Kevin Love Stomps on Luis Scola’s Face…Bill Duke Enters Interrogation Room

Ndamakong Suh: Got arm? Kevin Love: Got face?

I know people will say Ndamakong Suh had a “history” of questionable plays but has he ever stomped on another player’s face? Not to my knowledge. What makes this play bad more than the imagery is the sound of Scola’s head hitting the floor. Dude could have been seriously hurt. Scola’s a physical player and Love most likely was sick of Luis doing whatever it took to limit his effectiveness down low, but that was outta hand. In the 80’s or 90’s this would have been nothing, but with the NBA “cracking” down on physical play doesn’t this enter the Bill Duke-Menace to Society-interrogation of Kane top of the scale?

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  1. Origin says:

    Mike I saw that game last night and what Love did was dirty. Love was upset that Scola was flopping like a cat fish out of water. So Love began fouling the crap out of Scola on the defensive end.

    When Love stomped Scola on that play Scola flopped to the ground and Love stepped right on his face. Leaving a Nike print on old boys face. The thing that pisses me off is that there isn’t an uproar about this dirty play. I have been on a few basketball forums since last night and jokers are scrambling to run to Love’s defense stating that it was a mistake. Naw man that wasn’t a mistake Love did that mess on purpose. To top it off the media will not put heat on the league to suspend Love.

    In the end I will be surprised if Love gets suspended. I see him getting a fine and thats the end.

    Also Mike how does a coach kick a ball that hits a fan in the face and only gets a 30K fine with no game suspension?

  2. Ron Glover says:

    The League would be in an uproar if Scola’s face was under the foot of Ron Art…I mean Metta World Peace.

  3. HarveyDent says:

    Ain’t a damn thing going to happen to Love because, “Hey, he’s a competitor and just was playing hard just like Laettner when he stepped on that Kentucky player.”

  4. HarveyDent says:

    NDam Suh does it though and it’s the end of Western civilization with the barbarian hordes at the gates.

  5. Origin says:

    Yeah Harvey when Suh did the stomp it was all on the news he was a thug and everything else. Love does it and the internet nerds are running to his defense.

    @RG – Yeah if metta world did that the media would be on his ass like wet on water. Boy and let someone like Kobe or Lebron do that man they would start to have a media lynching on their asses.

  6. Miranda says:

    Well, I just looked at espn’s homepage and on the list of current headlines, this isn’t on it. I guess possibly breaking someone’s nose on purpose during an NBA game is not noteworthy.

  7. A couple of tweets of mine from just earlier.

    Michael Tillery
    If this was Barkley in his day before the net, he would have been excoriated. Praise Love for being at precipitous, but criticize as well.
    20 minutes ago

    Michael Tillery
    Don’t expect me to enter any discussion/debate about lack of racism in sports when media goes crazy over a TO, MWP, Pac Man and their ilk.
    22 minutes ago

    Michael Tillery
    So excuse 4 Love stomping Scola’s face is it happened on weekend? Don’t want 2 hear bs from those who scream when a Black player does this.

  8. Origin says:

    Miranda I looked last night and this morning and nothing on ESPIN. But when you go into the NBA page of there is a video. But guess what it only had 2 comments…………LOL!!!

    I swear Lebron breaks wind and it 1500 comments on and on the front page.

    Thanks for the updates on twitter Mike.

  9. Miranda says:

    2 COMMENTS!?!?!???! Are you serious??

  10. Origin says:

    Miranda looks like they have increased that comment count to 11 now.

  11. Matthew Fudge says:

    This isn’t remotely surprising.

  12. Temple3 says:

    What’s the cure for the psychopathic racial personality?

  13. MODI says:

    This is another ESPN Classic. Videos by themselves rarely get comments because they are not highlighted on any main page for attention. These are stories that always get separate companion articles Yet ESPN did not do this for Kevin Love. They embedded the story into their NBA recap where no comments are allowed. BS

  14. kos says:

    So Kevin Love steps on a man’s face and only gets 2 games?!?! It’s about what I thought they’d give him. It also didn’t surprise me that they waited until today to give him the suspension. With all the talk about the Super Bowl still going on, most folks won’t have noticed.

  15. Origin says:

    @Modi – You are right about the videos.

    @Kos – Yeah the timing was a trip. I am surprised he got suspended at all. ESPN and the rest of the media still won’t call him out though.

    Mike Brown getting 1 game suspension is really funny when the Mavs coach kicked a ball into a womans face and just got a 30K fine.

  16. Thread jack: Have you all heard about Amar’e’s brother Hazell dying in a Florida car crash? Stat will miss tonight’s game vs. the Jazz.

  17. ks says:

    The Kevin Love face stomp issue annoys but doesn’t surprise me because it once again validates what we talk about often here.

    I remember a Bill Simmons column from last year where, to his credit, he called himself out and pointed out that if Kevin Love’s name was Mustafa Jamil, he would be criticizing him for stat padding and record chasing on a bad team as hard as Kevin Love was last year.

    I’m sure the NBA is using a “first time offender standard” but still the “racial lens” pattern continues.

  18. Ryan Mishap says:

    Good points all–sad and mad they have to keep being made. Two games is a joke for that BS.

  19. mattie says:

    This wasn’t a first time offense. This is five days prior when the Wolves and Pacers played.

    Love’s a dirty player. Only he gets a way with it because he’s white. It really is that simple.

  20. ks says:

    Good catch. Thanks!

  21. Vinny Hardy says:

    Growing up in Kentucky, this reminds me of the, SIGH, ’92 Regional Final between UK and Duke in Philly. Laettner blatantly stomps on Aminu Tmberlake’s chest and gets to stay in the game and be perfect from the field and from the line. Love was trying to be a little sneakier even though it was to the face. His 2 games are 2 more than Laettner ever got, for whatever that’s worth.

  22. Mishap says:

    Anybody have advice for dealing with those white sports-talk people who will admit that racism exists (usually they avoid that word and say “racial issues”) but always say, “That isn’t the case this time.” It winds up never being the case, of course, but since they acknowledged the (shocking!) truth that racism exists, they feel like they can dismiss it in instances like this or how they feel about T. O., etc.

    I’ve tried Racism 101–white folks are rooted in racist soil and can’t help but take it up, the difference between explicit beliefs and implicit that results–but need a cogent response that will deflate this “Yes, but not this time” answer.


    Thanks you.


  23. Every white person is not myopic but the ones who are? Tell them to kiss my black ass with that bullshit.

  24. mishap says:

    Yes, I can picture it:

    “In response to your denials, let me direct you to Michael Tillery who has some words of advice….”

    Better yet, I’ll just tell them to shove it, read a book or something.

  25. […] trash afterwards. Days later, Love threw Luis Scola to the ground, and stomped on his face (not arm like NDamukong Suh). Neither incidents garnered articles beyond game recaps. Thanks to Commissioner David Stern’s […]

  26. […] trash afterwards. Days later, Love threw Luis Scola to the ground, and stomped on his face (not arm like NDamukong Suh). Neither incidents garnered articles beyond game recaps. Thanks to Commissioner David Stern’s […]