Behind Andre Iguodala and Jrue Holiday, the Sixers Shoot Past Bucks 94-82 on MLK Day

Posted in Blogroll on January 17th, 2012 by Michael Tillery

When Allen Iverson was the King of Philadelphia, the 76’ers won games by simply outworking their opponent. That installment of  Sixers team played tight defense and relied on The Answer’s ability to destroy whomever was in front of him. This is a different team. This team gets its scoring from a myriad of hard workers and up and comers. The defense is similar and Philadelphia is winning games it would have lost in recent past. On the MLK Jr. holiday, the Sixers keep it moving in a positive direction and remain undefeated at home in defeating the Milwaukee Bucks 94-82. The road gets tougher for Philly. The next three opponents are Denver and Atlanta at home and Miami in South Beach.

As you’ll read below, this is far more than a recap. Thad Young and Doug Collins both give insight of MLK. Collins references his college coach Will Robinson. It was a great day to be a reporter because these type of stories don’t happen often. Thanks Coach Collins.

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