Ron Glover’s NFL Questions & Answers: Week 3

PHILADELPHIA, PA - SEPTEMBER 25:  Michael Vick #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles sits on the sideline with an injured hand in the fourth quarter against the New York Giants at Lincoln Financial Field on September 25, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Giants defeated the Eagles 29-16.  (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

For the second season in a row there has been a discussion about the hits that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has taken after he has released a pass during a game. Sunday Vick let his frustrations flow and some in the press chose to label it as whining. Is it whining when every time a lineman falls at Tom Brady’s feet he’s snapping an evil glare at the back judge that didn’t toss a flag and miraculously one lands on the turf? Is that protection only for special quarterbacks? I can still remember the personal foul penalty assessed to the Eagles defensive end Trent Cole for literally glancing the helmet of the Indianapolis Colts Peyton Manning in a game last season.

Get it right refs!


Has Jason Campbell found a home in Oakland? Through three games Campbell’s numbers are encouraging (584 passing yards, 65.9 comp. %,  3 tds., 1 int. 93.8 passer rating) that’s what a top flight back in Darren McFadden will do for you. Rookie head coach Hue Jackson has the Raiders mixing it up offensively which doesn’t put too much pressure on Campbell. Now rocking the captain’s “C”, I’m hoping that Campbell can finally settle in with the Silver and Black and get his career underway.

Eight fourth quarter comeback victories, comparable numbers to Peyton Manning and Tom Brady after 32 starts (Freeman only has 29) , when is the league going to take Josh Freeman seriously?  Matt Ryan, Matthew Stafford, Sam Bradford and oh yeah, Josh Freeman. That’s how it pretty much comes across when the topic of good young quarterbacks are mentioned. Freeman has the Bucs off to a 2-1 start in a season where teams are on the lookout for the Bucs but the quarterback is still a mystery to fans across the nation. Had the opportunity to look at Freeman’s numbers thus far and while they are comparable to those of the “standard bearers” Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. If the Bucs keep winning, everyone will be forced to take notice.


David Garrard has as many playoff wins as Tony Romo and played with less talent, why isn’t his phone ringing? Did David Garrard fall off to the point that the Indianapolis Colts won’t even consider him? Money aside, the Colts are in a division that they can still be a factor in if they can get some wins under their belt. Curtis Painter and Kerry Collins are not even a short-term solution. The Colts gave the Steelers all they could handle Sunday night thanks largely in part to the play of Dwight Freeney and the defense. I think Jim Caldwell is playing with fire riding it out with these two stiffs under center.

The Philadelphia Eagles are in trouble. Unheralded Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with a Cha-Cha at the expense of the Philadelphia Eagles secondary.  Brandon Jacobs taught rookie linebacker Casey Matthews a painful lesson in play action coverage. And Ahmad Bradshaw highlighted the defensive units inability to tackle in a 29-16 victory over the favored Eagles. The Eagles front office went all in this season for a Super Bowl run and this season has started off way below expectations. If this season continues to unravel, heads are going to roll, it’s just a matter who.

If anyone noticed Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan being outcoached and Tom Brady throwing four interceptions they sure didn’t mention it. Hue Jackson and Chan Gailey coached great games against two of the better coaches in the NFL and no one is discussing that. Tom Brady throws four picks and no one bats an eyelash. Lower profile coaches and players around the league get raked over the coals for performances like this but for some reason these three (and there are others) have become untouchable and that’s wrong.

Has the time come for Donovan McNabb to call it a career? I hate to say it let alone think it but Donovan McNabb is going to be benched and once again playcalling will be the reason why. The Vikings led the Lions 20-0 at the half and could only produce three points in the second half largely because they refused to run the ball. Adrian Peterson was virtually non-existent in the Vikings game plan when they needed it most. Jared Allen played a huge final series in regulation to force overtime before the Lions kicked the game-winning field goal. I think if the Vikings loose one of the next two games we’ll see rookie quarterback Christian Ponder under center.

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  1. Temple3 says:

    Just for the record, Garrard’s lone playoff win came at the expense of the Steelers on a play where he ran for a first down on 4th and 2. The Jags held Casey Hampton and no whistle was blown — even though the refs later admitted they blew the call. Still stewing about that.

    McNabb’s not the only problem in Minnesota. He hasn’t thrown a pick in 2 weeks as his team has surrendered a combined 47 point halftime advantage. He is responsible for those 3-and-outs, though. If the Vikings get 3 more first downs, per game, they’re probably 3-0. So, we’re talking about 30 or 40 yards of offense over 3 weeks…that’s the difference between “surprise of the year” and “benched bum at the end of your career.”

    The Eagles are a finesse team. The Patriots are a finesse team. The game is evolving to allow finesse teams greater success, but I’m sure it’s an accident that neither has won a Super Bowl in almost a decade. The Packers, Steelers, Colts, and Saints have featured power running games at critical moments en route to titles. Of course the Colts waited until the actual Super Bowl to run the ball, but by and large, the occasional use of power running remains decisive.

    And that’s the point you made up top about Darren McFadden’s impact on Jason Campbell. It’s what we were saying the entire time that Campbell was in Washington. Get him a real running game and he’ll handle the rest.

  2. Temple3 says:

    Freeman is a winner, but statistically he’s a 2nd or 3rd tier quarterback. He’s averaging about 227 ypg right now. That may change, but it doesn’t have to as long as LaGarrette Blount is doing his thing. Freeman needs to get to the playoffs and then show his wares. You could make the case that Freeman gets less pub than Cam Newton, but that Newton gets as much (albeit much of it negative) as other #1 overall picks, like Stafford and Bradford.

  3. Origin says:

    Brotha RG great questions as always.

    1. Vick is getting the dirty hits because of 2 things he is a QB of a darker hue and a large % of fans that watch his games with the intent to see him get hurt. It is similar to some folks who watch Mayweather fight because they want to see him get knocked out or beat up. I mean didn’t that bum on the white sox actually say he watched Vick playing hoping someone would break his neck. But the most erroneous part of this is that the mainstream media is claiming that Vick’s comments are incorrect and there is no way he is treated differently.

    Please this is a league where players like Brady and Manning are treated differently than other QBs when it comes to hits. A league in which for years Mcnabb and Mcnair were hit late and refs rarely if ever threw a flag. A league in which Suggs admitted that there Ravens had a bounty on Hines Ward. A league in which Jim McMahon went on ESPN and admitted that bounties are an everyday part of the NFL. A league in which one of the best LBs in James Harrison states that he is fined more for hitting white players then he is for hitting black players, yet the media ignores this statement and focuses on statements made about the commissioner.

    Jason Campbell has found a home in Oakland. He also has found a coach who believes in him. As I have always stated a QB is only as good as his offensive coordinator and the talent around him. Hue Jackson is an offensive genius but sadly he will never get the credit. He might be our generations Dennis Green. In saying all of that I want to give Mr. Davis credit because after the Russell situation he could have decided to not give a QB who looks like Jason Campbell a chance and the same thing goes for Pryor. Yet he stuck to his guns and believed in the young man. Then on top of that to hire Hue and set him up to take over the team a year after hiring him. Davis and his advisor Brandt have been great at picking up talent late in the draft. While the idiot draft experts have criticized Davis for his picks over the last 3 years he has been able to find gems in the late rounds. While teams like the Vikings have drafted bust after bust. The raiders have one of the fastest and deepest teams in the league. They say the old man had lost it yet when he fired golden boy Kiffin and held a press conference you could tell that the old man’s body may have been failing him but his mind was as sharp as ever.

    3. Josh Freeman is the truth yet haters will never give him the credit he deserves. But thats the way it goes in order to give him credit they have to give Coach Morris credit for developing him and putting his neck out there to get the Bucs to draft him. Also they would have to give coach Prince at Kansas St. credit for developing him when the talking heads said he would never be an NFL QB. But screw the haters every time Josh does well I smile because Morris and Prince did a great job in developing the young man as a QB. Coach Ron Prince made sure to develop him at Kansas St. thats why his dad wanted him to go there. Coach Prince made sure to have him call hot reads and line blocking schemes when at KState to get him ready for the pros. When he became the starter for the Bucs coach Morris continued and to give Josh freedom by letting him call audiles and line protection. He is the only young black QB I have ever seen be given the ability to do this besides Culpepper under Denny Green and Tice and Cam Newton under Rivera.

    4. Garrard is being done dirty but I would expect nothing less in the NFL. I would be more shocked if he was done RIGHT. I think the plan with the Colts is to lose as many games as it takes to get Luck. If that means starting 400 year old Collins then so be it the fans will get over it and be just as happy to get Luck as they would be to win the superbowl.

    5. Brotha Crus was getting his Tego Calderon on in the endzone. Anyway that play was a perfect example of how these DBs are shooked because of all the 2 hand touch rules. They are so scared to light a joker up because of fines that they end up missing tackles. The Eagles number 42 had a chance to light Cruz behind up but pulled up and missed the tackle.

    6. Brady and Belichick are Teflon dons nothing they do will get called out. Also the media so wants Brady to break Marino’s record because without Peyton he is the main face of the league. So we will continue to hear very little when he does wrong but we will see plenty when he does well. On Ryan there is no way the media discusses coach Hue Jackson out coaching Mr. loud mouth.

    7. Yes this may be the end of the brothas career as a starter. I hate to see it but it is as clear as day that the Vikings aren’t trying to win. The best back in the NFL hasn’t gotten more than 20 carries in any game yet his team has been up by double digits at half time in the 3 games. Yet when Farve was there it was nothing to see Peterson get well into 30 carries to ice a game. Shame because I think the situation could have been different if he was able to get to that team in 2010 instead of 2011. In the end I give the brotha credit he was able to fight the good fight and last longer than anyone could have ever imagined. Also hanging in there when the situation for black QBs in the league looked so bleak in 2008. Its only so long that you can overcome bad coaching.

  4. Temple3 says:


    Your point about AP getting more carries with Favre under center is well taken, but AP didn’t get 30 carries once in 2009. His game high was 26 – once in the regular season and once in the playoffs vs. Dallas. Oddly enough, the Vikings should consider giving him 30 carries more often. It’s only happened twice. The first time, he ran for 296 vs. SD; the second time, he hit the Pack for 192.

    And, you have a candidate for Blog Point of the Year:

    Josh Freeman is the truth yet haters will never give him the credit he deserves. But thats the way it goes in order to give him credit they have to give Coach Morris credit for developing him and putting his neck out there to get the Bucs to draft him. Also they would have to give coach Prince at Kansas St. credit for developing him when the talking heads said he would never be an NFL QB.

    True, true.

  5. Miranda says:

    I heard a caller on the 2 Live Stews make a good point about the penalty hits and what is the proper context to look at in terms of how often “mobile” QBs get those calls as opposed to the “traditional pocket passer”…and he said what percentage of penalties levied for hits on Vick were actual HITS on Vick where he got the hell knocked outta him and what percentage of penalties levied for hits on say Peyton or Brady are actual HITS as opposed to “well that DE LOOKED like he was gonna hit him”.

    Its not enough for the statisticians to say that Vick has gotten more penalty calls for hits on him without looking at the possibility that 99% of those calls are for completely blatant violations whereas others are getting calls for a graze to the shoulder.

  6. Miranda says:

    Does anyone know where that clip is of Tom Jackson going off on Countdown last night? I didn’t see it, a co-worker told me about it this morning and said its must see TV.

  7. Origin says:

    Brotha Temple I stand corrected. But I will have to take a look at how many carries AD has gotten in the second half. I would imagine it is probably no more then 6.

    Another thing the Vikings this year have been bad about getting penalties in the 2nd half.

    Oh well I wonder will the league switch the Rams and Vikings in divisions when the Vikings become the LA Rams….LOL!!!

    Great questions and break down sista Miranda………thats a good point and I have mentioned that before with Vick and QBs like him. I would also say it doesn’t matter if a QB is mobile or not because I have seen Leftwich take so horrible hits as a starter that did not garnered a penalty flag.

    All I know is that hit Vick took against the Rams (that did get a penalty flag) was a straight up bounty hit. That defender jumped in the air like a bottlenose dolphin coming down head first into Vick. I believe Fox purposely did not show the replay of that hit.

  8. Origin says:

    This should read

    “But I will have to take a look at how many carries AD has gotten in the second half. I would imagine it is probably no more then 6 in any game”

  9. Temple3 says:


    I don’t know if you saw the Vikings game, but they had a play where they recovered a fumble inside the 10-yard line in the second half vs. Tampa, only to have the play overturned because the LDE Robison was offside. That’s the kind of “invisible play” (doesn’t show up in the stat sheet or the write up or the highlight film or the game commentary) that DECIDES whether a team wins or loses. Tampa marched down the field, scored a field goal, and set themselves up to tie.

    The Vikes are officially snake bit now. AP has to get 10~ carries if they’re up again in the 2nd half to salt it away.

  10. Origin says:

    Temple I saw that game and you are so right that is an invisible play. That same game Mcnabb converted a 3rd down that would have eaten more clock in teh second half. Only for that play to be called back on a Peterson hold.

    They are snake bit…….I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a 50 point half time lead on KC only to lose 57 to 50 at the end of the game.

  11. kos says:

    I understand Vick’s frustration. The truth is, though, the league obviously isn’t going to protect him. Reid and the Eagles brass should have done more to shore up that O-line in the offseason. Folks knew it was going to be a sore spot, but they thought that they could load up on skill players and hope that things would turn out good for them.

    Freeman won’t get the credit due. They bashed Raheem for drafting him so high. Didn’t really give him credit for finishing up his rookie year well or getting his team to 10-6 last year. They mainly talk about TB’s defense still being the reason for them winning. It’s partially the curse of playing on a defensive team, a QB won’t get the proper credit. But, also, by extension, if they admit that Josh Freeman is a great QB, then they also have to say that Raheem Morris is smarter than all of them. NOT HAPPENING.

    One reason Garrard hasn’t been called, if the Colts thought about getting him, does anyone believe that Peyton wouldn’t have a say? I don’t think Peyton wants him on the same team. Not considering that he thinks he can still come back this year, he doesn’t want another QB to come in and do good, and maybe have the team to tell him to just go ahead and sit for the rest of the year and make sure you stay healthy. Yes, it’s Favre-ish.

    We talked about the Eagles small LB’s hurting them before. I was afraid that facing the Giants, we’d see them get knocked back some more, and they were. Asomugha got burnt a couple of times. I heard on NFL Network one of the commentators (Deion or Irvin) say that’s the fallacy of free agency. You move from one system to another and you probably won’t be as great. Asomugha didn’t get to be great in Oakland until they scrapped playing zone and let him just start playing straight man. Maybe the Eagles D coordinator should consider letting him just shadow the other team’s best WR and let the rest of the defense play zone.

    For Belichick and Ryan getting outcoached, the media love them. Haven’t you noticed that the Patriots haven’t won a playoff game in 4 years, yet every year, they’re still picked to be in the Super Bowl? Belichick is teflon as far as the press is concerned. As for Ryan, they love that he loves to talk to the press. Gailey and Jackson deserve a lot of credit for beating the Pats and the Jets, but they won’t get it.

    I don’t think it’s time for Donovan to call it a career. I do think he can hear the whispers that he hasn’t got it anymore. These losses aren’t all his fault, but he will get blamed, just like he did in Philly & DC.

    Jason Campbell is finally playing in a system that suits his talents. It also helps that he has an owner, a head coach, and team mates that believe in him.

    Origin –

    Say what you will about Al Davis, I’m not his biggest fan because of the Steelers-Raiders rivalry, but he’s the one owner that has been most fair in giving black men opportunities to play qb or giving them the opportunity to be a head coach (even if he is really the de facto coach).

  12. HarveyDent says:

    1. Good to see Jason Campbell is doing good in Oakland especially since he’s just another QB but hopefully he’s learned about the subtly different criticisms he and other BLACK quarterbacks get compared to their paler peers.

    2. As long as Josh, Coach Raheem, and the Bucs keep doing what they doing then believe me he’s going to get noticed and with that kid’s ‘not having it’ personality he’s going to be this decade’s Donovan McNabb in that he’s going to say he’s a Black QB loud and proud every time.

    3. Not that big a Garrard fan but he deserves as much of a chance to get on with another team as Luke McCown or Kyle Boller. But you guys know anything positive a Black QB does in the league is always in spite of him not because of him. Because you know Jack Del Rio is one of the NFL’s greatest coaches.

    4. Don’t know if the Eagles are in trouble…yet, but I do know that MV7 is starting to show some signs of strain from this. I don’t know what Jedi mind trick Big Red ran on him and McNabb but Vick needs to realize that he’s going to have keep some of his freelancing ways instead of always staying in that pocket to take hits he doesn’t have to. Forget Skip Bayless and everyone else and play the game the best way he can or he’ll end up shattered and broken like Randall Cunningham or a league-wide punchline like Donovan McNabb.

    5. Not too much surprises me when it comes to what goes on between the lines of an NFL game because the other, less heralded side gets paid too. I still think Belichick is the best coach in the league despite the lack of titles recently but even he can get taken especially if his golden boy turns it over 4 times. Ryan is just Buddy 2.0 as a head coach in that he’s going to have his defense ready to play most times but the offense can go hang but the difference is that while Buddy 1.0 let anything go on the offense, Sexy Rexy let’s Schottenheimer call the most vanilla plays.

    6. I can’t say definitively if Triple Soul 5 should hang ’em up but I will say his skills have eroded in that he’s not as able to over come poor playcalling as easily as he did in Philly now. He’s not the same QB he was but he still has just as much or more talent as a Brady or Schaub or Kolb but he has to hit the ground running in new circumstances and also just be more vocal about what he needs to be successful in Minny.

  13. Temple3 says:

    I think I probably have considerably fewer sources of news information than you guys. Most of the folks I listen to have been very high on Freeman. Game announcers and NFL Network staffers have been singing his praises since last year. I have yet to hear someone other than us draw the line from Ron P at KSU to Morris and back to Freeman, but that’s how we do. There may have been something on Yahoo! a year or so ago, but thats’ about it. And I don’t watch ESPN’s football coverage any more if I can help — so if they’ve given Josh his propers since draft day, I would have missed it.

  14. Temple3 says:

    @ Kos:

    Why do the Eagles need to play much zone at all? Nnamdi and DRC can run like the wind. Asante and their pseudo-safeties can freelance the rest of the time, right?

  15. kos says:

    T3 –

    Agreed. The Eagles defensive coaches need to be asked why they feel the need to play zone with those corners. Maybe it was because of the Giants receivers size advantage that they were afraid of?

  16. Origin says:

    @ Kos – great points about Davis. Thats why I always had respect for him….however I didn’t like how he did Art Shell the second time around.

    @ Harvey – Not sure if you saw ESPN’s E60 report ( I never watch the show but a friend of mine told me to watch it) on Josh Freeman, but you can tell that the young man’s Father and Mother gave him the scoop on what to expect being a black QB.

    @ Temple – You are right because NFL Network has been giving Mr. Freeman some love for awhile.

    @ Miranda – Thank you for posting that………..glad to see Eddie George stand up for Vick. I sure he knows first hand seeing Mcnair all those years get hit late and often. Also what did Tom Jackson say??? He never says anything but nod his head to whatever Chris Berman says.

  17. RBD says:

    Weep not for Garrard. He should be glad the Colts haven’t called. Any situation like that one — everybody accustomed to one QB, one voice for a decade — it going to be next to impossible for the new guy. Garrard’s a smart guy who probably realizes this and can afford to hang around until a playoff contender suffers an injury in the middle of the season. If the phone doesn’t ring at that point, then there will be reason for concern. I’m happy for Garrard. He’s out of Jacksonville and will be in high demand from a winning — or credible — team a month from now.

    As to Freeman, it won’t be long until he’s appropriately recognized. There’s much to be said for a QB who doesn’t throw for 300 yards a game but whose team wins.

    The whole Vick argument can’t be made one way or the other without video of every drop-back — or at least a vast majority of them. The difficulty here is that the footage that would be necessary to prove either side of the argument may not exist anymore. In order to know whether he’s getting a raw deal, you’d have to compare the aftermath of his passes with what happens, doesn’t happen, is called or is not called with Manning, Brady, etc.
    I heard somebody say — don’t remember who or where — that the Vick drew more flags for late hits than anybody else in the league. I don’t know whether that’s true, but it isn’t really that important.
    The number of flags thrown on defenders for roughing Vick isn’t really the issue by itself. It’s the number of penalties called relative to the number of times defenders make contact with Vick after he has thrown the ball. Let’s say, for example, that Vick draws a higher raw total of flags than the average QB. Maybe that’s to be expected given the nature of the Eagles’ offense, the quality of his offensive line, etc. Are the calls in proportion to the offenses against him? That’s really hard to measure without in-depth film study. (Example: One reason there are probably very few penalties for roughing Manning is that the Colts’ offense throws so many screens, quick hits, etc., that no defender is within shouting distance when the ball is released a lot of the time.)

  18. Miranda says:

    Origin, apparently Tom Jackson went off and defended Vick’s comments…strangely, I can’t find the video clip of it on the whole friggin internet.

  19. Temple3 says:

    @ RBD — good stuff.

  20. michelle says:

    Great conversation guys….