Ron Glover’s NFL Sweet Potato Pie Picks For Week 12 (11-24-11)

Happy Holiday TSF Family, I just threw my sweet potato pies in the oven just in time to make my Thanksgiving Day Game predictions.

Here we go…

Green Bay Packers (10-0)  at Detroit Lions (7-3) 12:30pm – The crowd will be in a frenzy, the Lions have always played fairly well on Turkey Day regardless of their record, but this is a different Packers team. I think the Lions win just like they did when they last faced a 10-0 Packers team

Lions 33 – Packers 30

Miami Dolphins (3-7) at Dallas Cowboys (6-4) 4:15pm –  The NFC East is for the Cowboys to take, the Dolphins are finally starting to come together. This SHOULD be one in the win column for the ‘Boys but stranger things have happened on this day between these two teams.

Cowboys 28 – Dolphins 12

San Francisco 49’ers (9-1) at Baltimore Ravens (7-3) 8:20pm – Forget the matchup between the coaches, I’m hoping Ray Lewis plays so I can see him go head up against fellow Hurricane Frank Gore and Niners middle linebacker Patrick Willis locking in on the Ravens Ray Rice.

Ravens 24 – Niners 21

10 Responses to “Ron Glover’s NFL Sweet Potato Pie Picks For Week 12 (11-24-11)”

  1. mapoui says:

    oh man! suh! Oh boy!
    detroit falls apart

  2. Corin Brown says:

    If Suh is gonna risk disqualification for kicking his opponent while he’s on his back at least he could get his money’s worth and REALLY kick him. That’s gonna cost him $ and games and that stamp didn’t even leave a mark. He should have REALLY stomped on him like Merriweather did in college during the Miami/South Florida brawl a few years ago. That move was almost as dumb as Detroit drafting a running back with a history of concussion problems going back to high school.

  3. mapoui says:

    the attitude of the Lions coach is no positive example for Suh either.

    Rodney Harrison believes Suhs right to play should be taken away.

    cant say I find much to appreciate about Mr Harrison himself and his general comments, but Suh is cutting it close.

    it would be a shame for he’s an attractive figure, got a lot going and has money now.

    he needs help. he appears to be worth an effort

  4. Corin Brown says:

    Suh doesn’t need help. When he stops taking cheap shots, he’ll play more.

    Schwartz is the real problem. He’s a yahoo with a giant Revenge Of The Nerds complex.

  5. I dig Suh just like he is…nasty as hell on the field. We need more of that in a league gone pink socks and flip flops. After all…none of us know what was said or done before the stomp.

  6. Ron Glover says:

    Its been said that coaches around the League are asking their lineman to do things that might set Suh off. My question is how many times do you think you can reach into the lion’s cage and not draw back a nub.

  7. mapoui says:

    nasty as hell may best be effected nice as hell. the man who throws the second cuff wins the mailed boot

    if not help Suh needs at least a smarts transplant

  8. Temple3 says:


    On NFLN, Jamie Dukes was in a segment with Mariucci and Tom Waddle. Everyone weighed in on the subject, but Dukes had the tech crew run the play in its entirety and it showed the Packers OL bending Suh back over the pile and taking him down (with his legs caught underneath).

    Dukes said that the absolutely the worst thing that you can do to a lineman because its career-threatening, and obviously it’s a scary thing.

    People need to get off Suh’s d!$k. What he did was not appropriate, however, the incident had a root and that root has not been discussed (to my knowledge) by more than one person.

    This life is FRAGILE. These big strong powerful men have the most fragile existence…it’s all held together by a tendon or a ligament or an eye socket. Before people forget how much this matters and the fragility of it all, think about Orlando Brown. He’s dead now.

    He was supposed to be the anchor of the Ravens offensive line for years to come. He should be in his prime now. He was big, strong, quick, powerful, aggressive, and talented. His career was cut short by the toss of a bean bag by an official. He lost his livelihood – the thing he’d prepared for for at least a decade of unrelenting hard work.

    When you can lose everything you’ve worked for in the blink of an eye, you fully understand desperation. Suh plays desperate and when this happened, he crossed the line. Clearly, he was not “right” in his actions…and deserves to be sanctioned but if the NFL wants to clean up this sort of thing in the trenches, they need to be diligent about penalizing, fining and even suspending offensive linemen like Marshall Yanda, Chris Kemoeatu and others who are notorious for chop blocking or cleaning off the pile after the whistle.

    Kos knows that Kemo always gets penalized for his actions, but if the league is serious, they won’t just flag the Steelers who violate, they’ll get ’em all…and the networks should SHOW the offending plays so that people can see just how grimy it is in the trenches. It’s the heart and soul of the game, but everyone spends time watching the damn ball.

    “You want me on that wall…you need me on that wall.”

    Y’all know the rest.

  9. mapoui says:

    the man who trhows t

  10. mapoui says:

    the man who throws the seond cuff still gets the mailed boot.

    so hopefully Art Shell goes into the issue as thouroughly as above and addresses the nuts and bolts of the game.

    should resault in a 50% reduction of penalty or some such for Suh… perhaps.
    but is there another way to protest the dirt opposed to getting oneself kicked out?

    the issue of long term survival in the game still looms and does not disappear with Suhs response