Grappling Kings Part 1: The Closed Guard & An Appreciation Of Marcelo Garcia

Posted in Blogroll on September 30th, 2011 by Okori Wadsworth

Helio Gracie, The Man, The Myth, The Father of What We Know

On the basis of some general confusion, and the fact that Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan generally treat every single brand new follower to the sport as though they have seen every single fight from UFC 1 to the present and know instinctively what every last position that they are going to see is, I figured that I would go through the trouble of finding the four main grappling positions most people see when they watch the UFC (and since largely the UFC is on the verge of committing a kind of hegemony, one could reasonably make the argument that at this point UFC=MMA).

Where are we starting? The most flexible position that exists. The Guard. And if you can hang so far through the long explanation, I’ll do you a favor and show you all of the tricks in action by one of the most graceful and fluid men doing anything related to grappling that I have ever seen. Marcelo Garcia.

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