Super Bowl 46: Is it all about Brady and Manning? What about Jason Pierre-Paul?

The 23 year old defensive end had 86 tackles (1st among NFL lineman), 16.5 (4th)sacks and 2 forced fumbles this season…

No. A resounding no. So many other stories…if you look…and the monster above is one of them. This notion that quarterbacks control football seems lazy…and crazy. It’s not like Allen Iverson and the rest of the Sixers. Across a football field, so much talent factors into the outcome. As we’ve seen this year, less than 10 passes can get you a victory but a stout defensive front four that includes JPP propels your team into the Super Bowl.

Jason Pierre-Paul was added to the Pro Bowl this year despite not being on the ballot. In a December 37-34 Giants victory over the Cowboys Pierre-Paul became the first player in NFL history to block a field goal, get a sack and  force a fumble in the same game. His field goal block of Dan Bailey was the deciding play and is a big reason why New York is here in the first place after surviving the talented but overly dramatic NFC East. His sack total is 4th in Giants history. 23 tackles for losses and 29 quarterback hits do more to affect the game than the stat sheet shows.

Before landing at Central Florida, the 15th pick in the ’10 draft began his college career at College of the Canyons in California and was First-team All-WSC and also an All-American…amassing 49 tackles, 14 sacks, one pick, 19 tackles for losses and two forced fumbles.

The next season, JPP played at Fort Scott Community College in Kansas. His 70 tackles, 10.5 sacks and three forced fumbles put him on the All American list for the second time.

By now, you’ve probably seen this video…

Very few humans can do that and if you find another defensive end so athletically gifted, my new career is an NFL player agent. Before the last Super Bowl, Temple 3 and I had a pre game phone conversation. I told him Justin Tuck would have a major influence on who won the game. Tuck was relatively unknown at that point but…his ’12 mirror, JPP isn’t sneaking up on any one.

This is a guy who took the starting defensive end job from Osi Umenyiora. Yes, injuries had a lot to do with the change, but Pierre-Paul has also simply been the better player of the two. Don’t count Osi out. Remember his big hit on Brady 4 years ago in this game where coming in Michael Strahan was perceived as JPP is now.

A strong case can be made that Jason Pierre-Paul will be the best player on the field Sunday. Tom Brady is a beast and his Hall of Fame worthy accomplishments aside, this game is played in real time…not in the past. Brady will be ready for this game and his star will shine all over the field but you know damn well Brady will know where #90 is at all times and that’s where the Patriots might be at a loss. How will Rob Gronkowski’s ankle hold up? Will he make a Terrell Owens like Super Bowl comeback? Will his blocking assignments affect his also freakish ability to catch passes down the seam where the Giants are not as affective? Will JPP and company have smacked Brady to the ground by then the same as Strahan and Umenyiora did in 42?

Should be interesting.

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  1. Vinny Hardy says:

    I’m with ya Mr. Tillery. While I didn’t go into as much detail, I definitely mentioned JPP in my piece too.

  2. Temple3 says:

    JPP is that dude. NFL Network just did an online piece on him, too.

    Don’t be surprised to see the Pats load the outside of their line formations and force the Giants to bring pressure up the middle. For example, NE could line both tight ends one step back off the line, and go with 3 wide receivers, or with 2 receivers and a back…by keeping Gronk and Hernandez in, but off the line, it will give them a second or two to brace for the DE rush of JPP and Tuck, but also to switch it up and have some options to run screens to the outside or to use some influence blocks on draws up the gut. The Giants DT’s need to ball out in this game as well.

    In the last SB, nothing worked for NE because they didn’t stick with the run when they were beaten early — even though the game was close. NE will have to be more patient in this game…if they can stay close. Personally, I like the Giants to win big — in much the same way that I called the Saints romp over the Pats a few years ago when Brady and Moss were benched. I know you remember that one!

    BTW, NE and Brady have had lots of trouble with teams that could run and pass in the playoffs, even when they won the game. Brady has had 3 absolutely brilliant playoff games since 2005 vs. Denver (this season) and vs. Jax in ’05 and ’07. Of course, none of those teams were proficient at passing.

    In his 9 other playoff games since starting out his career 10-0 in the post-season (thanks D!!!), Brady has 14 touchdowns, 15 picks, a rating of 72.5 and a 4-5 record. Two of those wins came against the Chargers when Brady threw 3 picks and Marty was experimenting with unique and incredible ways to lose. The other was last week when the Ravens did essentially the same thing. The only win that wasn’t associated with a minor miracle of any kind was a romp over the Jets a few years ago.

    I doubt highly that the Giants are truly shaking in their boots on this one. NE can win the game, but I don’t think it will be because of Brady. I think it will be because Belichick gets an advantage schematically and the Giants adapt too late OR because the refs give them some love.

    Brady is by no means done. He is going to make plays, but the Giants need to stay focused and stick to their game plan. You have to respect them because of their history, but I think the Giants are going to do some things.

  3. MODI says:

    Yes, miz, JPP not getting his due! The battle of the line should decide this one like last time…

    T3, interesting factoids on Brady’s last 9 playoff games…

    If Pats win, would love for a redemptive Ochocinco citing…

  4. CDF says:

    I saw an ESPN bio/piece on him last night (similar one about P.Willis days earlier). It’s an interesting story…

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