Ron Glover’s NFL Predictions: Week 14 (12-11-11/12-12-11)

Week 14 in the NFL has several teams looking to gain better footing in pursuit of the NFL playoffs. The New York Giants and Jets the Oakland Raiders, Cincinnati Bengals and Detroit Lions are out to grab onto some late season magic as the NFL playoffs are about a month away.

On three…

Sunday December 11, 2011, 1pm:

New England Patriots (9-3) at Washington Redskins (4-8) –  Patriots 27 – Redskins 12

Kansas City Chiefs (5-7) at New York Jets (7-5) – Jets 21 – Chiefs 17

Houston Texans (9-3) at Cincinnati Bengals (7-5) –  Bengals 24 – Texans 21 (ot)

Indianapolis Colts (0-12) at Baltimore Ravens (9-3) – Ravens 27 – Colts 9

Matt Ryan and Roddy White - Philadelphia Eagles v Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons (7-5) at Carolina Panthers (4-5) – Panthers 27 – Falcons 20

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-8) at Jacksonville Jaguars (3-9) – Bucs 23 – Jags 16

New Orleans Saints (9-3) at Tennessee Titans (7-5) – Saints 33 – Titans 21

Philadelphia Eagles (4-8) at Miami Dolphins (4-8) – Dolphins 17 – Eagles 16

Minnesota Vikings (2-10) at Detroit Lions (7-5) – Lions 28 – Vikings 23

Sunday December 12, 2011 4:00 or Later:

San Franciso 49’ers (10-2) at Arizona Cardinals (5-7) – Niners 26 –  Cardinals 12

Chicago Bears (7-5) at Denver Broncos (7-5) – Bears 20 – Broncos 14

Oakland Raiders (7-5) at Green Bay Packers (12-0) – Packers 31 – Raiders 23

Mike Tolbert Corey Graham #21 of the Chicago Bears tackles Mike Tolbert #35 of the San Diego Chargers at Soldier Field on November 20, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois.

Buffalo Bills (5-7) at San Diego Chargers (7-5) – Bills 20 – Chargers 16

New York Giants (6-6) at Dallas Cowboys (7-5) – Giants 24 – Cowboys 20

Monday December 12, 2011 8:30:

Steven Jackson Steven Jackson #39 of the St. Louis Rams carries the ball upfield during the game against the Baltimore Ravens on September 25, 2011 at the Edward Jones Dome in St Louis, Missouri.

St. Louis Rams (2-10) – Seattle Seahawks (5-7) – Seahawks 26 – Rams 18

Last Week: 10-5

2011 Season: 107-70

24 Responses to “Ron Glover’s NFL Predictions: Week 14 (12-11-11/12-12-11)”

  1. Miranda says:

    Good Lord, The Packers are something to behold.

  2. Temple3 says:

    Matty Ice did his thing today. Olindo Mare is going to be delivering for UPS in a week. Those 2 interceptions opened for the door for the Falcons and kept them relevant. They were almost knocked out for the count.

  3. Miranda says:

    Tebow is favored! LOL

  4. Julius says:

    How about that Matt Ryan? Double up on Cam “This year’s media sensation” Newton’s rating. ESPN will nonetheless show Cam highlights in yet another losing effort.

  5. ks says:

    Julius you really are a clown.

  6. ks says:

    Cam has far exceeded expectations as a rookie starter and kept a pretty mediocre team very competitive and relevant.

  7. Miranda says:

    “You know the damage one ignorant Negro can do?” – Sgt. Vernon Waters (A Soldier’s Story)

    I am reminded of that line everytime Julius posts.

  8. HarveyDent says:

    I’m reminded more of the line where he says, “The Black race can’t afford you no more.”

    Tebow has that Clutch Gene is all I can say.

  9. Corin Brown says:

    Prater’s bomb FG’s were pretty clutch too.

  10. Temple3 says:

    @HD: LOL.

    @CB: True, true. 59-yarder to tie was Ca$h.

  11. Origin says:

    Hey Julius why do you only appear when Cam has a bad game. I sure didn’t see you when Cam put up stats vs. Tampa and Indy.

    Stop trolling fool and go somewhere else.

  12. Origin says:

    Oh and troll its probably is eating your ass up that RG3 won the Heisman!!!

  13. at this point it’s disrespectful to trolls to call Julius a troll.

  14. mapoui says:

    Tebow definetly is clutch but Da bears did not have to help him.

    4 minutes to go and Lovie starts playing for time, as if that got him his 10 point lead.

    I was stunned! Pissed! only 10 points up, less that 2 Tds an 4 and hal minutes to go…and you playing for time.

    playing for another score would have solved all chicago problems

    then the prevent defence that never prevents anything and its 10-7

    and just like that you give up the mo, surrender it, and the other side becomes unstoppable.

    it was like watching a front running horse stop and wait to be over-taken, refusing the win for itself.

    when teams decide to play 60 minutes against Tebow he likely will be stopped

  15. Origin says:

    Brotha Mapoui I don’t even trip on the Bears at this point. If Lovie and the organization believe that they are set with Caleb Hanie as their starting QB. Then they deserve everything they get.

  16. Origin says:

    @Mizzo – True.

    So was that TO and Chad making Palmer throw all those Ints yesterday. I mean because over the last 4 years its always been his WRs that make him throw Ints……..well thats what everyone always tells me.

    Hue jackson is about to straight lose any opportunity he had to be the GM over the Raiders.

    Oh and as I said Tebow and Denver would run the Table. They may lose to the Pats but I doubt that too. Expect them to win the wildcard game and lose in the second round.

    @Temple – Yes those ints cost the team. But it looks like Cam is going to get screwed Mcnabb style. That team gave their RBs the ball 14 times the whole game. In a game that they were up 23 to 7 at one time (I think). As the Falcons began to come back especially on that last drive where the kicker missed the field goal the Panthers totally abandoned the run (besides dumb read option runs with their QB). There is no reason to have your rookie QB continue to pass and pass and pass while your up and while you are trying to make a come back only down by 1 point. Its pretty hard to have come backs as a QB if your coach refuses to run the ball when you are down.

    This team needs help on the OL and they need to use their FB and run out of the I formation. Too much of that cute read option stuff with Cam.

    My wife is sitting there saying why are the Panthers playing like Andy Reid is the coach…….LOL!!!

    You have to laugh at this stuff its crazy. NFL coaching at its finest.

    One more thing Mizzo CP3 is may be going to the Clippers.

  17. kos says:

    mapoui –

    No doubt, the Bears helped that comeback as much as anything else that happened. Playing a soft zone so Tebow could make his favorite throws (to the flat to a RB, or a quick out to a receiver, or when a play breaks down and his receiver is wide open) that teams that are up tend to let him make. Not actually playing to score, but just stay up when you’ve seen this team come back again and again.

    Origin –

    Commentators have been making excuses for Carson Palmer his whole career. I don’t expect to see it stop now. Yes, he’s tall and he has an arm, prototypical QB, etc, but he’s also soft. Any kind of pressure and he’s going to crumble under it. That’s what makes it even more f%^ked up for Jason Campbell. With Palmer’s big contract, no way are they going to keep Campbell. Palmer is Hue’s boy. Campbell was Al’s. Now Hue will have to sink or swim with Palmer.

    Ouch, Origin. Implying that the Broncos will win the Wild Card game means that right now, you think they will most likely beat the Steelers or possibly Ravens. I just don’t see them being able to beat either of those teams barring injury to a key player. For one, those teams aren’t going to be afraid to hit Tebow. If it’s the Steelers, their defense will probably be a bit disjointed due to Ryan Clark not being able to play in Mile High, but I’d expect that it wouldn’t hurt them that much against the Broncos. If it’s the Ravens, Tebow will have Ngata & T-Sizzle in his face all game.

    I’ve watched parts of Panther games all season. For some reason, the OC just doesn’t commit to the run enough. It isn’t a new thing. A running game is a QB’s best friend, especially when he’s young. It might be time for Rivera to get involved and offer some suggestions this week to run more.

  18. Temple3 says:

    The Bears, in my opinion lost because of 3 plays…If they make any 1 of the 3 or any 2 of the 3, they win the game. And the Broncos were only marginally involved in 2 of those plays.

    Barber has to run out of bounds, period. If he does that, it’s a wrap.

    Tillman has to keep Decker in bounds. He can’t attack the inside to blow a guy up and surrender the sideline. He didn’t even get beat with a great move. He just made the wrong play.

    Barber has to wrap up once he breaks through the first line of the defense. Woodyard’s strip was great, but it was only possible because Barber looked like he was entrusted by the Colorado Bible Totin’ Holy Rollers Association with keeping the game close.

    Give Lovie Smith any 1 of those plays and the Bears win. But, it’s like they say, “$hit rolls downhill.”

    I saw the Steelers lose 5 in a row to terrible teams in ’09 and I saw the Chargers do about the same thing this year and last. It happens.

    Say what you want about Denver, but only the Packers and Texans have longer win streaks…and whoever your team is…they probably don’t want to play them.

  19. Miranda says:

    Todd Haley and ony Sparano down at the unemployment office…in line with those papers.

  20. Temple3 says:


    I agree. I think it would be uphill for Denver against Pittsburgh or Baltimore.

    John Fox, though, knows how to coach football. He knows the strategy of winning close games.

    If that defense can win the turnover battle, anything is possible. But Denver has to play a perfect game to hang with mediocre depleted teams…they would have less than zero margin for error vs. those 2 teams.

  21. Temple3 says:

    I think it’s absolutely crazy that every week 3 or 4 teams can come back from double digit deficits on the final two possessions of a game.

    I don’t know if the problem is coaching on defense, momentum, or running back by committee, but these teams need to learn how to finish games. The same goes for the Giants. If they were up by 10 with 5 minutes to go, they probably lose to the Cowboys.

  22. Corin Brown says:

    T3, you’re right on about Fox. I think he and his staff deserve a ton of credit for scrapping the playbook and turning the offense around mid-season in what had to be just a few days. Most coaches don’t have the stones to take massive risks like that. They usually play things safe and try to dodge blame, no matter how grim their season may be going. And the Broncos were going NOWHERE before Fox installed Tebow at QB. Tebow is a good football player but he is NOT a good QB. I give him credit for his physical toughness, his heart and his sense of the moment (something Barber seems to lack.) He had to know that McDaniels was his only advocate in the organization and he was canned a long time ago. I think he deserves a ton of credit too for performing when none of his bosses would say a word of approbation about him. Elway openly marginalized him in the press for goodness sake! Yet Tebow kept his mouth shut, kept punching the clock and won. That’s why I like him: he keeps his mouth shut, does what he’s told, wins and is hard. Now Elway looks like a schmuck. Look, I loved Elway as a player but maybe he should stop pretending he’s anything but an elderly, dumb jock and keep his own mouth shut.

  23. Julius says:

    Spot on about Elway, CB. He’s an embarrassment. He has been since the ’83 draft when he pompously dictated terms to the Colts. Elway put up the numbers, no doubt, but Terrell Davis saved him from being remembered not too fondly….