Ron Glover’s NFL Predictions: Week 12 (11-27-11/11-28-11)

Some teams are slipping at the wrong time. The Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions and potentially the NY Giants are in the midst of a late season swoon that can cost them playoff spot.

Beware as post season spoilers are lurking…

 Sunday November 27, 2011

Games Beginning at 1pm:

Buffalo Bills (5-5) at New York Jets (5-5) – Jets 23 – Bills 20

Cleveland Browns (4-6) at Cincinnati Bengals (6-4) – Browns 17 – Bengals 13

Minnesota Vikings (2-8) at Atlanta Falcons (6-4) – Falcons 30 – Vikings 10

Houston Texans (7-3) at Jacksonville Jaguars (3-7) – Jaguars 20 – Texans 14

Arizona Cardinals (3-7) at St. Louis Rams (2-8) – Rams 23 – Cardinals 14

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-6) – Tennessee Titans (5-5) – Bucs 27 – Titans 13

Carolina Panthers (2-8) at Indianapolis Colts (0-10) – Panthers 23 – Colts 13

Games Beginning at 4pm or later:

Washington Redskins (3-7) at Seattle Seahawks (4-6) – Seahawks 21 – Redskins 10

Chicago Bears (7-3) at Oakland Raiders (6-4) – Raiders 23 – Bears 21

New England Patriots (7-3) at Philadelphia Eagles (4-6) – Patriots 24 – Eagles 21

Denver Broncos (5-5) at San Diego Chargers (4-6) – Chargers 28 – Broncos 17

Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3) at Kansas City Chiefs (4-6) – Steelers 33 – Chiefs 20

Monday November 28, 2011 8:30 pm:

New York Giants (6-4) at New Orleans Saints (7-3) – Saints 35 – Giants 23

Last Week 9-4

2011 Season 89 – 57

69 Responses to “Ron Glover’s NFL Predictions: Week 12 (11-27-11/11-28-11)”

  1. Origin says:

    Could be just like his coach Andy been doing for over a decade. I tell you what he learned from the best in Andy Reid….LOL!!!

  2. Origin says:

    Sista I don’t even blame DJ for not catching those passes. Heck after seeing how the Eagles do players when it comes to paying them over the year I really can’t blame him. Especially with him being so small screw that!!!

  3. Origin says:

    You know when it comes to passing the ball I think Reid has a obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  4. Miranda says:

    It HAS to be a disorder…there is no other explanation.

  5. Origin says:

    That dang Cooper is sorry as hell.

  6. Miranda says:

    Seriously….are the Eagles point shaving?

  7. Origin says:

    HAHA something is up sista. Poor VY the Eagles are gonna kill his winning %.

  8. Corin Brown says:

    Stuck listening to game in the car. Was Reid’s handling of the clock & timeouts at the end of the half as bad as they made it sound? Mayock may be backing Reid on TV but Trent Green just punked Reid big time on the radio for messing that while thing up. Sounds like vintage Andy Reid clock buffoonery. I love it!

  9. Origin says:

    Yes it was CB Reid let the clock tick all the way down and never called a TO. Actually Seattle called the TO so they could kick a field goal.

  10. Origin says:

    CB tell Trent Green thank you for keeping it 100 when it comes to Reid and his horrible clock management.

  11. Miranda says:

    Somebody really needs to get fired tonight over this – somebody should have to go buy their own ticket and fly back to Philly on a flight with 3 layovers, in coach, sitting between a smelly hippie and a woman with a colicky baby

  12. Corin Brown says:

    That’s quite a powerful image, M. I’m not sure I would wish that travel itinerary even on Bernie Pollard. David Tyree? Perhaps…

  13. Julius says:

    If anybody should be fired after this Eagle game it should be Vince Young and DeSean Jackson. The former for his boneheaded passes, and the latter for quitting on his team like an unprofessional loser. It’s remarkable how everyone on TSF puts all the blame on Reid, especially when you have unprofessional crybabies like DJ prancing around like they’re God’s gift to the game, when in fact DJ doesn’t even have the guts to take a hit and would rather let the pass fall to the ground. That’s Reid’s fault eh?

  14. Patrick says:

    …”Is Desean point shaving?…”

    When DeSean was suspended for a game, it may have been much more serious and if he is seriously in debt, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE… even potential point shaving…

  15. Origin says:

    Great points as always Patrick.

    I would also like to thank Deon, Faulk and Irvin for calling out the media for trying to bait DeSean while at the same time throwing softball questions ar Reid.

  16. Temple3 says:


    For all intents and purposes, you’re a WYSIWYG type of dude. Your level of analysis with respect to football, and other matters on which you’ve commented, is at a very superficial level. That’s fine. I think that’s important. It means that you have the capacity to see things as they are, even if the root causes are secondary to you.

    As this relates to the Eagles, your analysis would suggest dumping VY and DeSean Jackson. In my book, that’s not a bad idea. Still, the fact remains that the Eagles have had a lot of talented players for about a decade at many positions…and only in the past 2 or 3 years have they had this level of talent at WR. So, the ownership decides to under pay for linebackers and offensive linemen…and the coach continues to use an offensive strategy that is at odds with his PERSONNEL.

    TSF fam has readers and posters who tend to bring a deeper level of analysis to games. For that reason, TSF posters hit at the root causes of the current debacle. If you missed this, it is because you are who you are, fundamentally. That’s not subject to change at this point. You’ll probably miss similar points in similar conversations here, and elsewhere in your life. It’s just who you are. You’re not a root causes kinda cat. You’re all about the WYSIWYG.

    You need all types to make the world go ’round. Keep spinnin’.

  17. Temple3 says:

    Just once I would like to see the athletes call out the reporters for asking these hard ball questions.

    “So, you want to be a tough guy with me? Where were you when the lights were on Favre for his Sturgis dick pics and on Clemens for sexin’ that 15-year old?”

    “Uh, well, uh. We’re not talking about that now.”

    “I am.”

  18. Origin says:

    Temple I agree with you on the reporters. These reporters are straight up punks and I wish an athlete would go Larry Flynt on these dudes hiring investigative reporters and following these media kats around getting dirt on them. Then drop a few tapes off at TMZ and let nature take its course.

    I bet they won’t have any more questions to ask.

    Another thing you see how Troy Aikman has kept Brandon Lloyd’s name out his mouth ever since Mr. Lloyd said Troy needs to shut up or he will start talking about his extra curricular activities outside of work.

    See thats how you handle these fools………most are jealous punks so you have to pull their cards.

    Oh and Temple you are a class act cause Julius is a fool and a instigator troll just like those bums in the media that were egging on DeSean.