Lou Williams, Bench Power Sixers Past Charlotte Bobcats 98-89

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It wasn’t the laugher that it was two weeks ago, but a win nevertheless for the Sixers.

The last time these two teams met Bobcats head coach Paul Silas was tossed before the half and the game was over in the second period as the Sixers rocked the visiting Bobcats in front of a Friday night crowd that included Will and Jada Smith. Last night, among much less fanfare the Sixers took their show on the road and met a more competitive Bobcats squad but would still pull out the win 98-89.

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Lou Williams won’t be an All-Star but Sixth Man of the Year may be a lock. 

For the second consecutive game Jrue Holiday was among the Sixers leaders in scoring as he scored 19 points and committing only one turnover in 36 minutes of action in last night’s victory over a game Charlotte Bobcats squad that fell to their 15th straight defeat.

Despite putting four players in double figures, led by Corey Maggette with 22, the Bobcats lost the turnover battle 15 to 7 and missed eight free throws. Rookie Kemba Walker finished with 21 points and 5 assists .

Lou Williams scored as many points (23) as the Bobcats bench. It was also a light night for starters Elton Brand (8 pts. 6 rebs.) and LaVoy Allen (2 pts. 3 assts.) as Thaddeus Young (20 pts. 6 rebs) and Nikola Vucevic (8 pts. 10 rebs) both playing 25+ minutes. The Sixers once again kept their turnovers under 10 and played unselfish team ball as they handed out 21 assists on 36 field goals. Despite scoring only three points, Andre Iguodala led the team with nine assists and three steals.

With the Bobcats now at 3-25, owner Michael Jordan has a chance to be associated to teams with the best and worst winning percentages in NBA history.

15 Responses to “Lou Williams, Bench Power Sixers Past Charlotte Bobcats 98-89”

  1. Temple3 says:

    TSF is on Jeremy Lin watch.

    Waiting to see how long it takes Philly fam to reckanyze a NY playah…especially one who breaks one of A.I.’s (the original version) records.

    I know it’s not TSF style to follow the maddening herd in any direction, so I’m interested to hear which way you all go with this.

  2. Ron Glover says:

    No gripes from mr about Lin, I’m very impressed. I think he takes pressure of of B.Davis once he returns from a PG standpoint and his success buys Baron more time to heal up. The Tebowesque idol worship has run it’s course but the young man can ball. No penis envy from me.

  3. Origin says:

    Well Temple here is my break down of Lin as a player. I will focus on the other issues with this Lin story in the whitney post (that Kos and ED brought up).

    D’antoni like Byron Scott has an offense that thrives if you can have a poiint guard that can penetrate, pass and run the pick & roll (he dones’t even have to shoot well). The knicks this year did not have a PG that could do that. Now Bibby could do this when he was young but the old knees and old age have made him basically a scrub backup PG that can barely shoot.

    We have to look how Felton did last year in NY in just a half a year. How now he has totally disappeared with the blazers. Look how Goran Dragic looked when he ran that same D’antoni system in phoenix……….young man looked like he was on his way to being a high trade chip because of his potential. Now he is with houston and doesn’t look the same.

    As far as Lin the player he is craftty with going to his right and can finish right. Since Avery Johnson and Kukoc I haven’t seen a player go to his dominant hand and teams still not be able to either figure it out or stop him. He is great running the pick and roll to his right but just so so running everything else. That is one of the reasons that the Knicks have ran the pick and roll about 80% to 85% of the time when Lin is out there.

    The problem was before D’antoni placed Lin in the lineup the knicks didn’t have anyone that could run the pick and roll. They were trying to use Mello as a point forward when he really isn’t. Mello isn’t Lebron or Scottie Pippen so they shouldn’t be running the offense through him like that.

    But I would argue the most important part of Jeremy Lin being out there is that Tyson Chandler is now being used properly. If you look at every team that Tyson has been on the small guard or PGs stats have shot up when playing with him. The reason for this is that no one in the league except Garnett sets a better pick, illegal screen or moving screen than Tyson Chandler and ontop of that like Garnett he never gets foul calls for setting illegal picks. He freed so many Mavs players from Terry, Kidd to Barea for drives or jump shots because of the picks he set plus defenders focusing on him when flashing in the paint (because he finishes everything or out hustles other bigs).

    Add to that the fact that he is mobile and catches any pass that is thrown to him as long as he doesn’t have to go low to catch the pass. He has some of the best hands in the league in catching passes on the pick and roll and he is able to finish strong at the rim or hit his free throws when fouled. Adding all this up I would say he is the most dangerous center in the league when running the pick and roll. If you blitz the pick and roll he will flash to the paint and finish with a lob over you PF. If you play the PG straight up he will seal off you big man and the PG will be free for a drive to the hole. If the PG misses he will follow with a tip dunk or tap the ball back out. On top of that he will run up the court and get easy finishes at the hoop for you PG. Barea and Kidd’s games haven’t been the same since they are no longer playing with him.

    After Eddy Curry had his heart problems the Bulls were able to continue to win with Tyson there. They just moved Tyson to center and ran the pick and roll with him and Ben Gordon (they did this the entire playoffs against the wizards some years ago). If defenders went under the screen Ben would burn them with the jumper (with the help of a Tyson moving pick). If they blitz the pick and roll Tyson got the easy pass from Gordon ending with a dunk or a foul. Straight up easy basketball.

    Fast forward to him going to NO with Chris Paul. How many easy dunks did that team get with Paul running the pick and roll with Tyson…..Tons. Or how easy was it for Paul to get to the hole game after game (with Tyson’s picks). Once Tyson was gone and replaced with Okafor the offense took a hit and that PG to Center pick and roll was never the same. If it wasn’t for Okafor getting called for moving picks or having stone hands or getting blocked on dunks or just sucking. It was never like it was with Tyson there.

  4. Origin says:

    Yes RG the Tebow stuff has to chill. Now you got kats on ESPN discussing how its sad the racism that Lin has faced. Hold on now isn’t this the same network who basically denies racism exists when it involves a black person in any type of leadership position (I.E. Coach or QB) or just the hate thrown at black athletes in general.

    Man the media is a freaking joke.

  5. Origin says:

    On a side not Mello had been mentioning to D’antoni to give Lin a chance for a few weeks.

    Also this article points out some of the stuff I mentioned.


  6. MODI says:

    O, great analysis, and I just posted a more lengthy response that got lost in transmission. But in short, I agree with every word. Every hardcore Knick fan I know has been begging for Lin for weeks. Not cuz we expected this, but cuz 31 teams have been playing with a PG all year, and one has not. Got my take on Linsanity at my spot.

    BTW, this BS talk about Melo fitting in is really grating on my nerves. man has played his whole career without a penetrating PG and had to create his owm. melo should be thrilled, and the only adjustment he needs to make is stay on the outside more cuz MDA’s system depends on two 3-point shooters at all times to space the floor for Lin-Felton-Nash-etc. Steve Novak just became very relevant

  7. Origin says:

    Thanks Modi I will check out your post on your site.

    Brotha Modi as you know the analysis is simple the problem is that the media and many of these fans are brain dead and have no common sense.

    Giving D’antoni a PG that can dribble, penetrate, pass and run the pick and roll is like giving Andy Reid a mobile QB that can pass and avoid defenders and pass on the run. Or giving Bill Parcells LBs that can stop the run and rush the passer. Or giving Mike Shanahan a RB with the ability to break tackles and make a one cut read. We know in all of these instances there is a great chance that the players will be successful due to the coach being known to bring out the best in those players with the stated skill sets.

    So I really see no surprise with Lin add to the fact there is no Stat or Mello which will allow him to score more and take as many shots as possible. Plus I have always stated that D’antoni is like Andy Reid in that he is a better coach when he has less talent than when he has more. It actually forces him to sit down and coach………..this last week is probably the best coaching that D’antoni has done since he has been in NY.

    Another thing like you I am sick of the media going at Mello. I guess its too much to ask for them to enjoy Lin and not crap on Mello. But this is the media and instead of blaming D’antoni for lack of coaching and the GM for dumping the PG without a backup plan, the media does the old blame a black guy mess.

    These are the same punks who said at times since Mello has been in the league that his game was better then Kobe’s and Lebrons because he doesn’t need the ball and can move without the ball. Or that he isn’t a chucker like Kobe and is clutch unlike Lebron. Remember all of that Modi………..now the talk is he is a black hole like Roni Seikly and Kevin Willis.

  8. MODI says:

    Lin to Amare underneath! Nice! Get used to it! commercial now…

    Agreed O, and what drives me crazy is that Melo has been playing two positions all year: Not because of Melo, but because of MDA!

    I don’t think MDA is better with less talent rather than specific talent. And this might sound harsh, but without that specific talent, D’Antoni is a complete fraud. I mean the guy really can’t coach at all outside of his system. Melo bailing him out is the only reason Knicks had even 8 wins.

    Also, the other big thing is that Lin allows Shumpert to move to his actual position that he played all his life. Another bonus

  9. MODI says:

    jeremy’s got balls like Cam Cassell!

  10. Origin says:

    Yeah he is clutch like cassel. His game actually reminds me of a young bibby. Hey who let Calderon light them up for 25.

    Anyway you knick fans better enjoy this because once the nets get howard and Davis or perry jones with a top 3 pick in the offseason its over. Those kats will run NY.

  11. MODI says:

    You know, I just thought of Cassell after he hit that shot, but the more I reflect, he really reminds me of Cassell especially his confidence

    1994 rookir buried the Knicks in Game 4 of Finals with 3 with under 30 seconds left (as I recall). It was the shot that swung the series. If he misses that shot, Knicks win game 4 and close out at home in Game 5 instead of going back to houston

  12. Temple3 says:

    Huge praise:

    “jeremy’s got balls like Cam Cassell!”

    Sam Cassell was always one of my favorite players (except for when he beat the Knicks upside the head).

    Lin’s averaging 27 points and 8.5 assists over 6 games. Those numbers are GREAT for anyone who’s ever played this game. I’m interested to see how long it lasts because there has to be a “leveling” at some point. I mean, he can’t do this forever…can he?

    Is he really a 27-8 guy? Is he a 19-10 guy? Is he a 15-6 guy? Is he lethal and clutch at each of these performance levels? Right now, I’m rooting for the sample size to get much much bigger.

  13. kos says:

    T3 -

    I’m with you about wanting a bigger sample size. One of my friends (who gets most of his sports news from ESPN) has gone bananas over Lin. I think he’s good, but not 27 ppg good. I could see him averaging double figure assists. He’s perfect for D’Antoni’s offense. (Haven’t heard the calls for his job since Lin has started.)

    I think he’ll level off once other team’s players adjust to his play and opposing coaches start scheming ways to take him out of his comfort zone. Then, when he gets some real adversity, we will see what kind of adjustments Lin makes, and what kind of player he is.

  14. Origin says:

    Temple there will be a leveling because he is playing 40 minutes a game currently. One reason he is able to do that is because he is basically fresh and hasn’t played as many minutes as the rest of the starters in the league.

    But once Mello and Davis come back his shots will go down and his minutes will do the same so the stats will suffer. Also he really needs to work on his left hand. He is avg over 6 turnovers a game. Not being able to dribble with his left hand or go left is really hurting him. Against the wizards Wall should have had about 6 steals against him but every time he poked the ball free a one of the knicks PFs or guards picked it up. What wall was doing was trailing Lin on the Pick and Roll and was coming from behind to strip it since Lin mostly dribbles right………Rubio did the same thing and would have gotten more if not for a few good moving picks from Tyson that laid Rubio out on the floor.

  15. Origin says:

    True Kos I think with the shorten season teams can’t really scout for players nor do they have time for practice. I think all the so called rookie or first year starters are benefiting from a shorten season on the offensive end.

    Washington really played him well especially Wall. As I mentioned before they would have had multiple steals if not from heads up play by Lin’s teamates. They also forced Lin to play in the open court with Wall forcing the issue on drives to the bucket in the open court. Eventually the knicks took Lin off of wall. From what I read the wolves did the same with him and Rubio forced the issue on the offensive end leaving the knicks to take Lin off of Rubio.

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