The Starting Five for Monday, December 19th 2011: Packers Undefeated No More; Brady Shows Tebow How It’s Done

(Reed Hoffmann/The Associated Press)


It was an exciting weekend of football as the season speeds closer to the playoffs. Crazy stuff went down. Green Bay lost, Indianapolis won and as expected, New England beat up on Denver…and everyone’s media darling…Tim Tebow.

We seem to view Tim Tebow differently around these parts than most. When I say most, I certainly also mean sites published by Blacks as well. I think it’s a sense of history that separates us from other sites. We’re older so we know actual sports existed before Michael Jordan. We reference Moon, McNair and McNabb often. We wonder why Ward, Michael Bishop and Major Harris didn’t make it. Then there are the kids storming through the high school and current college ranks we follow and wonder if they’ll get a fair shot at fulfilling a NFL dream…as a quarterback. Not as a Joshua Cribbs quarterback but a Dan Marino quarterback.

So when we see Tim Tebow get every chance (yes he’s been criticized by the mainstream as well…to an extent) to become a star despite his passing deficiencies, we question what the hell is going on that we haven’t seen before. Tebow’s offense is tailored for his talents. Could you imagine if Buddy Ryan did this with Randall or Fisher with McNair? What would the league resemble if this were allowed to be so?

Religion…ah religion…

When the topic of religion is mentioned…as it ubiquitously is with Tebow…I think to myself…this all doesn’t seem right. The adulation of Tebow seems demonic in a sense. He’s being idolized by Christians who should in fact eschew idols. If I’m wrong, please correct me.

If you watch shows, the young fella is almost untouchable by at least one of the moderators…especially women.

What the hell is that?

This is after he’s defeated Miami, Kansas City, San Diego, Oakland, Chicago, Minnesota and the New York Jets. Besides last night with San Diego, there isn’t an offensive juggernaut in the aforementioned. The Broncos were blown out by Detroit earlier and New England yesterday. Blown out. What do those teams have in common? Diversity on offense. Players who can take over a game with sound minds and body. Megatron and Tom Terrific. Stafford and Gronkowski. On defense, it’s Ndamakong Suh and Andre Carter.

So I have to ask what is this all about?

Is this some sick 1950’s nightmare where pop stars of a lighter hue shake their asses while jacking lyrics and music written by my ancestry all over again?

Why do quarterback rushing yards matter now as if they’ve never mattered before?

It’s as if Tebow is the alternative to the many qb’s of color that simply have been made to not exist…or is it just forgotten? The way he speaks of teammates publicly is what qb’s of color say of theirs as well…but somehow, for some reason, those soundbites don’t make the football shows. It’s almost as if Tebow is the only player running around the league in a far off crazy bizarro world the sports realm has quickly become.

It’s no longer about sports but about how society escapes…

Is life this bad that the “sanctity” of athletics has become a forced lie simply told to make our hard working citizens feel better of themselves? What about the actual game that’s being played? What about the other 51 men? What about the other qb speeches to teammates before and after games? Is this about the darkening of almost every single major sport face in some sort of job security mandate?

Is Tim Tebow an alternative to touchdown celebrations, foot stomps, dog fights, dreads, helmet to helmet hits, drug charges, Hip Hop, Islam, NBA lockouts, uppity negroes, Cam Newton and ultimately President Barack Obama?

What is this nonsense that Tim Tebow is the first, the only and the most pure and real? Excuse me sirs, but didn’t Vince Young win 8 straight after his Tennessee team was 0-8 and left for dead?

Now there’s a push for the Pro Bowl?

I find wallowing in the misery of any human to be absolutely disgusting and counter productive to anything and everything but what is this Tebow craze? Is it all about money?

Why isn’t Aaron Rodgers on the cover of NFL Magazine being he’s having one of the most incredible qb years in recent memory and the Packers were undefeated when the mag went to its initial press?

When is the golden boy going to hail from the boulevard of Linden? I’m being serious here. No one should need validation but since I’m speaking of what should be fair and true, does it matter what color the leader of your beloved favorite team is?

Shouldn’t it be about just getting the job done?

Tim Tebow is actually being compared to Cam Newton. Why are the two being compared? Somehow this nonsense has seeped into the discussion. Look at Cam’s numbers. Now look at Tebow’s. Before yesterday, Newton’s Panthers were one of the closest games the Packers played all year…and he passed for 432 yards in a 30-23 loss. Those yards weren’t gained coming from behind. He did it all game. Cam’s about to be the first quarterback ever to throw for 4,000 and rush for at least 500…and he’s a rookie.

Real record book stuff…again…as a rookie and when very few outside of this site and some others felt he actually was capable of passing the ball consistently. He’s having Randall’s 1990 year as a first year player. Who starts their career with consecutive 400 yard games?

No one.

What Newton is doing has never been done…like ever never. Real never…not fake never never land where cats looking of Superman ride the NFL off into the Tarzan sunset with Janes of every color in tow but the monkeys are left behind.

C’mon people. This isn’t about making anyone looking bad…Tim Tebow is a winner but is all this attention healthy for anyone?

What if Newton had Denver’s defense?

If you had the choice to pick one quarterback to lead your team. Would it be Cam or Tim? Why? Quit with the running around wearing #15 jerseys acting like flies on Tebow. He’s a man. An actual human being. Good gosh. What world is this?

I sure hope Robert Griffin III, Geno Smith and Denard Robinson get a fair shake. I really do but it ain’t looking good.

Terrell are you studying? Sure hope so.

Now that Tebow has lost will you still love him or will he be cast aside as well?

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19 Responses to “The Starting Five for Monday, December 19th 2011: Packers Undefeated No More; Brady Shows Tebow How It’s Done”

  1. Miranda says:

    Is this some sick 1950?s nightmare where pop stars of a lighter hue shake their asses while jacking lyrics and music written by my ancestry all over again?


  2. GrandNubian says:

    A friend of mine sent out this text after the Pats beat Denver:


    “Let us Tebow (pray); Our Father, who art in media. Shallow be thy claims. Thy game is done, it was not fun in Denver as well as in Bristol. Forgive him this day, as his drives were dead. Forgive him for those passes as we forget those who made passes against us. Lead us not to the Super Bowl, but deliver us a horrible ass draft position. For thine is the king (of Denver), power (running game), the glory (position) forever and ever, Awwwww Damn!!!!!”


    LOL……I thought it was hilarious!!!!!

  3. Corin Brown says:

    He’s a VIRGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Corin Brown says:

    Great pic of Romeo Crenel, too. That’s the best of sports right there. I loved seeing his face breaking up as he got Gatoraded. I hope he gets the job. I think there’s a good chance as long as Pioli keeps his own.

  5. Corin Brown says:

    Also check out SNL lampooning Tebow from 2 nights ago. Funny stuff.

  6. ks says:

    Great article. The Cam vs Tebow comparisons are absurd. If they had a choice of either one every GM would take Cam. Even Denver, after all this, still hasn’t fully committed to Tebow.

    I clicked on the link and was perusing the stories when I saw one about how Bady Quinn is in a tough situation backing up “the QB with the most unique skill set in the league”… WTF!? After reading that nonsense, I just clicked if off.

  7. I tweeted this a while back: “Negro, negro negro stay in the pocket. Tebow, Tebow Tebow run! We’ll install your college offense to give you every op. Now do what you do!”

  8. mapoui says:

    oh man! all of this is really great stuff. nutten better anywhere!


  9. Ron Glover says:

    Tebow will be credited with re-inventing the art of a scrambling improvisational QB – after they credit Fran Tarkenton of course.

  10. Miranda says:

    GN…that is classic! LOL

  11. HarveyDent says:

    Thanks, Miz, for cutting to the heart of the matter of my problem with Tebow and it’s not with the guy himself but the fact that a pro offense is being tailored to his “unique” skill set but all we’ve heard all our lives watching NFL football is that option QB’s couldn’t play in the league. You mean to tell me Turner Gill, Tony Rice, or Charlie Ward couldn’t do the same things Tebow is doing and do it even better? I have no use for Tebow’s brand of religion and all that but I’d be lying if I didn’t acknowledge he’s a solid football player and a leader on the field but I hate that he’s getting the Elvis treatment for doing the things McNabb, Vick, and Cunningham and other darker QB’s did but were vilified for doing. Sadly, while I’d normally like Tebow’s story it’s that stench of white privilege that makes me say screw ’em.

    Yeah, race matters.

  12. mapoui says:

    Tomlims got to sit Big Ben. Charlie Batch can win this game

  13. I hate that he’s getting the Elvis treatment for doing the things McNabb, Vick, and Cunningham and other darker QB’s did but were vilified for doing. Sadly, while I’d normally like Tebow’s story it’s that stench of white privilege that makes me say screw ‘em.

    Yeah, race matters.

    Yessir Harvey Dent. This is at the precipice. Period. Nothing else.

  14. Ron Glover says:

    HD, were you eavesdropping on the convo between Mizzo and I last week?

  15. HarveyDent says:

    Not me, RG…great minds, great minds

  16. kos says:

    HD, Mizz, RG –

    HD just said what most of us have thought about the Tebow situation anyway. I’d wager that 90% of the regulars on this board have had that same discussion with someone since Tebow got to start. I know I have.

    I’m going to add to the rant:

    If Cam Newton, Mike Vick, Tavaris Jackson, Josh Freeman, or any other black QB got the treatment from the coaches that Tebow has gotten, the first thing out of commentator and reporters mouths would be how they can’t read defenses so they had to simplify the offense for them. That criticism was often lofted at Vince Young when he was in Tennessee, yet all the kid did was win.

    Also, I don’t think a black QB gets by without criticism that they are completing less than 50% of their passes. I hear people say Tebow gets better as the game goes along. Maybe, or maybe teams fall asleep and stop being as aggressive in their defense. It was pointed out by Marshall Faulk on an NFL Network show, that he basically has two throws that he makes. One is to the running back, the other is basically when the receiver is wide open.

  17. Burundi says:

    Willie Totten, Jerry Rice’s QB at Mississippi Valley State U., must be scratching his head right now. Ditto Woody Dantzler, Brad Smith, Rohan Davey, Brad Banks, Juice Williams, and scores of folk who could run and throw rings around Tebow.

    This excellent piece said it far better than I ever could—and, hearing Wilbon disparage Lovie Smith and/or JR for going with CHanie over Donnie Mac really highlights the depth of the race madness as it relates to the gridiron.

  18. […] that. The culture is what it is (evidenced by his spectacular year getting lost nationally in the absurd Tim Tebow hype) and it’s quite obvious Blacks being in leadership positions is something some will never get […]