Sixers 2012 Home Opener Fan Interview: Dr. Marc Lamont Hill

Posted in Blogroll on January 7th, 2012 by Michael Tillery

I’ve done a few fan interviews over the years during Sixers games. What I wanted to do this season is get a fan or family every game to give the nation a sense of what goes on here in the minds of brotherly love. Philly native Dr. Marc Lamont Hill supports the home town teams in every sense of loyalty, but he’s not just a sports fan. From his website: “Since 2009, Dr. Hill has been on the faculty of Columbia University as Associate Professor of Education at Teachers College. He also holds an affiliated faculty appointment in African American Studies at the Institute for Research in African American Studies at Columbia University.” We’ve spoken previously and as I scoured the arena post game for someone to chat with, Hill was in the path of Ron Glover and I as we headed to Doug Collins’ post game presser. We spoke about where the Sixers would finish, the economics of the NBA lockout and a big time free agent he thinks the Sixers could potentially acquire.

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Andrew Toney Returns As The Sixers Rout The Detroit Pistons 96-73

Posted in Blogroll on January 7th, 2012 by Ron Glover

Andrew Toney’s long, painful journey back to the city that adored him ended last night as he returned along with Julius Erving, Moses Malone, Bobby Jones and Earl Cureton. It was a huge surprise to the sellout crowd and a wonderful gift from the new Sixers ownership.

In the midst of the hoopla, there was a basketball game as the Sixers blew past the Detroit Pistons 96-73 powered by a 4th quarter shooting display by Jodie Meeks that I’m sure gave the Boston Strangler chills.

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Three Things I Think I Know About The NBA Season After 1 Week

Posted in Blogroll on January 7th, 2012 by Okori Wadsworth


The NBA season is now old enough where some teams, people, and information are starting to come into focus. With that knowledge in mind, you could be fooled into thinking that you know what is going to happen. And guess what? You would be all kinds of wrong. Because despite what we all think, despite what we all might believe, we do not really know how the 66-game chemistry experiment we call a NBA season is truly going to end. Chances are that we will not even know until someone is raising the Larry O’Brien Trophy, if that. However, despite all that, you can still come to some conclusions. I have.

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