society we live in.”

He laughed a little.

And, then: “Athletes today are scared to make Muhammad Ali-type statements.”

I’m in the process of contacting Yahoo’s managing editors for a public correction. I’ll let you all know when this matter is addressed.

7 Responses to “A Note On My Carmelo Anthony’s Ali Quote Piece”

  1. Melzie says:

    Lazy journalism? An oversight? Whatever the reason, I’ve noticed a serious uptick in the disregard of basic source verification on a number of occasions. Isn’t this something we all learn in high school? Not cool, but I’m glad it was brought to your attention.

  2. It’s happened too many times Melzie C. I had to address it publicly.

  3. Ron Glover says:

    Keep putting these clowns on blast! Names and all.

  4. RBD says:

    I’d chalk this one up to inattention to detail rather than a conscious effort to exclude credit. Part of the problem in a multimedia world is that reporters are multi-tasking between Twitter, msg boards, podcasting, etc. Remembering what came from where is more complicated than in the days when media outlets were essentially limited to a few big newspapers. I don’t know the specifics of this case or any of the various others in which this site has not been properly credited. I’m just speaking generally here.

  5. RBD if Dwyer and I didn’t have history I would agree. There’s no generalization. Sorry. There was the NY media, ESPN, David Steele, Aldridge and myself. That’s it. Only DA reported it. So that left Dwyer with two choices. Being that DA attributed the quote to me, there is no way he could have gotten it wrong. Straight up.

  6. RBD says:

    I stand corrected.

  7. TheLastPoet says:

    Yes, I was going to mention that “history” between you and Dwyer myself.

    I remember way back when his bitch-made ass used to comment over at SOMM. His butt cheeks were wide open waiting for megamedia to come stick him back then.

    Now he’s a hoe in yahoo sports’ stable and nothing much has changed. How did Ice Cube put it back inna day?

    Let a hoe be a hoe.