Chris Bosh Gets Up and Bangs it Hard on DJ White!

5 Responses to “Chris Bosh Gets Up and Bangs it Hard on DJ White!”

  1. Origin says:

    Brotha Mizzo you are on it man.

    That was a great game……… see that half court save that Lebron had where he tossed the ball over his head to Wade on the other end of the court.

  2. Origin says:

    Also Chalmers had a better game tonight. Looks like the Heat will have a true 2 headed monster at pg.

    But boy they sure need Curry and Pittman to get in game shape because Joel Anthony give them nothing.

  3. Gotta do it O. Gotta do it. That save and the play the other night where LeBron tapped in a lob that he threw to Wade? Great Scott! lol

  4. Ron Glover says:

    Needed Kevin Harlan’s “No regard for human life!” call right there.

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