Ron Glover’s NFL Predictions: Week 9 (11/13/11 – 11/14/11)

Several games this weekend will have a direct impact on divisional and conference races around the NFL. The Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, both at 4-4 will take on divison leaders in the AFC East and South in the Buffalo Bills and Houston Texans, respectively. The New Orleans Saints look to increase their one-game lead in the NFC South will take on the Falcons in Atlanta.

The surprising Cincinnati Bengals face the Steelers today, beginning a gauntlet which includes five divisional games in the next eight weeks. The Detroit Lions face the surging Chicago Bears at Soldier Field, a unified NY Giants team heads west to take on the 7-1 49’ers. The Broncos and Chiefs meet in a suddenly wide open AFC West. Finally the  New England Patriots and NY Jets battle for AFC East supremacy on Sunday night.

Sunday November 12, 2011

Games Beginning at 1 pm:

Buffalo Bills (5-3) at Dallas Cowboys (4-4) – The Cowboys run defense will be put to the test against one of the league’s best in Fred Jackson. I’m sure defensive coordinator Rob Ryan turned to brother Rex for pointers.

Cowboys 27- Bills 23

Tennessee Titans (4-4) at Carolina Panthers (2-6) – The Panthers have lost more close games than they’ve won. The Panthers are the NFL’s most explosive offense coming off of a bye week against a Titans defense going in reverse.

Panthers 30 – Titans 21

Houston Texans (6-3) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-4) – Arian Foster and Ben Tate are the best RB tandem in the NFL right now, Josh Freeman, who has struggled in recent weeks, now faces and opportunistic Texans secondary who is ranked third in interceptions.

Texans 24 – Bucs 20

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6) at Indianpolis Colts (0-9) – The Jags are better defensively, but equally poor quarterback play opens the door for a Colts win.

Colts 16 – Jaguars 12 

Arizona Cardinals (2-6) at Philadelphia Eagles (3-5) – Here are the real ‘Angry Birds’. The Eagles have no margin for error and need a miracle to make the playoffs.

Eagles 35 – Cardinals 10

New Orleans Saints (6-3) at Atlanta Falcons (5-3) – The Saints bounced back last week, Michael Turner may get 30 carries today against an inconsistent Saints front four.

Saints 33 – Falcons 22 

St. Louis Rams (1-7) at Cleveland Browns (3-5) – The are trying to salvage this disappointing season.

Rams 20 – Browns 16

Washington Redskins (3-5) at Miami Dolphins (1-7) – The Shanahan Plan has failed miserably and no one feels sorry for them.

Dolphins 24 – Redskins 14

Denver Broncos (3-5) at Kansas City Chiefs (4-4) – I can’t help but marvel at Willis McGahee, who has made the most of his opportunities regardless of the uniform or the team’s situation.

Chiefs 24 – Broncos 13

Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3) at Cincinnati Bengals (6-2) – Maybe a win against the Steelers will get Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis Coach of the Year consideration.

Steelers 28 – Bengals 27

Games Beginning at 4pm or later:

Baltimore Ravens (6-2) at Seattle Seahawks (2-6) – The Ravens are in a perfect “trap” situation: a team coming off a big division win, heads west against a struggling opponent that’s always tough at home.

Ravens 24 – Seahawks 20

Detroit Lions (6-2) at Chicago Bears (5-3) – Both teams are trying to lock down one of two wildcard spots, the Bears might be finally coming together.

Bears 25 – Lions 17

NY Giants (6-2) at San Francisco 49’ers ( 7-1) – A true battle of wills here, the Giants are unified and are the best in the NFC East while the Niners are still out to prove that they belong among the elite this year.

Niners 27 – Giants 24 (ot)

New England Patriots (5-3) at NY Jets (5-3) – Rex Ryan longs for the day when he can turn Mark Sanchez loose, he should start today.

Jets 30 – Patriots 28

Monday Night November 14, 2011 8:30pm:

Minnesota Vikings (2-6) at Green Bay Packers (8-0) – I’ll be asleep by 8:45

Packers 38 – Vikings 10

Thursday November 10, 2011

Oakland Raiders 24 – San Diego Chargers 17

 Last Week: 9-5

2011 Season 71-48

75 Responses to “Ron Glover’s NFL Predictions: Week 9 (11/13/11 – 11/14/11)”

  1. eric daniels says:


    The players should have de-certified the minute the season ended considering they had two years notice of a lockout.

  2. Temple3 says:


    I’m not sure that option was available to them. There has to be some good faith effort to collectively bargain the issues. I think the approach might have been to begin negotiations in earnest 2 years ago, but who would have been willing to concede 7% of $$$ on the owner-player split 2 years ago or even a year ago, while the checks were coming in?

    If nothing else, they should have been SAVING. If they did that, they could ride this thing out just like it was a flood of biblical proportions. If not, that’s on them.

  3. eric daniels says:


    It seems like Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher were unorganized until the last minute on what to do, like Gilbert, De Vos, Shinn, Jordan and Striling were not going to hold out for years to get the deal they
    wanted which was restricted player movement.

  4. eric daniels says:


    On Target as usual, I don’t see NBA Basketball until the 2013-2014 season

  5. Origin says:

    Great points Temple. From what I understand that was their play. The NFL lost when they came before the judge. The reason being that they didn’t let the process of negotiations continue before decertifying. So I think the NBA felt that it would be better if they tried to negotiate first then wnet ahead and decertified later.

    Also from what I heard is that the players were putting aside some of their income the last 2 or 3 years.

  6. kos says:

    T3, ed –

    Yep, there has to a be a “good faith” effort to bargain first. What constitutes good faith though and when can it start? I have no idea. In any case, I think the players gave the owners too much good faith.

    A few of the players saved. It’s not like they didn’t know this was coming. Kobe even offered to help out anyone that needed money to ride out the lockout. The problem is, you have some players that didn’t believe it would come to this or who try to live way beyond their means. Those are the ones that the owners are targeting to instill descent.

  7. Temple3 says:


    On the real — fuck those cats.

    If someone tells you to SAVE for two years…and you see people around you saving and you hear talk of a lockout and you see it in the paper and you still don’t save AND you won’t take your ass to Europe or Asia or Africa or Israel to play ball, then fuck you.

    Straight up. In that case, that player’s actions would constitute a true breach of the trust required for a strong union. GTFO and keep it movin.

    The union should put a spotlight on those players just as much as the owners…and let the public know that those players represent a SMALL MINORITY of its membership whose reckless actions are actually in line with the OWNERS and the WALL STREET cats who refused to changed their practice when external factors changed.

    Let ’em be targeted by the owners. Replace their asses when the next draft class comes in.

  8. Temple3 says:

    I don’t know what percentage of the players saved. I know that without that number being available for public consumption, if I were the union head, I would always act as though it was less than 10%, maybe even 5%. Can’t afford bad PR right now.

  9. Temple3 says:

    Dang — this thread is supposed to be about FOOTBALL. Sup??!?!?!?

  10. Miranda says:

    I hate linking to PFT (need a shower now)

    I would think something as simple as changing up the names of the plays would be a foregone conclusion…guess not.

  11. eric daniels says:

    Sorry Temple, I just wanted to talk about the lockout because I am jonesing for NBA basketball.

  12. Corin Brown says:

    Maybe that’s the problem: we’re all jonesing for “NBA” basketball when we really should be jonesing for American Pro Basketball (whatever that is.) As long as the “NBA” exists as the sole producer of elite pro hoops in this country, the owners will always have the players under their collective thumb. And it’s only gonna get worse after this lockout. The NBA (owners) are the problem. They got to go. But how?

  13. Miranda says:

    NFL Network football games seem like they’re being produced by a public access channel.

  14. Miranda says:

    Are these the Denver Broncos or West Virginia? LOL

  15. Origin says:

    Lord have mercy the Jets are about to lose to the Broncos. Tebow and Sanchez must be seeing who can throw the worst passes between the two.

    Sanchez should be ashamed of himself all that talent on offense and playing like trash and don’t let me get on Tebow with his wounded duck passes.

    Miranda so you are saying the NFL network games look like NBA games on ESPN???

    Oh and sista West Virgina has a nice offense now ever since they got Geno Smith at QB. I would say that the Broncos offense looks like Georgia Tech or Nebraska.

  16. Origin says:

    Man they are treating Sanchez like Vick with all the late hits.

  17. Corin Brown says:

    That was fun to watch but that was some BAD football. These teams aren’t going ANYWHERE. And Miller speared Sanchez with the crown of his head on that last drive and no one said, “boo.” Isn’t that against the rules these days? Glad the Jets lost again tonight – Pats get closer to the tournament.

    Oh, and Paul Johnson’s Georgia Tech offense would have steamrolled both of these sorry defenses tonight.

  18. Origin says:

    Yeah CB that was some bad football out there.

    Just one question doesn’t every defensive coordinator know that you don’t blitz a quick mobile QB up the middle. You always blitz those guys off the edge and make them stay in the pocket to pass. And why has no one in 4 weeks put a spy on Tebow. Coaches were spying guys like Vick the first day he stepped in teh league.

    I still think the Jets and Pats make the playoffs and whoever wins that trash of a division in the AFC west will be 8-8.

  19. Corin Brown says:

    ESPN just ran the stats for most rushing TD’s by a QB in a season. I get Vick (9) and Peete and VY (10) but the record holder is Steve Grogan?!?!?! With 15 rushing TD’s?!?!?!? In 1975?!?!!!?! Get off, Steve Grogan! The Pats sure played some wild ball back in the day.

    Tebow seems like a nice, well meaning virginal kid but as an NFL QB, he’s ridiculous. However Denver’s D is the real thing. This just in: Von Miller is good.

  20. Temple3 says:

    @ Origin: Last night the announcers said that Denver was running the GT offense.

    A friend has been going off on the Jets for awhile now because of poor safety play – 2 years worth. Last night might have been the worst of it.

    Namath is somewhere, looking at pictures of Suzy Kolber, and thinking, “Damn Rex, your boys are awful. You should’ve listened when I told you!” BTW, the Jets have been in trouble ever since they got mauled by the Raiders back in Week 3.

  21. Corin Brown says:

    Agreed on the Jets, T3. As a Pats fan, I always fear the Jets because they have excellent special teams, win the turnover game, always play hard and are always extremely physical. That’s a lot right there. But the bottom line is that Sanchez has a limited set of skills and is just not that good. He seems to rely on the PI offense in crunch time. But there’s gonna come a time when D’s get smart and those flags stop flying. Whatever success the Jets achieve seems to come from their toughness, physical play, special teams and luck.

    And Ferguson is just killing them. As nasty as Miller was last night, Andre Carter had an even bigger game when he squared off against Ferguson last week. But I’ve always thought that sacks was the worst stat around. From Gastineau to Strahan. Scam!

    Safety play is always tricky to assess. A lot has to do with how weak the opponent team’s offense is (how many snaps the safeties have to play) and how the game has become so passing friendly. That being said, what kind of pass defense were they responsible for last night? No kind of, thats what. Leonard and Smith(?) are no good. Imagine how much worse they would look without Revis and ARC on the scene? Yikes!

    And the Pats ex-QB, K Mart version of Wes Welker from Kent State knocked LT into next week. LT should hang ’em up. Save his marbles. He doesn’t have anything left to prove and he isn’t gonna win his ring.

    What happened to RG’s 5 questions? I liked those.

  22. kos says:

    T3, CB –

    Yep, those safeties were terrible last night. One should have spied Tebow the entire night. Let the corners handle the Broncos receivers. The Broncos receivers were not going to be able to shed those corners for many big plays.

    In the weak AFC West, the Broncos might come out the champs, but I don’t see them beating any of the elite teams (Pats, Steelers, Ravens) in the AFC.

    Rex is going to have to find some serious motivation for the Jets next game. Sanchez is getting ripped a new one. Those guys have to feel bad about losing the way that they did and it’s up to Ryan to make sure that they keep focus for their next game.

    CB –

    Steve Grogan had the record for most rushing TD’s in a season by a QB? Never would have figured that! btw, Wikipedia and says it’s 12.

  23. Corin Brown says:

    Yeah, I was just quoting what I saw on an ESPN graphic last night. Not surprised they have their own stats. Grogan was QB when I started following the Pats when I was very young. His teams were bad but I always loved his game. He took a ton of punishment standing in the pocket but he also got his nose dirty plenty as a scrambler. He was TOUGH. The rules were a little bit different regarding hitting the QB too. Grogan to Stanley Morgan for a long bomb – I got into football based on that move. I always wanted Grogan to coach offense for the Pats but apparently he didn’t want to work for the team and owns a sporting goods store in Norwood or some other town near Foxboro. Either way, he’s a childhood hero of mine.

  24. Corin Brown says:

    Was it something I said?