The Clippers Blow Out Golden State 105-86

The Christmas Day games to open the season are nothing but NBA pr fodder. League wide roster turnovers (still moves to be made?), new coaches, barely any training camp and back to back to backs, will distort the usual process of players getting their legs before everything gets serious. There’s really no need in over analyzing yesterday’s games as a result because very few teams have played enough with each other.

Before all of current craziness ensues and the Clippers anointed the Kings of LA, let’s see Los Angeles battle an opponent that’s better defensively.

That being said, how in the hell does Donald Sterling get to own such a pretty team? He’s the racist cat whose stocking should be nothing but coal so…he now has a point guard to throw lobs to Jordan and Griffin while hitting clutch jumpers in rest of NBA faces?

C’mon man. Seriously. I know life ain’t fair, but does this owner deserve this team? Helllll no. They didn’t even play good yesterday and ran the Warriors out of their own gym.

Chauncey Billups is in great shape and scored 21. Blake had 22 and 7, Paul 20 and 9 and Caron Butler 11 and 10. Lob City shot 45%; Golden State 39%. The Clippers hit 8-23 from the arc; Warriors 5-21.

David Lee led the Warriors with 21 and 10, Ellis had 15, Biedrins 10 and Brandon Rush 12. Stephen Curry was 2-12 for 4 points.

Is LA the team we’ve all waited to take over LA. I was kind of shocked Lakers fans on twitter overreacted and all but buried their own.

Chris Paul is a difference maker and if Blake Griffin plays MVP ball, I say this team can come out of the West.

Golden State was never in this game. Mark Jackson has his hands full to get this team up to snuff defensively. It will take a culture change for that to happen. I hope it does.

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  1. Corin Brown says:

    “Is LA the team we’ve all waited to take over LA.” Haha!

  2. Temple3 says:

    I guess you could call yesterday’s nickel bag slate of opening day games THE STARTING FIVE.

    Nice coverage peoples.

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