NBA Last Night 12/27/11: Kevin Love Goes 31-20 in Loss to Bucks

Straight up monster. His ability on the glass transcends eras.

Minnesota, if you were smart, you’d lock up Kevin Love this very second by extending his contract. That aside, it’s worth mentioning his monster stats even in a loss. You just don’t see 31-20 like you used to. Power forwards are out on the wing pulling up for jumpers and picking up silly fouls following their shots now. Kevin Love is a throwback. His skills are refined. He knows how to get on the block and pull down a rebound, tip in a errant shot and even dish it pretty off the rip to an open cutter. Sure he would rather be on the winning end of a Milwaukee 98, Minnesota 95 score.

Minny has something to build on if Ricky Rubio develops. He’s a gifted passer that can get to the basket. Very noticeable court presence. For now people, quit with the Rubio, Tebow, Jimmer hype. Let those kids rock without the 50′s pop star shouting, screaming, scratching and clawing. What’s your girl say about the fawning of someone who sure as hell doesn’t look like her?

I know for a fact Brandon Jennings was waiting for this moment because I’ve asked him about this match up with Rubio…

many times:

MT: There are so many comparisons between you and Ricky Rubio. Seems as if the two of you are joined at the hip ala Magic and Bird despite his NBA absence. Do you want him in this league this very second?

BJ: “Of course. Of course. He was projected as one of the best point guards in the draft coming out. To be the best, you have to go against the best. They say he’s the best so of course I’m gonna want to go against the guy.

I can’t wait until he comes back.”

Well last night was the first of many and if you watched the game, you saw Brandon wanted to get off early. He ended up with 24 points, 7 assists, 3 boards and 2 turnovers. He’s passing up shots he’s taken in the past for open teammates.

Rubio in just his second NBA game had 6 points, 4 assists, 3 rebounds, 3 steals and 3 turnovers. Those that wanna catapult Rubio into the upper echelon of point guards will have to another day wait.

For Milwaukee, Stephen Jackson had 16. Andrew Bogut had 15 and 9 boards before fouling out. Jon Leuer made a nice impact and had 14 points and 8 rebounds in 20 minutes.

The Bucks hit only 2-14 from the arc while the Timberwolves were 6-14. Minny 54 rebounds to Milwaukee’s 45. Neither team shot well. The Bucks 40%; Timerwolves 42%.

Atlanta Hawks 106, New Jersey Nets 70

The Hawks had 6 players in double figures and routed the Nets. Vladimir Radmanovic paced ATL with 17 and a team high 5 dimes. Marvin Williams put in 14. Zaza Pachulia (11 rips) and Jeff Teague each had 13. Tracy McGrady 12 and Joe Johnson 11.

Atlanta hit 12-23 threes. NJ 5-24. Hawks 51 boards, 36. ATL was 38-86 (.442) from the field. The Nets 22-71 (.310).

Portland blows out Sacramento 101-79

The Trailblazers look strong. They might surprise and come out the West. LaMarcus Aldridge is itchin’ to take over the league. Don’t sleep. Shame about Brandon Roy though. What a cool cat…

Gerald Wallace led the Blazers with 25, 8 boards and 5 dimes. The aforementioned Aldridge 24 and 8. Nicholas Batum, who is also coming into his own, had 15 and 5 rebounds.

The Blazers shot 38-85 (.447)and the Kings 31-82 (.378). Portland was 3-18 (.167) from behind the stripe and Sacramento 3-16 (.188). The Kings also missed 8 of 22 free throws.

Lakers get in the win column by ripping Utah 96-71

Kobe Bryant (+ 33) had 26 Elgin Baylors, 8 Buck Williams and 5 Norm Nixons and Pau Gasol 22 Drazens, 9 Oscar Schmidts and 5 Sobonis’ to pace the Lakers who were 0-2 coming in. Metta World Peace had 14 and 5 while Troy Murphy grabbed 11 rebounds.

Los Angeles shot 30-71 (.423) from the field…6-16 on threes. The Jazz were 29-90 (.322) and 1-13 (0.77) from behind the arc.

For Utah, Paul Milsap had 18 and 8; Josh Howard had 10. Enes Kanter had 11 boards and Al Jefferson 10. Both teams pulled down 46 rebounds.

Ron recapped the Heat/Celtics here.

Tonight’s NBA schedule with predictions:

6:00 PM ET FxIn/SNET
Indiana (1 – 0)
Toronto (1 – 0)
 Pacers 90-80
Miami (2 – 0)
Charlotte (1 – 0)
 Miami 100-80
Washington (0 – 1)
Atlanta (1 – 0)
Hawks 92-78
7:30 PM ET FxOh/FxDt
Cleveland (0 – 1)
Detroit (0 – 1)
 Pistons 88-84
Boston (0 – 2)
New Orleans (1 – 0)
Boston 94-76
8:00 PM ET FxOk/SPSO
Oklahoma City (2 – 0)
Memphis (0 – 1)
 OKC 110-105
8:30 PM ET FxPT/FxSW
LA Clippers (1 – 0)
San Antonio (1 – 0)
Clippers 96-94
Utah (0 – 1)
Denver (1 – 0)
Denver 86-84
9:00 PM ET CSNt/FxAZ
Philadelphia (0 – 1)
Phoenix (0 – 1)
Sixers 105-100
10:30 PM ET MSG/CSBy
New York (1 – 0)
Golden State (1 – 1)
Knicks 120-100

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  1. Julius says:

    It’ll be interesting to see if the talented Derrick Williams can give Love some support.

  2. Origin says:

    Good to see Love doing his thing.

    Glad to see he lost weight I always thought he was over weight and losing weight could make him quicker on his defensive rotations and make him a better defender.

    He lost weight after his rookie year but still was over weight. After this offseason he looks quicker and faster. He also looks better on his defensive end and putting the ball on the floor.

    Its funny how fans on forums were taking bets on who would be out of shape and over weight. But kats like Love and Cousins came in looking cut and in shape but you got Dirk who admitted he was out of shape and didn’t even practice or work out the whole offseason. Add to that the rest of his vet teamates on the NBa Champ Mavs are also out of shape. Then when they get blown out on Chritsmas day there was no talk about how these guys didn’t take defending their championship serious……like they did the Heat in 2006 when they opened to that skull beating the Bulls gave them.

    All the while people questioned Lebrons work ethic after the finals and yet during the offseason and lockout he was working on his game and conditioning with Dream and Durant.

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