Ron Glover’s NFL Predictions: Week 12 (11-27-11/11-28-11)

Posted in Blogroll on November 27th, 2011 by Ron Glover

Some teams are slipping at the wrong time. The Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions and potentially the NY Giants are in the midst of a late season swoon that can cost them playoff spot.

Beware as post season spoilers are lurking…

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My NBA Dream Tournament Pt. 1: The Pre-1981 Starting Five

Posted in Blogroll on November 26th, 2011 by Okori Wadsworth

Right now, as the NBA Labor nonsense and mishigas finally comes to an end, I can’t help but think of hoops history. And when that happens, almost immediately, I can’t help but think of one thing: If we took the greatest players from throughout NBA history at the absolute apex of their primes, created teams, and had them play a 3-game series for a million dollars who would win? So, in the absence of an actual NBA season with actual NBA games to watch, there was truly only one way to go. Make my dream game happen. But before I do that, I’m going to set the ground rules because after all, it’s not really a good game if we don’t have rules.

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Ron Glover’s NFL Sweet Potato Pie Picks For Week 12 (11-24-11)

Posted in Blogroll on November 24th, 2011 by Ron Glover

Happy Holiday TSF Family, I just threw my sweet potato pies in the oven just in time to make my Thanksgiving Day Game predictions.

Here we go…

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Ron Glover’s NFL Predictions: Week 11 (11-20-11-11-21-11)

Posted in Blogroll on November 20th, 2011 by Ron Glover

Week 11 in the NFL could be the week of the spoiler. Teams like the Dolphins, Panthers Cardinals and Eagles whose playoff hopes are either a memory or on life support are looking to shake things up today.

Games to keep an eye on today are the Bengals facing another divisional test against the Ravens, Cam Newton and the Panthers face Ndamukong Suh and the Lions, the Titans and the Falcons face off in Atlanta and the sinking San Diego Chargers travel to Chicago to face the surging Bears.

The Colts, Saints, Steelers and Texans have byes this week.

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The ’76-’77 Philadelphia 76ers Part II: The Math & The Aftermath

Posted in Blogroll on November 16th, 2011 by Martin Sumners

Math is the study of quantity, space, structure and change to find some eternal truth. Often, the research to solve a mathematical problem takes years, decades or centuries.  The 1976-77 Philadelphia 76ers were just one classical experiment along with others including the 1996-97 Houston Rockets, 2003-04 Los Angeles Lakers, 2007-08 Boston Celtics and 2010-11 Miami Heat.

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Ron Glover’s NFL Predictions: Week 9 (11/13/11 – 11/14/11)

Posted in Blogroll on November 13th, 2011 by Ron Glover

Several games this weekend will have a direct impact on divisional and conference races around the NFL. The Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, both at 4-4 will take on divison leaders in the AFC East and South in the Buffalo Bills and Houston Texans, respectively. The New Orleans Saints look to increase their one-game lead in the NFC South will take on the Falcons in Atlanta.

The surprising Cincinnati Bengals face the Steelers today, beginning a gauntlet which includes five divisional games in the next eight weeks. The Detroit Lions face the surging Chicago Bears at Soldier Field, a unified NY Giants team heads west to take on the 7-1 49’ers. The Broncos and Chiefs meet in a suddenly wide open AFC West. Finally the  New England Patriots and NY Jets battle for AFC East supremacy on Sunday night.

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The ’76-’77 Philadelphia 76ers Part I: The Construction

Posted in Blogroll on November 11th, 2011 by Martin Sumners

The initial reports that Julius Erving’s auctioning off memorabilia was linked to his alleged financial woes.  Erving responded that he’s not a “hoarder or collector” and that the auction is for charity denying any connection to his personal financial circumstances.

Many seem to think that the sale of MVP trophies or championship rings will wipe away the memories.  But proving that memories are more complex than carbohydrates, the autographed photograph of the 1976-77 Philadelphia 76ers actually reminded me that this year marks the 35th anniversary of the team many consider the best team to not win a championship.

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Penn State Head Coach Joe Paterno To Retire Effective End Of Season

Posted in Blogroll on November 9th, 2011 by Michael Tillery

You have to quit Joe. Now not later.

The sexual abuse scandal involving former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky has forced one of the most iconic sports figures to retire. Joe Paterno will leave his head coaching position effective at end of season. It’s arguable, Paterno was the most powerful man in Pennsylvania. He joined the school in 1950 as an assistant.

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Smokin’ Joe Frazier – Philadelphia’s Real Rocky, Passes At 67

Posted in Blogroll on November 8th, 2011 by Ron Glover
Life doesn’t run away from nobody, life runs at people” – Joe Frazier
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Magic Johnson: The HIV Announcement – Twenty Years Later

Posted in Blogroll on November 7th, 2011 by Ron Glover

It was a moment in time that stopped you cold, rendering you speechless, emotionless and somewhat hopeless. Magic Johnson proclaiming that he was HIV positive left the world stunned and anyone with a questionable past either scrambling for a blood test or running away from the potential truth.

Prior to the Events of 9/11, “The Announcement” was possibly the defining moment of my generation. And for a then 19-year-old looking forward to finally entering adulthood, the rules of engagement had been changed forever.

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Ron Glover’s NFL Predictions Week 9: (11/6/11 – 11/7/11)

Posted in Blogroll on November 4th, 2011 by Ron Glover

Consider yourself fortunate if you carry the NFL package endorsed by Prime in wings and tights. There are some great game within and outside of both conferences this weekend. Two teams with revenge on their minds are the New Orleans Saints who were handled by the Tampa Bay Bucs three weeks ago. The other team is the Pittsburgh Steelers who were embarrassed by the Baltimore Ravens in the season opener.

Other games of note include: Jets at the Bills, the Giants face the Patriots in Foxboro and the Bears look to win their third straight against the Eagles in Philadelphia.

Byes this week: Jaguars, Lions, Panthers and Vikings

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TSF Diva Debate: Lisa Leslie vs. Cheryl Miller

Posted in Blogroll on November 3rd, 2011 by Ron Glover

We salute lady hoops in this week’s Diva Debate. Most of us remember Cheryl Miller (short chat with Chery down the page) dominating women’s basketball at USC and capturing Olympic gold in 1984. She went on to coach at her alma mater and has since been an NBA analyst. There was no women’s professional league with the following of today’s WNBA. Had there been – Miller would’ve easily been the logo.

If you had to select a player to be the standard of women’s basketball for the last decade and a half, Lisa Leslie is the choice of many. One of the most decorated players in history, Leslie is the cornerstone of the WNBA of which she is a member of the inaugural draft (#7 overall).

Let the debate begin…

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How To Fix USA Basketball, And How USA Hockey Can Show You The Three-Step Plan For Success

Posted in Blogroll on November 1st, 2011 by Okori Wadsworth


Let me be clear. I love Basketball more than any other sport. It’s my favorite to watch. The happiest day of my life was when DirectTV allowed me to have NBA TV, so I could watch Hardwood Classics all the live-long day. Watching those long enough allows you to see what basketball looks like when it’s perfect. Ball movement so beautiful that it almost makes you cry, in-your-shirt defense, and the perfectly executed fast break. What’s the best example of this to my way of thinking? The 1989 Detroit Pistons, or the 1986 Boston Celtics.

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