Ron Glover’s NFL Predictions: Week 7 (10/23/11 – 10/24/11)

There are some new faces going under center this week as injuries and decisions have caused some teams to make changes. The Colts and Dolphins are still in pursuit of victory number one this season. LaDanlian Tomlinson faces his ex-Charger teammates for the first time as they travel to the Meadowlands to face the Jets. There are also a couple of recent Super Bowl rematches as Larry Fitzgerald looks to get a win against the Steelers and the Colts travel to N’Awlins to meet the Saints.

Byes this week: Bengals, Bills, Eagles, Giants, Niners and Patriots.

Sunday October 23, 2011

Games with a 1pm start:


Denver Broncos (1-4) at Miami Dolphins (0-5) – Tim Tebow could’ve been a Miami Dolphin, you won’t be able to tell the difference today. A loss today could have Tony Sparano swimmin’ with the fishes.

Broncos 23 – Dolphins  13

San Diego Chargers (4-1) at NY Jets (3-3) – The Jets are looking to finally get some steam behind them, while the Chargers look to prove that they can beat a team with a winning record.

Chargers 27 – Jets 21

Houston Texans (3-3) at  Tennessee Titans (3-2) – No one thought that this game would mean anything as the Titans were looking to be in transition. The Texans need this win after tough back to back losses.

Texans 24 – Titans 16

Atlanta Falcons (3-3) at Detroit Lions (5-1) – Now we’ll see how well the Lions respond to a tough loss.

Falcons 24 – Lions 23

Washington Redskins (3-2) at Carolina Panthers (1-5) – John Beck is at the helm today and will probably be there for the duration. The Panthers should mix it up today against a young, speedy Redskins defense.

Panthers 28 – Redskins 13 

Chicago Bears (3-3) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-2) – The Bucs dug down deep last week to pull one out against the Saints. There’s no time to slack as the Saints, Texans, Packers and Titans follow the Bears this week.

Bucs 31 – Bears 21

Seattle Seahawks (2-3) at Cleveland Browns (2-3) – Charlie Whitehurst gets the start for the injured Tavaris Jackson as the Seahawks try to stay in the Niners rear-view.

Seahawks 22 – Browns 20

Games beginning at 4:05 or later:

Pittsburgh Steelers (4-2) at Arizona Cardinals (1-4) – The Steelers are gaining momentum, best thing is that the turnovers are down. Did Larry Fitzgerald really sign a deal to stay in Arizona?

Steelers 30 – Cardinals 26

Kansas City Chiefs (2-3) at Oakland Raiders (4-2) – Al Davis may be gone, but the hatred for he Chiefs isn’t.

Raiders 30 – Chiefs 13

Green Bay Packers (6-0) at Minnesota Vikings (1-5) – If  this gets butt-ugly early (which it potentially could) can/does Leslie Frazier go to the bench?

Packers 33 – Vikings 13

St. Louis Rams (0-5) at Dallas Cowboys (2-3) – I hope the Cowboys aren’t taking this one lightly.

Cowboys 23 – Rams 12

Indianpolis Colts (0-6) at New Orleans Saints (4-2) – I think the Colts defense will keep it close for a half.

Saints 31 – Colts 17 

Monday October 24, 2011 8:30 pm:

Baltimore Ravens (4-1) at Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5) – Even with the Jags record, you can still count on a physical game. Maurice Jones-Drew and Ray Rice will see to it.

Ravens 24 – Jaguars 16

Last Week: 9-4

2011 Season: 46-33

36 Responses to “Ron Glover’s NFL Predictions: Week 7 (10/23/11 – 10/24/11)”

  1. Miranda says:

    The Panthers whupping the Redskins rather nicely!

  2. Miranda says:

    Plaxico is just what the Jets needed, wow.

  3. Temple3 says:

    I’d give Matty Ice props for today, but the game was played in a DOME.

    I wanna luv him…but I think I hate him. Kidding. Great win by ATL.

    Kevin Kolb — a little intentional grounding in the end zone. I like that.

  4. Miranda says:

    How long before its Terrelle Pryor time in Oakland?

  5. Origin says:

    Who knows Miranda. Even though I am a Palmer hater and especially hate how the media said nothing as he bitched his way out of Cincy, I will take a wait and see approach on him since he just got to the team on Thursday.

    Hopefully Pryor will one day get a shot………a real shot.

    I tell you I have been having fun on the Washington site. All that talk about how Cam was going to be a bust. Now those fools got to see Cam the bust up close.

    And boy oh boy how are the fans in Arizona not boing Kolb. I mean this dude putting up boo boo stats and those fools gave but that much for that crap play. Might as well have kept Anderson.

    Heck TJ was getting booed in Seattle in the preseason and his stats were just as good as Kolb.

    Oh well another day in the NFL……….at least the defenses have caught up and the games don’t look like the CFL any more.

  6. Origin says:

    So Garret finally figured out that if he has a large lead the best way to win is to run the ball.

    So I guess Garret isn’t so dumb after all.

  7. Miranda says:

    The Packers are so fundamentally sound on offense, it aint even funny.

  8. Origin says:

    True they just have too many weapons. Not only that all their pass catchers can run with the ball and are physical. So their 3rd and 4th WRs are better then their opponents 3rd and 4th DBs.

    Then to top it off they have a mobile QB and a great OL. Its a pick your poison type of thing. However I do wish they would run the ball more because some of these games don’t have to be this close if they would actually use the run to eat up clock.

  9. Miranda says:

    Did anyone catch the last 5 minutes of that Den-Mia game? what had happened? LOL, apparently that’s all the talk right now.

  10. Origin says:

    Well the Dolphins funbled the onside kick. Tebow took the team down for a TD and a 2 point conversion to tie the game.

    The broncos then get a fumble recovery in OT and kick a field goal to win the game.

    The funniest part about the game was the fans were chanting Tebow Tebow in the stands. While Urban Myer is on the Dolphin’s sideline laughing it up with the Dolphins’ owner (as his team was giving up a 15-0 lead).

  11. Origin says:

    The Dolphin’s owner couldn’t careless about the out come. His team is closer in the suck for luck lottery and he got a sell out because fans traveled far and wide to celebrate the 2009 Tebow lead Florida gators team.

    Now watch the the Colts play the Saints tight for 3 Qrts and come 4th play possum so that they can stay tied with the Dolphins for luck.

    I still got my money on Miami and Indy going 0-16 or 1-15 and the league having to do a coin flip for who gets Luck.

  12. Origin says:

    Tebow threw some of the worst passes I have ever seen tin all my years of watching the NFL. Yet the commentators pretty much whistled when passes sailed 40 yards beyond the WR out of bonds.

    Didn’t a commentator go on and on Last Sunday night because of 2 or 3 bad passes the Vikings QB threw last Sunday night???

    Anyway Tebow just proves that a mobile QB (even one that can’t pass) is the most dangerous type of QB in the league. Look how many mobile QBs there are in the league now (matter a fact all the QBs that were drafted in the 1st round were mobile). But folks want to swear that QBs like Young, Cunningham, Mcnabb and Culpepper didn’t revolutionize the game…..please.

  13. Ron Glover says:

    @Miranda it all depends on what he’s absorbed and how it looks in practice. Like you if it isn’t Campbell I’m ready for the kid to go.

  14. Miranda says:

    One of my friends that’s a diehard Raiders fans, actually broke down in tears today. LOL, it hurt…it REALLY hurt.

    The Dolphins owner should be ashamed, but hell, he don’t care, got a sold out game so whatever. To honor UF in the stadium that the U plays every homegame…wow…what a slap.

  15. Origin says:

    Dang Miranda sorry to hear about your friend…..but Kyle Boller does have that affect on people….LOL!!!

  16. Origin says:

    Colts I know you guys are tanking for Luck but don’t make it so obvious.
    I just hope these jokers don’t fire Caldwell after the season but I can’t see how they don’t. I know the fans will be calling for his head after the season.

  17. Corin Brown says:

    Oakland appeared frisky and relevant for the first time in a long time. I actually was starting to like them for the AFC West. Then in the last 5 minutes: their owner died; their surging starting QB goes in IR; they inexplicably ship 2 first rounders for a ham-and-egger, out of shape, over 30, malcontent QB with a reconstructed knee, a Tommy John elbow and a sour attitude who (by the way) SUCKS; they lose the kicker with the biggest leg in the NFL (with a hammy on his kicking leg – I’m guessing, for a kicker, that ain’t good); they lose the consensus best back in the AFC (with a messed up foot – I’m guessing, for a RB, that ain’t good.) Can Lechler play offense and defense too?

  18. Origin says:

    Great points Corin………everything seems to be going down hill fast. Hopefully Mcfadden is O.K. and maybe within some weeks Palmer can get up to speed with his WR. But boy Hue is on the hot seat with that trade if this team doesn’t make the playoffs. Plus he was really reaching letting Palmer play today he may have been better playing Pryor.

    Today was the best the Chiefs have looked all season.

  19. kos says:

    I picked the Raiders to win the AFC West. I don’t see that happening now with Boller & Palmer running the show. Even though a lot of fans aren’t in love with Jason Campbell, he’s the Raiders best chance at winning. Hopefully, the Palmer trade won’t be the defining moment of Hue’s coaching in Oakland (as in he gets fired because of the trade later on).

    Roger Goodell can also be thanked for helping tank the Raiders season. If he hadn’t decided to enforce an NCAA suspension on Pryor, Pryor may have been ready to step in this week, instead of just getting back from said suspension. By the way, what kind of consulting was Jim Tressel doing for the Colts last night?!

  20. Temple3 says:

    True they just have too many weapons. Not only that all their pass catchers can run with the ball and are physical. So their 3rd and 4th WRs are better then their opponents 3rd and 4th DBs.

    Amen. That’s exactly how they won the Super Bowl. Jordy Nelson vs. Any Nickel/Dime back on the Steelers. Pittsburgh really needed Santonio last year. (Note to self: Let It Go!!)

  21. Temple3 says:

    @ kos: LOL.

    CB hit the Raiders implosion on the head. What a mess.

    STEELERS PATRIOTS next week. Brady won’t get touched all game, he’ll throw for 400 yards and 5 touchdowns (all to Gronkowski) and CB is going to let me HAVE IT!!!!

  22. kos says:

    T3 –

    I’ve already got visions of dink and dunk football in my head for the Steelers-Patriots game next week.

    As I keep reminding the women that love the Steelers (mostly because they love Troy’s hair), Troy can hit, but he can’t cover WR’s or the new school tight ends!

    I predict Brady will get touched, and a flag will fly out on whoever touched him, even though the hit was perfectly legal! (Think what happens whenever the Ravens play the Pats during the regular season. I found it odd that the same hits in the post season don’t draw flags.) Leading to what should have been a stop, being a drive extender that leads to a touchdown for the Pats.

  23. Temple3 says:

    Honestly, LeBeau needs to figure this out.

    30-43, 350, 3 tds, 0 ints
    32-46, 399, 4 tds, 0 ints
    31-41, 372, 0 tds, 1 int

    The Steelers might be better off taking their chances against the Pats by trying to stop the run with a mix of Woodley and 3 D-linemen, backed by Timmons and one of the faster young LBs…

    Let Farrior and Foote sit it out for a bit on 1st and 2nd down – and play 5-6 DBs. I don’t know if any of that works for very long. I also think it couldn’t hurt to keep Ryan Clark in center field and give Brady lots of blitz looks against man coverage and zone blitzes. The Ravens seem to get a lot of mileage out of that…

    They always look like they’re coming.

  24. kos says:

    You can forget that T3. LeBeau doesn’t change up his defense to play any team. LeBeau thinks his defense can defeat anybody. Not bad to think that way, it’s just been proven that dink and dunk works against it better than any other scheme.

    The Ravens have a different philosophy than the Steelers when it comes to defense. It seems that whenever a big game comes up, whoever the D coordinator is will find some exotic formations to use that no QB will be comfortable with. It helps that putting Ngata, Suggs, Lewis, and Ed Reed in places that nobody would expect them to be in totally screws with the offense’s head!

    I said a couple of years ago that the Steelers corners should try more bump and run. Teams that have had success against the Patriots (mostly the Jets and Ravens) tend to do a good job of bumping the Pats receivers at the line to the point that it totally throws off Brady’s timing. Most of the time that would involve putting linebackers in shallow zone coverage on the inside receivers and tight ends and giving them a good wack at the line and letting their outside CB’s go one on one with the Pats receivers. I’d love to see LeBeau try this a couple of times, even though you’d lose Woodley & Timmons’s ability to rush the passer. It would at least put the Pats on notice that if the Steelers are going to lose, they’re going to punish the Pats.

  25. Temple3 says:

    It worked for the Jets just fine in the AFC playoffs last year.

  26. Patrick says:

    Carson Palmer, if I am not mistaken has a 46-51 record as a NFL starter. Palmer is not an elite quarterback and his in-game temperament and decision-making comes under question when pressured relentlessly or if he has to move in the pocket.

    Did anyone see the referee throw the yellow penalty flag when a Chiefs’ defender tackled Palmer by the ankle? (I wonder if Jason Campbell or Michael Vick would get a referee call like that?)

    When Palmer got tackled, I believe the ‘happy feet syndrome’ was triggered and led to three interceptions.

    Palmer has to become a game manager to survive in Oakland.

    I would like to have seen TERRELLE PRYOR receive a package of plays in that game that got really out of control after Kyle Boller went on his INT binge.

    At some point, Pryor has to get some time on the field in some capacity even though Hue Jackson has openly committed himself to Palmer..

  27. Patrick says:

    Roddy White says he doesn’t respect Ndamakung Suh for taunting Matt Ryan when he forced out of the game.

    Suh denies he was taunting after Ryan got injured, but Ryan did come back in the game after he was stepped on…by his own teammate,if I am not mistaken…

    Detroit pressured Ryan into bad decisions, but Matthew Stafford reminds me a little bit of Jeff George in regard to on-field performance. Stafford had some opportunities to gain yards by running for a few yards on his own and keep the chains moving, but ended up throwing too many incompletions and got caught in way too many 2nd and 3rd and long situations.

    Ryan has a better overall supporting cast on offense than Stafford. As long as Michael Turner is healthy and finding ways to break off big runs, the Falcons have a chance to win regardless of how inconsistent Ryan plays…

  28. Temple3 says:

    I agree with you about CP becoming a game manager in OAK (damn they gave up alot), but they need McFadden for that approach to work…and he needs to get some 3rd down chemistry with someone: Ford, Schillens, DHB, Denarius. And getting Pryor on the field, even as a decoy, would be valuable. He can make plays.

    Maybe Hue Jackson just really wants to see Marvin Lewis retire happily with the Bengals. What’s Marvin going to do with 2 first rounders, a young QB who looks like he can ball, 2 quality RBs, a nice young receiving corps, and the league’s top defense?

  29. Miranda says:

    Is the Ravens offense simply moving….in place? They’re on a treadmill…aint going nowhere.

  30. Corin Brown says:

    JAX front four came to play and overwhelmed Balto’s O-line. No offense can do a thing without controlling the line. Least of all, a shrinking violet like Flacco.

    Bad call on Pollard. I don’t blame the back judge, though. How can an elderly part-time official be expected to digest this new raft of rules cooked up by an army of attorneys and insurance adjusters who never played sports in their lives, let alone a sport as violent as football, then be able to render fine distinctions between what constitutes a defenseless receiver and a non-defenseless receiver or tell the difference between an unnecessarily rough hit and a legally hard hit on a bang-bang call over the middle like that? The league is asking too much of these poor guys.

    Tonight’s game is excellent proof that 32 teams is just too many. It seems these days that a team can have a top D (Balto) or have a top offense (GB) but not both. But, of course, at least half the teams suck on both sides of the ball.

    Every season has one lame week of games. I think week seven was it. I’m glad it’s over!

  31. Patrick says:


    Joe Flacco– shrinking violet…LOL

    Last week on ESPN’s First Take, Terrell Suggs was attempting to defend Joe Flacco.

    A few years ago when Troy Smith was on the roster, I recall Suggs said that Troy Smith should have been provided a real opportunity to compete for the starting job and was a better option that Flacco.

  32. Temple3 says:

    Here is where I wholeheartedly agree with Patrick. Troy Smith was tailor-made for this team. He had the smarts and the moxie to really ball with Baltimore. He was in the mold of a Drew Brees, minus the Rocket Launcher…but otherwise, I found the two of them to be very similar.

    Flacco is/was/will be a bum. John Clayton is the only idiot that I know who has called him an elite QB…but he’s none of that. Frankly, Baltimore has no excuse whatsoever in losing to the Jags. The same line that was highly touted in beating Pittsburgh and Houston is suddenly a weakness? I don’t think so.

    These old AFC Central games can be like this sometimes. That’s why anytime Tennessee or Jacksonville play Bal./Pitt/Cincy/Cle, you can throw the records out the window.

    Baltimore has a huge line with accomplished veterans. They have a power and speed running game. They have an elite fullback. They have a tight end that can run and catch. They have Boldin…and they have as good a defense as there is in the league…but they’ve handed over the keys to the Ferrari to an idiot.

    They’re 4-2 and they ALWAYS struggle against the Bengals and in Pittsburgh. They could lose all 3 of those games and find themselves home for the playoffs. It’s not likely, but it’s still a very real possibility.

    They do this every single year. Last year, Week 2 — Flacco chucks 4 picks vs. the Bengals. Baltimore now has 2 losses in the conference that they simply shouldn’t have…but that’s what happens with this “extended rivalry.”

    Ray Ray and Ed are going to have ANOTHER “Come to Jesus” meeting with the village idiot and see if they can rattle off 8 of 9 or 10 like they usually do after digging a ditch.

  33. Temple3 says:


    Not sure about the 32 team thing. You could be right, but consider that the worst teams in the league right now are the Colts, Vikings, Rams, and Dolphins. The Colts and Vikings have lots of talent on both sides of the ball, but are unnervingly weak at QB. Both are not far removed from deep playoff runs.

    The Rams were a popular pick to succeed this season –and looked to be doing quite well when Steven Jackson ripped off that Week 1 run vs. the Eagles. Then he went down…and the Dolphins are fish food. However, they too have talent on both sides of the ball. They were competitive in several of their games, but they also lost their QB.

    So, I don’t know how bad each of these teams are with healthy players at QB and RB. Most teams don’t have the depth to win with their #2 and #3 guys at either position.

  34. Corin Brown says:

    Yeah, T, that’s what I’m driving at. All these teams do have talent somewhere but the depth just ain’t there. I just think the talent is spread a little too thin. Also most teams are run by dumb guys who have no idea how to utilize the players they do have, players with particular skills (Welker not being good enough for SD, MIA; Troy Smith never getting a proper chance to run an offense.)

    Simmons tweeted something funny after last night’s game: “Oakland just traded 2 first rounders for Flacco.”

    Flacco is BAD. But the Balto O-line laid a collective egg last night. I love Troy Smith but I’m not sure what he would have done with that weak sauce protection. Actually he probably could have scraped together 6 more points for an ugly win!

  35. Julius says:

    Anybody who breaks down in tears because of what happens in the NFL should get checked into a mental hospital and receive some lessons about what’s really important in life.