Transcript of NBA TV’s David Aldridge And NBA Commissioner David Stern’s Lockout Conversation

Posted in Blogroll on October 14th, 2011 by Michael Tillery

We all know the story and also know what’s been reported, so it’s good these interviews are going down because at the very least the public can begin to distinguish what is real and what is “right”. I would hope someone out there (put me in coach!) will get NBAPA head Billy Hunter on the mic soon as both sides enter the mediation phase in the upcoming week. David Aldridge is that dude, and as you’ll see (or have seen) in the video link, the right questions were asked with everything professional in mind. We’ll all know in due time if a season will become a this year reality, but if not, as Amar’e Stoudemire suggested to ESPN, get on my NPA plan (also besides the above Aldridge link, the NPA gets a mention here in an article by David Leonard) so fans of basketball get to see the game as it ever was…

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